Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 459: Division of labor


Latest website: Everyone nodded, Bai Yan also nodded and said: “It makes sense. Now we just want to let Qinglong deal with the Shadow Tribe people. This is indeed not possible. Qinglong’s computing power is indeed very strong. With Xuanwu can give it a try, but the Yantian Sphere we will use in the future may not have such ability. Then it will be impossible for us to command the Babel Vine like we do now. If the Babel Vine is not as strong as it is now, Then if we want to deal with the Shadow Tribe people, we must use energy beasts and the disciples of our sect. How to cooperate in fighting will be very important. Just like before, our energy beasts and the Shadow Tribe people’s The energy beasts are entangled together. The spells released by Tongtian Vine will be used to attack the energy beasts of the Shadow Tribe. This is because there is no good cooperation, and our disciples do not have the experience to cooperate with Tongtian Vine. , this aspect also needs good training, so we really have a lot to do.” Everyone nodded, and it was indeed true. This time, although Tongtian Vine seemed to easily take down the energy beasts of the Shadow Tribe people, It was repelled, but in the process, the energy beasts of the Blood Killing Sect also suffered some losses. It was because the energy beasts of the Blood Killing Sect were entangled with the energy beasts of the Shadow Tribe people, making it impossible for Tongtian Vine to survive in the first place. To destroy the energy beasts of the Shadow Tribe people at once is a matter of coordination, and good training is required in this aspect.

Ding Chunming said: “That’s true. I think we need to divide the work in the future. The attack of Tongtian Vine is indeed very powerful. Let Tongtian Vine attack the energy beasts of the Shadow Tribe. There is no problem. Attack There is no problem with ordinary people among the Shadow Clan, but if we are dealing with the masters among the Shadow Clan, Babel Vine may not be able to do it. They are still not flexible enough, and the number of our Babel Vine is not as good as that of the Shadow Clan. There are many, the Shadow Clan is mainly attacking a few points now, and the Babel Vine can still defeat it. If the Shadow Clan attacks across the board, the Babel Vine may be too busy. In this case, we need our The energy beasts cooperate with our disciples, but how to cooperate needs to be carefully studied.”

Sheng Si also spoke at this time: “I also paid attention to the formations used by Tongtian Vine, and found that there are only so many formations used by Tongtian Vine. There are some special formations that they don’t have. method, and the array they used seems to have an upper limit on the number of arrays in it. After all, the strength of the Babel Vine is limited, and they cannot use too many arrays to attack with such an array. Although the power is not bad, it lacks some changes. If there are more changes, it will definitely affect the attack power. This is also a problem, so we must also think about this. We must maintain the Tongtian Vine well. However, we have to find a way to make up for the shortcoming of their small change in attack power. I think we can let people in the real illusion land conduct experiments in this area. Now we have collected a lot of information about Babel Vine. Data, test it in the real illusion, and then find the best way to cooperate. This is the most important thing.” Sheng Si knows the formations best, so he can see at a glance what the formations used by Tongtian Vine are. Question, that’s why he said this, and Baiyan and the others nodded repeatedly after listening to his words.

The formations used by Sheng Si are very powerful. Not only are they powerful in attack, but they are also versatile. Otherwise, Sheng Si would not be able to become the third master in the Blood Killing Sect. The formations he uses are many. It can even reach more than a thousand magic arrays, and Sheng Si has seen the arrays used by Tongtian Vine. The most arrays they use are about 300, and they are all the ones that are not strong in change ability, but have attack power. It is a very strong formation, so Sheng Si speculated that due to the material, Tongtian Vine can only use an array of about 300 magic circles at most. If there are more, Tongtian Vine may not be able to bear it and collapse. He feels that he Ding Chunming and the others must be reminded.

When Bai Yan heard what Sheng Si said, he couldn’t help but be startled, and then he immediately said: “Qinglong, what are the formations you can use now, what are the powers of these formations, please make a list immediately Give me the list.” As soon as Bai Yan finished speaking, a projection appeared in front of him, with many arrays densely listed on it. Bai Yan immediately said to Sheng Si, “Sheng Si, come and take a look.”

Sheng Si nodded, he took a careful look at the formations, then he turned his head and said with blank eyes: “I have seen the defense strength of the Shadow Tribe people, and the defense strength of their energy beasts, and also With their flexibility, although these formations can be used by Babel Vine, there are not many that can actually pose a threat to the Shadow Tribe people. Qinglong will remove the formations that cannot pose a threat to the Shadow Tribe people. “The next moment, a lot of them disappeared from the list, and there were only a few dozen left.

