Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 1: Love and hate


Lingshan County is one of the eighteen counties under the jurisdiction of Lingfeng Kingdom. In Lingshan County, there are three major families, namely the Xiao family, the Ma family, and the Chen family.

Now, as the three major families, the Xiao family is in a precarious situation, and all this has to start from the Xiao family Zhenlong.

Eighteen years ago, Xiao Qing, the current head of the Xiao family, was delighted to have a son named Xiao Chen. According to legend, when this son was born, auspiciousness descended from heaven. It is true that Xiao Chen has shown a rebellious behavior since he was a child. Heaven’s training speed.

At the age of fifteen, he completed the foundation building and reached the open vein state. At this speed, no one in the entire history of Lingshan County can match it.

With such a terrifying talent, coupled with Xiao Chen’s identity as the young master of the Xiao family, and his handsome appearance, Xiao Chen became the dream lover of countless girls in Lingshan County, including The eldest lady of the Chen family, Chen Muxue.

As the three major families, Chen Muxue and Xiao Chen can be said to be the most suitable couple in everyone’s eyes, but what people did not expect is that when Chen Muxue took the initiative to show his love to Xiao Chen, he was caught by Xiao Chen. It was rejected on the spot, and then, Xiao Chen left Lingshan County alone to go out for a walk. It has been three years, but there is still no news.

Xiao Chen left, but Chen Muxue hated Xiao Chen for being rejected. No, a month ago, after being spotted by the Jueshan Sect, the strongest sect in Lingshan County, Chen Muxue began to hate Xiao Chen. The family took revenge.

In the past three years, the hatred in Chen Muxue’s heart has not weakened in the slightest. On the contrary, this hatred has been deeply imprinted in her heart. When she thinks of the scene of being rejected by Xiao Chen, Chen Muxue swears, We must destroy the Xiao family and make Xiao Chen regret it for the rest of his life.

Thinking of her, Chen Muxue, although her talent is not comparable to Xiao Chen, her identity and appearance are all first-class beauties. In Lingshan County, there is almost no other woman who can compare with her. That’s it. A proud woman, but Xiao Chen refused, and refused mercilessly.

I still remember that when he showed his love to Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen only said one sentence to himself, “We are not suitable…”

With just those words, Xiao Chen didn’t even look at himself, and the next day, Xiao Chen left Lingshan County.

The hatred has been buried deep in my heart for three years, and today, Chen Muxue finally launched a fatal blow to the Xiao family. , and the Chen family, as well as the strong men of the Ma family, surrounded the Xiao family.

In the face of the Chen family, the Ma family and the attack of the Jueshan Sect, the Xiao family was naturally unable to resist. At this time, the powerful Xiao family headed by the head of the family, Xiao Qing, looked at Chen Muxue with solemn expressions.

She is still so beautiful, but under this beautiful appearance, there is an incomparable ruthlessness hidden. Taking a deep breath, Xiao Qing looked at Chen Muxue and said.

“Do you really want to do that? It’s been three years, and you still won’t let our Xiao family go?”

Having known Chen Muxue’s hatred for Xiao Chen for a long time, when she heard Xiao Qing’s words, Chen Muxue laughed coldly, “Forget it? When Xiao Chen rejected me, I said that one day, I want everyone in the Xiao family to die……”

It was impossible to let the Xiao family go, even if it was a dog of the Xiao family, Chen Muxue would kill them all. When the words fell, Chen Muxue turned to look at a handsome young man beside him.

The young man is probably in his twenties, wearing a black robe and looking a little feminine.

Holding the young man’s arm affectionately, Chen Muxue smiled charmingly, “Brother Ming, you promised me…”

“Don’t worry, Junior Sister Muxue, today the Xiao family will be destroyed.” Hearing Chen Muxue’s words, Brother Ming laughed.

This brother Ming’s full name is Shen Ming. He is one of the top ten disciples of the Jueshan Sect’s inner sect. He is twenty-eight years old this year, and his cultivation has reached the entrance to the Yellow Realm.

Martial arts practice starts from the Foundation Establishment Realm, followed by the Kaimai Realm, Huangji Realm, Xuanyuan Realm, Earth Bright Mirror, and Heaven and Human Realm. Perfection, and Great Perfection.

At the age of twenty-eight, he had already broken through his spiritual veins and stepped into the Yellow Realm level. Shen Ming’s talent is indeed not bad, and it is no wonder that he can become the top ten inner disciples of the Jue Mountain Sect.

I like Chen Muxue in my heart, so Shen Ming will come forward to solve the Xiao family for Chen Muxue.

Hearing Shen Ming’s answer, the smile on Chen Muxue’s face became brighter and brighter, while everyone in the Xiao family was completely desperate.

As the strongest sect in Lingshan County, in front of the Jueshan Sect, the Xiao family is an existence like ants, which can be destroyed easily.

Now, although the Jue Mountain Sect has only Shen Ming and other disciples coming, the cultivation base may not be as strong as the older generation of the Xiao family, but don’t forget, there are also the Ma family and the Chen family watching. , Furthermore, if the lives of the disciples of the Jue Mountain Sect are hurt today, the elders of the Jue Mountain Sect will surely come, and it will be a disaster at that time.

“Hey, could it be that God wants to destroy my Xiao family?” An elderly Xiao family sighed up to the sky. Facing the situation in front of them, they could not see any hope. Moreover, the matter had come to this point, and the county prince’s mansion still did not move. Obviously, the county palace has already acquiesced to the fact that the Xiao family is Looking at the desperate eyes of the Xiao family, Chen Muxue sneered in her heart, Xiao Chen, you rejected me three years ago, but you thought that there would be today , haha………………

Everyone in Lingshan County knew that a major event was going to happen today, that is, the Xiao family was about to be exterminated. On the official road outside Lingshan County, a handsome young man with white clothes like snow and long hair fluttering came galloping on a red flame horse.

The young man’s appearance is extremely handsome and handsome, with sword-like eyebrows and star eyes, and there is a touch of calmness between his eyebrows.

The long, jet-black hair was **** with a red tie, and the long hair fluttered with the breeze.

Running all the way, when he came to the Lingshan County City just a few miles away, the young man looked at this very familiar city with a smile and said, “Three years, I don’t know my father, my mother is okay. Is it…………..”

The voice fell, the young man’s legs were lightly clamped, and the sitting Chi Yanma immediately ran towards the city.

After paying ten gold coins, the young man successfully entered the city. Looking at everything he was familiar with along the way, the young man hurried to the direction of the Xiao family.

After three years, I finally came back. That’s right, the young man who entered the city at this time was the real dragon of the Xiao family who had disappeared for three years. Xiao Chen was regarded as the most likely to attack Lingfeng. One of the top ten arrogant people in the country.

After a three-year absence, he finally came back with a faint smile on his face, and because of his handsome appearance, the eyes of many girls on the street were also attracted by Xiao Chen, such a handsome man with extraordinary bearing, They were naturally fascinated.

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