All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4703: The young Queen Mother (sixty-seven)


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“I want to ask you to do some things,” Chu Mochen said, “If you do it according to my instructions, I can protect the glory of your family.”

When Yongxue heard this, she broke out in cold sweat. His Majesty was threatening her family. If she doesn’t follow the instructions, or exposes His Majesty’s existence, her family will die badly.

Faced with this person in power, Yongxue and Yonglan did not dare to refuse, so they could only agree.

Out of the gate, the two took their clothes and walked in the direction of Changding Hall. A gentle gust of wind gave them goosebumps all over their bodies.

Yongxue was much calmer, while Yonglan’s legs were a little weak.

When no one was around, Yong Lan approached Yong Xue: “Yong Xue, it’s so scary. I thought I was going to die there.”

“How are we going to drug the Queen Mother?” Yong Lan asked in a low voice. It was His Majesty the Emperor who ordered them, so they naturally had to comply. In fact, the Queen Mother is so arrogant that His Majesty only deals with her, which is considered very tolerable.

If this thing is done, the family can still get glory, which is undoubtedly something worth fighting for for Yonglan. She didn’t have much affection as a master and servant towards the Queen Mother who was not very close to her. Since those people came, the Queen Mother has not been very close to them. Instead of living like this in Changding Hall for the rest of my life, it is better to obey His Majesty’s instructions and work hard


Yongxue obviously saw Yonglan’s plan and didn’t say anything more.

Reason tells her that the emperor is the master of the world and they should listen to him. In fact, she didn’t want to do this in her heart. The Queen Mother treated her well and she lived a good life in Changding Hall.

However, His Majesty has threatened her family, so she has no choice but to comply.

The family Your Majesty is talking about is not just her brothers and sisters from her father’s generation, but several generations of the same family. If she didn’t obey and reveal this to the Queen Mother, many people would die, and she couldn’t involve them.

She cannot expose her intentionally yet. This is the warning in His Majesty’s words. Once exposed, the Queen Mother will definitely be able to guess who ordered her.

Your Majesty said that if this medicine is put into food, it will be colorless and odorless, and no one will notice it. As long as you are careful, no one will notice anything unusual.

With all kinds of contradictions, Yongxue returned to Changding Hall.

But she didn’t know that Jiang Guhuai happened to discover that she and Yong Lan were intercepted halfway to meet the emperor, and even heard about it.

Jiang Guhuai likes to go there to hear new news when he has nothing to do. This time it is a coincidence.

He returned to Changding Hall first. While Yong Lan and Yong Xue were still on the way, he came to the sleeping hall and told Qian Yan that the emperor wanted to find someone to drug her.

“When will the Queen Mother give them medicine?” Jiang Guhuai couldn’t bear it any longer. He wanted to destroy those two as soon as possible and give them a stern warning to prevent them from thinking of ways to harm others.

Qian Yan: “Don’t worry, just wait until they send more. Weren’t you worried that the amount of medicine was not enough before? It will be enough soon.”

She took Jiang Guhuai’s hand and asked him to sit next to her: “Why are you anxious.”

“I’m worried about you.” After saying this, Jiang Guhuai looked a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t avoid her gaze.

What should she do if they succeed in drugging her?

“I’ll give them medicine after Prince Rong gets married.” Qian Yan gave the correct message, “The Ai family doesn’t want their marriage to have any problems.”

This is the reason why she has not acted yet.

If King Rong loses his martial arts skills and his marriage changes, it will have a great impact on her fulfilling Yu Yueqiang’s wish. Jiang Guhuai silently estimated the time, and it would take three months.

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