Sheng Si then spoke again: “All formations are arranged according to their attack power.” The next moment, the formations on the list began to be rearranged. Sheng Si took a look, and then directed the top ten. The formation said: “These formations are very powerful and can directly kill the Shadow Tribe people. In the future, when we attack the Shadow Tribe people, we may focus on these formations, but these formations, their attack speed is very fast, but There is no change, just like an energy bomb. After it is fired, there is no way to control it. I also have all the data of these arrays here, so that we can use these arrays and energy in the real illusion. The beasts will cooperate with our disciples, and then we can figure out how to cooperate in combat.” Sheng Si expressed his thoughts.

Looking at the list, he said in a deep voice: “Ten formations are enough. After all, the formations of the Shadow Tribe can be killed in one go. Okay, let’s do this. When the time comes, they will Okay, Si’er, go take a look and see if there are any errors in their data. If there are any errors in their data, you can correct them for them. This is very important and it is best to do it as soon as possible. Get it done, Lao Cheng, it’s up to you to arrange this matter as soon as possible.” He rolled his eyes and finally looked at Cheng Wanchun. Cheng Wanchun is now responsible for logistics, so of course he has to handle this matter. Yes, only he is the most suitable person to do it.

Cheng Wanchun nodded and said: “Okay, I will make arrangements later so that Qinglong can send the data of Tongtian Vine to me, so there won’t be any problems.” Cheng Wanchun did not object. He has discovered that in terms of training, his talent is really incomparable with Ding Chunming and others, so he is also planning to switch to management, but this is not an easy task, because if he really If he changes his career in this area, he will have to change his future training methods. Otherwise, his future training may be affected. Therefore, Cheng Wanchun is still hesitant. He plans to give it a try first. He said that at the same time, he should also learn from Wen Wenhai. After all, Wen Wenhai is the first person to manage the Kung Fu method. In this regard, he should really learn from Wen Wenhai.

Baiyan nodded, and then he said: “I am actually thinking about another thing now, and that is our Yantian Sphere. Our Yantian Sphere can release spells and help the disciples of the sect to attack. But the body of the Yantian Sphere is actually blood gold. If the Yantian Sphere can use arrays to attack, will the effect be better? Si’er, Hongliang, I think you two should give it a good test. If If it succeeds, then the attack power of our disciples’ Sky-Evolving Balls will definitely be stronger. At the same time, I will tell Lao Wen this idea and let Lao Wen study it carefully. After all, this matter is very important for Lao Wen’s research on armor. , it’s still very helpful. As for the research you two can do, you can conduct it here, and then directly conduct experiments on the Shadow Tribe people.”

Both of them nodded, rolled their eyes and turned to look at the others, and then said: “Okay, let’s stop here today, everyone goes back first, and we will do our own things first. At the same time, we are waiting for the news from the boss. After the boss is finished, we will start to attack the tribe. Before that, we first deal with the matters at hand.” Everyone responded, and then stood up. Turning around and leaving, watching everyone leave, Bai Yan let out a sigh of relief, and then returned to his room. At the beginning of the day, he actually wanted to let Qinglong attack the Shadow Tribe people directly, but was blocked by Ding. When Chunming said that, he suddenly woke up. He found that he was indeed a little impatient, so he changed his mind. He found that his temper had been a little impatient recently, which was not a good thing. It represented his The mind is a little impetuous, but for, this is not necessarily a bad thing. People like Baiyan, their hearts are generally very stable, it can be said that their hearts are as solid as a rock. Only in special circumstances They will become impatient only under certain circumstances, and the special circumstances mentioned here are often related to their strength. When their strength reaches a certain level and they are about to break through, they will become impatient, or When they have just made a breakthrough and their realm has not yet stabilized, they will also be impatient. When their realm stabilizes, there will be no problem.

Baiyan hadn’t noticed this before, but today he discovered that he had been a little impetuous recently, which was abnormal, so after he returned to his room, he immediately closed his eyes and began to slowly His technique is a training method that uses war as a chessboard. Bai Yan is thinking, why has he been so impetuous recently? Is it because the strength needs to be improved? But why did his strength improve? Baiyan soon discovered that the main reason why he was so impetuous was that he was stimulated by Qinglong. Qinglong was directing the battle, but he was not actually directing the battle. He was actually using data analysis. , then find out the enemy’s weaknesses and attack the enemy. This can be regarded as commanding the battle, but it cannot be regarded as commanding the battle, because his method can be used in other places, and the reason why the Byakugan is stimulated is Because he found that Qinglong’s command method was actually better than his previous command method. He was actually no match for Qinglong in this aspect. This was something Bai Yan couldn’t accept. He was a little irritated.


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