A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5717: Peace of mind, I will get started


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Luo Xin’an still read Qin Simeng’s post.

The apology is only secondary.

The main content is to defend yourself.

However, no matter how beautiful the language is, it cannot conceal the fact that Qin Simeng has slandered Luo Xin’an.

Those who followed Luo Xin’an’s comments on the previous post have deleted their comments.

Under this post, there are all comments mocking Qin Simeng.

Some people also analyzed: In the past year or so, Qin Simeng has been so content and conservative, but it turned out that she was just waiting for the opportunity.

Those who have offended Qin Simeng should be careful now!

It is morning in China, and the post is extremely lively.

Luo Xin’an was very satisfied with the result.

After all, after the post became fermented, she had not responded, the school had not responded, and the matter had not spread at home. Qin Simeng, a werewolf, blew himself up.

Now, the truth has been revealed to everyone.

She handled this matter fairly well, right?

When Luo Xin’an settled down, she felt: She is now an independent adult!

After being an adult for ten minutes, she received a call from her father asking her what was going on with the post.

She told everything, but as for her appearance in the Internet celebrity bar in country M, she explained it as curiosity, so she took a look and didn’t mention Mu Nian at all.

Finally, he said: “As long as Mu Nian is here, Dad, you don’t have to worry about me! Besides… I am already an adult.”

“I know Mu Nian is capable of taking good care of you.” Su Yicheng paused, “But this kid… may not be trustworthy!”

Luo Xin’an didn’t understand, “Dad, what did you say?”

“It’s nothing.” Su Yicheng said calmly: “It’s good to handle this matter this way.”

Luo Xin’an still couldn’t help laughing, “This was actually Mu Nian’s idea!”

As a father, I have noticed that my daughter’s tone is wrong.

Every time she mentioned “Mu Nian”, the sugar content in the little girl’s tone obviously exceeded the standard!

Something’s not right!

“Peace of mind, you…”

The words came to his lips, but Su Yicheng couldn’t ask.

Luo Xin’an didn’t wait for her father’s next words for a long time, and said “huh?”

“Even if Mu Nian is in Country M, you must increase your safety awareness and protect yourself.” Su Yicheng warned, “If someone dares to bully you, tell dad at any time. Dad is not in Country M, but you still want to deal with someone. Very simple.”

There is Mu Nian!

Who dares to bully her?

Luo Xin’an still agreed: “I will remember it.”

After hanging up the phone, Luo Xin’an tossed and turned on the bed for a while, then felt thirsty and got up.

Opening the door, Mu Nian happened to come out of his room – his upper body was naked, and his lower body was only wrapped in a black bath towel.

His skin is a very healthy white color, and the muscle lines on his body are beautified by this white color, making him look particularly graceful.

Under the black bath towel, a pair of slender legs stretched out. He looked… really evil!

As expected, he is the one who has let the little girl compete for him since kindergarten!


Mu Nian followed Xin An’s gaze and walked up to her and asked loudly: “Do you like it?”

Luo Xin’an nodded in confusion.

Mu Nian smiled, his voice becoming more and more bewitching, “I want you to touch it, do you want it?”

Luo Xin’an raised her hand and saw that it was about to be placed on Mu Nian’s abdominal muscles. She suddenly woke up – this would make her look very lustful!

No, you have to cover it up!

Finally, Luo Xin’an touched her ears.

It’s not that she’s not shy, it’s not that she doesn’t want to run away, it’s just that she is too familiar with Mu Nian.

So in this situation, she could still face Mu Nian calmly and said: “You don’t have to get the things you like, I just appreciate them!”

“…That’s not what I think.” Mu Nian looked directly at Xin An, “I will definitely get started, but…I have to wait for the right time.”

Is he warning her?

Luo Xin’an blinked and suddenly had a serious face: “The time hasn’t come yet… it hasn’t come yet!”

Behind her seriousness, she concealed panic.

Mu Nian smiled, “I know it’s not here yet.”

There is tenderness behind his smile.

Luo Xin’an suddenly felt that Mu Nian knew everything…

How does she need to adapt to her relationship with him step by step?

When and what step they need to take,

Mu Nian knows it all!

She can think and have ideas, but in the end the person who controls the rhythm is Mu Nian.

So that’s what her father meant——

Mu Nian has the ability to take care of her and protect her.

However, he may not be a safe person!

Luo Xin’an thought, her breathing quickened slightly.

Mu Nian saw her uneasiness, and his smile was both dangerous and reassuring: “Peace of mind, I won’t make you feel any discomfort. So, you don’t have to be so panicked.”

Luo Xin’an knew this was not a lie, her expression slowly calmed down and her breathing became normal.

Like a big brother, Mu Nian rubbed Xin An’s head and said, “I will go to school soon to go through the formalities. Please prepare in advance.”


Luo Xin’an flashed back to the room and closed the door at the speed of light.

At this moment, she remembered that she wanted to go out to pour water – it was all Mu Nian’s fault!

Just as I was thinking about it, there was a knock on the door, and at the same time Mu Nian’s voice sounded: “Open the door.”

Luo Xin’an opened the door and Mu Nian handed her a glass of water. She looked at him in surprise.

Mu Nian met her gaze, “What are you looking at? You came out just now, didn’t you just want to drink water?”

“Thank you!”

Luo Xin’an took the water and slammed the door shut.

Her heart beat as loudly as her door closed!

She hurriedly drank water, but it tasted sweet…

Well…she may be, completely, finished!

Realizing that it was over, Luo Xin’an felt very sweet, and the anxious person was Su Yicheng.

If Luo Xiaoxi hadn’t reminded him, Su Yicheng would have even forgotten that he had to go to the company.

Not far away from the car, he saw Musijue’s car and motioned to the driver to press the horn.

The car in front slowed down knowingly, the two cars moved from front to back to parallel, and the windows of the rear seats were lowered at the same time.

Mu Sijue is in a good mood today: “Good morning, Mr. Su!”

“Stop your head!” Su Yicheng said for no reason, “Take care of your family, Mu Nian!”

Tsk, you’re so welcome!

But this just shows that there may be some progress between Mu Nian and Xin’an?

Mu Sijue touched his fingers with a smile on his face, “Mr. Su, you are so angry so early in the morning, you should find a way to calm it down.”

Su Yicheng wanted to curse.

More than twenty years ago, when Mu Sijue was still called “Seventh Brother”, his temper was much worse than his!

He is so angry now because Mu Qi’s son has awakened his sense of crisis!

Their family’s peace of mind is only twenty years old.

It’s so easy for a twenty-year-old girl to be bullied.

That boy Mu Nian is very good at bullying little girls.

The more Su Yicheng thought about it, the unfriendly his eyes became.

When Musijue was young, it was time to start a fight with the opponent here.

But today he was uncharacteristically smiling, and his smile became more friendly, “Come to my house for dinner tonight.”

Let’s chat! Su Yicheng glared at Mu Sijue: “See you in the evening!”


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