A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5718: Do you dare to take a gamble?


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Uncle Zhao, the driver of the Mu family, was a little surprised.

Usually it is their boss Mu who is in a bad mood.

How did you become Mr. Su of the Su family today?

After the car drove for a while, Mu Sijue called his wife and said, “I’ll treat Yicheng to dinner at our house tonight.”

“Tonight?” Xu Youning thought that Mu Sijue wanted to have a dinner with everyone, “Jian An has booked a restaurant, and the family is eating out tonight.”

Mu Sijue said it didn’t matter, “Tonight is the game between me and Yicheng!”

Xu Youning realized something, “Okay, I’ll help you sober up!”

Mu Sijue designated a bottle of wine.

That was a wine that he had treasured for many years and was reluctant to open.

Xu Youning was almost certain that he had guessed correctly. He hung up the phone and immediately called Mu Nian and asked directly: “Nian Nian, are you dating Xin’an?”

Mu Nian is very sure that he has never revealed anything.

Peace of mind… I will definitely try my best to avoid exposing my secrets.

Then the family probably just noticed something unusual and had suspicions.

Mu Nian was quite calm, “Mom, why did you suddenly ask this? I don’t think I mentioned this before?”

Xu Youning was rarely very strong: “You just need to tell mom – yes, or no?”

Mu Nian was noncommittal, “I can only say that this is something that has not been written yet.”

He didn’t want to make it public for the time being because he expected the reaction of his family.

An overly serious reaction from family members will put pressure on peace of mind.

He hopes that he and Xin’an will naturally like each other and finally fall in love seriously, without any external influence on the whole process.

Now it seems that he was right – his family knew that he was dating Xin’an, and their reaction would only be more exaggerated than he imagined.

Xu Youning listened to Pin Mu Nian’s words and asked in surprise: “So, although you and Xin’an are not together, you have plans to pursue Xin’an? Niannian, you like Xin’an, right?”

Mu Nian thought it would be a good idea to take this opportunity to explain the matter clearly.

He was still calm and natural, “Don’t I always like peace of mind? I thought you and Dad knew.”

Always? !

Xu Youning shivered in fright, “Nian Nian, do you still remember the incident when you sent Xiangyi back and got injured on the plane? At that time you… we thought you had…”

Mu Nian knew what her mother meant by her intermittent words.

“I found out everything that happened on the plane, and I also know what I was injected with.” Mu Nian finally confessed: “I was indeed affected – after that, my feelings for Xin’an became very complicated. But After finding out the whole thing, I understood what was going on – I always like peace of mind, so my

Emotions become complicated.

“Mom, in short, I am very clear now: I like peace of mind. Even during the time when I was under the influence of drugs, I did not completely regard her as my sister.”

Xu Youning was shocked…

She thought that upon noticing something unusual, Mu Nian would first ask his family why they hid it from him.

But he didn’t…he just quietly found out everything and straightened out his feelings.

“Nian Nian, I’m sorry.” Xu Youning still feels sorry for his son when he thinks about that time. “At that time, we were afraid that you and Xin’an would be embarrassed in the future, so we didn’t tell you.”

Mu Nian expressed his understanding in a soft voice and said: “Mom, I have grown up. I can figure these things out and handle them by myself. Don’t worry.”

“Then you and Xin’an…” Xu Youning said and smiled, “Forget it, mom won’t ask, you can figure it out yourself. As long as you don’t bully Xin’an, my father and I will help you deal with Uncle Yicheng. !”

Mu Nian’s tone was unprecedentedly serious: “I will never let my heart be hurt again.”

This sentence became the source of confidence and courage for Musijue and his wife.

In the afternoon, Xu Youning began to direct people to prepare dinner.

When she was ready, she went to find Luo Xiaoxi and took Xiaoxi to the spa.

Su Yicheng came to Mu’s house and found that he and Mu Sijue were the only ones at home.

There are not many dishes for dinner, but it shows enough attention.

The red wine that was sobering was a bottle of precious vintage wine, one that Musijue had been reluctant to open.

Su Yicheng became more and more certain that even if Mu Nian and Xin’an were not together yet, Mu Nian’s thoughts were definitely not pure!

Otherwise, Musijue would not be so good-tempered today and would be bleeding profusely!

He won’t be taken care of easily!

He only has a daughter like Xin’an!

Su Yicheng sat down and deliberately teased Mu Sijue, “Mr. Mu is willing to spend a lot of money today?”

Mu Sijue’s answer was very clever: “Mr. Su is here, and the most important thing is to entertain him well!”

The two of them went back and forth like this.

While dealing with Su Yicheng, Mu Sijue invited Su Yicheng to taste wine.

After a while, Mu Sijue said that he seemed to be drunk, and asked Su Yicheng not to be offended.

Su Yicheng narrowed his eyes – Mu Sijue is good when he is drunk!

He can take this opportunity to ask him to take care of Mu Nian and not bully Xin An!

However, you have to wait until Musijue is completely drunk – to deal with an old fighting king like Musijue, getting him drunk may be the only way to win at a risk!

So, after finishing a bottle of red wine, the two of them drank whiskey.

Mu Sijue did look like he was about to get drunk, but he just wouldn’t get down. He just wouldn’t get down.

Su Yicheng drank it, and he couldn’t help but drink it.

So while drinking, the person lying down turned into Su Yicheng.

The corner of Mu Sijue’s lips curled up, and his expression became clear… He calmly turned on the recording, patted Su Yicheng on the shoulder, “Yicheng, my good brother – let’s have a chat. A baby wedding for two children! When we got engaged, both of our families were serious about it. Now the two children look so good

It’s a good match. If my family Xin’an and Mu Nian like Xin’an, you won’t stop her, right? ”

Su Yicheng felt a little bit like he was being tricked, but because he was drunk, he couldn’t let himself say anything disappointing.

So he slapped the table and said, “Of course I’m serious! But…” “But what? Do you think my wine doesn’t taste good? My hospitality isn’t good enough?” Musijue raised his hand, He motioned to his aunt to take out another bottle of hidden wine, “Yicheng, Xin’an is very cute, and my Nian Nian is also very lovable, yes

Right? ”

Mu Nian has been lovable since he was a child – no one can deny this.

His family is peaceful and really cute.

However, what does Musijue want to say? Mu Sijue had a sincere look on his face: “Two children are so well matched, and they have been engaged since childhood…what reason do they have for not being together? Xin’an is such a cute and lively girl, our family Mu Nian only knows how to take care of her and act as a child.” OK

Her husband! Yicheng, do you dare to take a gamble with me? ”

Su Yicheng was dizzy, “What are you betting on?”

Mu Sijue slapped the table, “Bet as long as you agree…promise to let Xin’an and Mu Nian be together, Xin’an will be very happy! As brothers, let’s take a gamble!”

Peaceful and happy?

Su Yicheng only heard this. He held Mu Sijue’s hand with great enthusiasm and said, “Okay!”


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