All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4704: The young Queen Mother (sixty-eight)


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Yong Lan and Yong Xue were threatened by the emperor, and Qian Yan observed that their states were completely different.

There was secret excitement hidden in Yonglan’s eyes, but Yonglan was uneasy, helpless and guilty. Obviously the former wanted to take a gamble, while the latter was completely forced and didn’t want to do it, but had to listen for the sake of the tribe.

However, she did not expect that Yongxue would intend to commit suicide after successfully administering the drug.

If Jiang Guhuai hadn’t already ordered the people in Changding Hall to always pay attention to the fate of the two of them, I would have only seen Yongxue’s body when he woke up the next morning.

Late at night, Qian Yan came to Yong Xue’s house.

“Why commit suicide?”

Yongxue didn’t speak and didn’t dare to say anything.

“The Ai family has long known that the emperor ordered you to administer the medicine. We did it once at the Queen’s birthday party last time.”

Yong Xue was a little shocked, but after thinking about it, she was not surprised. The Queen Mother has great powers, so it does not seem strange to know this.

She kowtowed on the ground: “This slave is guilty and deserves the Queen Mother’s appreciation.”

“What crime do you have? The fault lies with the emperor. The Ai family does not appreciate you. You can only do some chores in this Changding Hall.” Yongxue did not stand up, but just said: “Only the Empress Dowager will be a slave. Looking at it as a person, the time spent serving the Queen Mother is the best time in this slave’s life. I don’t want to do this, but the lives of the people are at stake

Hold it in His Majesty’s hand. ”

The matter has been exposed for a long time. She doesn’t know when the Queen Mother will settle the accounts and whether the emperor will vent his anger on his and her clan members when he is angry.

“If you really don’t want to stay in this palace anymore, why not die of illness in a while, leave the palace and change your appearance and remain anonymous.” Qian Yan asked, “How?”

Yong Xue couldn’t believe that if this was the case, she would have died of illness, and His Majesty would not cause trouble to her people anymore. And she doesn’t have to be trapped in the palace, always worrying about something like this happening again.

Without thinking much, she quickly thanked him.

On the second day, Yongxue behaved as usual, but Yonglan was observing Qianyan’s reaction.

Yonglan wanted to take credit so much, but Qianyan ignored it. It’s not the time to be exposed yet. Nothing will happen to her anyway. Everything will wait until Chu Linyuan gets married. Three months passed by in a flash. During this period, Yongxue had “died” of illness. In fact, he had changed his appearance and was sent out of the palace. From then on, there was no more Yongxue in this world. Qian Yan doesn’t know where she went, but Jiang Guhuai arranged it

. She didn’t care at all about what would happen to Yongxue. Life or death was his own business.

Chu Linyuan and Qian Ying finally got married successfully, and Qian Yan even had some beautiful flowers sent to them.

On the day of their wedding, she showed some abnormalities, such as a martial arts master who would never almost fall, to make Chu Linyuan happy about his wedding. On the second day of their wedding, Chu Linyuan took Qian Ying into the palace to pay his respects to Qian Yan, the Queen Mother. After that, Qian Ying stayed here while Chu Linyuan went to find Chu Mochen. I learned from Chu Mochen that Yu Qianyan should have a problem, and both of them have it

Some excitement.

“Little Emperor, I guessed that she was just pretending some time ago, but I finally discovered the flaw.”

Chu Linyuan asked with a smile: “When does Your Majesty plan to take action?”

“Little Emperor, please don’t forget that there are people around her. You must reveal this news to those martial arts people and make them chaotic first. When they left the palace, our ambush captured them.”

Chu Linyuan nodded: “Okay.”

That night, Qian Yan appeared beside Chu Mochen’s bed and stared at him for a long time.

“Do I need to wake him up?” Jiang Guhuai asked sideways.

Qian Yan: “If you watch for a little longer, he will wake up. He is a light sleeper. Can he sleep peacefully?” As soon as he said this, Chu Mo opened his eyes in a daze, and noticed that there were two people beside the bed. He almost fell asleep. He called for someone, but when he saw clearly who these two people were, he lost his voice instantly.

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