Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 2: Xiao Jiazhenlong


With his handsome appearance and unearthly temperament, Xiao Chen has become the object of attention of many girls without any surprise, and his eyes flash with obsession. For these girls, appearance is not important, the point is Xiao Chen The temperament, as if innate, you will be attracted to him involuntarily.

After going out for three years of training, Xiao Chen also changed from a fifteen-year-old boy to an eighteen-year-old young man. The immaturity of the past has faded, and he rides a red flame horse and doesn’t care about the people around him. Looking at it, Xiao Chen now just wants to go home quickly and reunite with his parents. After three years of separation, one can imagine how much he misses his parents.

I couldn’t wait in my heart, and when Xiao Chen was rushing to the Xiao family mansion, Xiao Chen inadvertently heard that the Jueshan Sect united the two families to destroy the Xiao family, and at the same time he knew all about it. It was all led by Chen Muxue behind the scenes.

It’s not a secret at all, but at this moment, the Xiao family is at the last moment of survival, and naturally many people are discussing this matter.

Hearing about the family’s situation, Xiao Chen’s eyes flashed with coldness, but it was only for a moment, and then he regained his calm. He was glad that he was back, otherwise it would be really troublesome.

Without stopping, they headed straight to the Xiao family’s mansion. At the same time, in the Xiao family’s mansion, the Xiao family, who had no way out, were also ready to fight hard at this time.

Anyway, there is no way to survive. It is better to fight to the death than to capture it. Although there is little hope, it is better than doing nothing.

The atmosphere was very tense, and just when the two sides were about to start, Xiao Chen walked in with a calm expression from outside the gate of Xiao’s house.

Hearing the footsteps, everyone’s eyes turned to Xiao Chen. At first, everyone didn’t recognize Xiao Chen, but they only thought he looked familiar, but soon, Xiao Qing, the father, recognized him. His own son, with a touch of excitement on his face, said, “Chen’er……………….”

Dust? With Xiao Qing’s words, the expressions of everyone present changed greatly, and the Xiao family Zhenlong actually came back at this time………….

The Ma family, the Chen family, the faces of the two families were ugly. I didn’t expect Xiao Chen to come back at this time, and Chen Muxue looked at Xiao Chen who was walking slowly.

He is still as handsome. No, Xiao Chen is now even more handsome than three years ago. His temperament is even more attractive, and there is an infatuation in his eyes, but he is quickly turned cold. Replaced by hatred, Xiao Chen rejected him. He was the first man to reject him.

Ignoring the others, Xiao Chen came directly to his father, with a light smile on his face, “Father…….”

“You…. Chen’er, you…. Go quickly, leave Lingshan County now, and don’t come back in the future.” Originally, Xiao Qing was very pleasantly surprised by Xiao Chen’s return. However, when he thought about the current situation the Xiao family was facing, when Xiao Chen came back, he was simply throwing himself into the net.

Xiao Chen’s talent is not false, but at the age of eighteen, how can Xiao Chen compete with the Jue Mountain Sect? So, before he could be happy, Xiao Qing hurriedly urged Xiao Chen to leave, and returned a short notice. He protected Xiao Chen behind him and prevented Chen Muxue from hurting him.

Xiao Qing knew very well in his heart that anyone in the Xiao family could die, but Xiao Chen couldn’t, because he was the real dragon of the Xiao family. As long as Xiao Chen was still alive, there was still hope for the Xiao family.

He planned to use his life to cover Xiao Chen’s departure. However, just when Xiao Qing was about to fight to the death, Xiao Chen lightly patted his shoulder and walked out from behind Xiao Qing, and said softly, “Father, leave it to me, the child can solve it.”

There was no sign of nervousness in the words, and without waiting for Xiao Qing to reply, Xiao Chen stepped directly in front of Chen Muxue, looking at this woman who was planning to destroy the Xiao family, Xiao Chen said with a calm expression on his face. .

“Actually, three years ago, I thought that there would be such a day……”

Xiao Chen was not surprised by what Chen Muxue did today, because he had already guessed it all, Chen Muxue was such a woman.

Hearing Xiao Chen’s words, Chen Muxue clenched her teeth tightly, “Even if you guessed it, everyone in the Xiao family is going to die today…”

Xiao Chen’s indifference made Chen Muxue furious, but at the same time, he was incomparably obsessed. He was such a man who could keep his face in the face of anything, as if everything was within his expectations. It’s been like this since childhood.

There is hatred and obsession in her eyes. I don’t deny it. Until now, Chen Muxue still loves Xiao Chen, because he is the most obsessed man Chen Muxue has ever met so far. The Shen Ming, no matter in any aspect, can’t compare with Xiao Chen.

Seeing the complicated look in Chen Muxue’s eyes, Xiao Chen sighed lightly and said.

“Want to know why I rejected you in the first place?”

“Because when you confessed to me, you still had contact with Ma Yuan, and I also knew that the reason why you and Ma Yuan had a relationship was because your Chen family wanted to form an alliance with the Ma family, one for the sake of A woman whose interests can sacrifice her own Do you think I will agree to her confession?”

Chen Muxue did not feel any excitement because of what Chen Muxue did. Xiao Chen had a calm expression from the beginning to the end. Hearing Xiao Chen’s words, Chen Muxue and Ma Yuan from the Ma family’s camp both had expressions on their faces. All change.

Especially Ma Yuan, as the young master of the Ma family, he looked at Xiao Chen in disbelief and said, “You…you already knew?”

“Oh, if you want people to not know, you have to do it yourself.” Hearing Ma Yuan’s words, Xiao Chen smiled lightly.

He knew about Chen Muxue and Ma Yuan from the very beginning, so Xiao Chen didn’t have a liking for Chen Muxue since he was a child, so it was naturally impossible for him to accept her confession.

When Xiao Chen exposed his relationship with Chen Muxue in public, Ma Yuan’s heart sank when he felt Shen Ming’s ruthless gaze cast on him.

It’s over. Now who doesn’t know that Chen Muxue is Shen Ming’s woman, now that he knows what happened back then, Ma Yuan can already predict his tragic end.

He was terrified, and at the same time, a wave of hatred emerged spontaneously. It was all Xiao Chen. If it wasn’t for Xiao Chen, how would Shen Ming know about this. His eyes were full of killing intent. He rushed towards Xiao Chen and shouted angrily.

“Nonsense, Xiao Chen, I will kill you……”

He attacked Xiao Chen violently, but facing Ma Yuan’s attack, Xiao Chen moved his feet, sideways dodged Ma Yuan’s attack, and then kicked out, kicking Ma Yuan’s abdomen hard.

A mouthful of blood spit out, and immediately the whole person bent down and knelt down in front of Xiao Chen.

Looking at Ma Yuan condescendingly, Xiao Chen said lightly, “Who gave you the courage to fight me? You used to be an ant in front of me, and now you are the same.”

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