A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5695: The story of Xin’an and Mu Nian (4)


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Chapter 5695 The Story of Xin An and Mu Nian (4)

Mu Nian knew what the little girl was looking forward to, but it was not the time yet.

Because he has already guessed the little girl’s answer——

She won’t promise him, but she will give him a glimmer of hope.

What he wants is not a glimmer of hope.

But it hits in one hit!

“Of course I have something to tell you – your room hasn’t been arranged yet.”

Mu Nian pulled Xin’an’s suitcase and said very naturally: “You can sleep in Yinuo’s old room. It has an independent bathroom, which is more convenient for you.”

After a pause, he said solemnly: “But there is one thing you must pay special attention to——”

Luo Xin’an stared at Mu Nian——

She has made it clear and he is still like this.

Hmph! Then she will never mention it again! !

She wanted to see which of them could survive the other!

Luo Xin’an quickly adjusted her mentality and followed Mu Nian into the room as if nothing had happened, “Is there anything I need to pay attention to?”

Mu Nian could tell that she was neither disappointed nor disappointed, and she was actually trying to compete with him.

The little girl has a good personality, but she has a bit of a temper.

But…he likes it!

Mu Nian pointed to the bottom drawer in the corner of the desk, “Don’t open this drawer.”

When Luo Xin’an heard this, she went straight to pull the drawer – it was locked, otherwise she would have opened it.

Mu Nian: “…”

Luo Xin’an raised her head curiously, “Why don’t you open it? What’s inside?”

“There is something left by Yinuo inside.” Mu Nian spread his hands, “I don’t know what it is, Yinuo just said not to open it.”

Luo Xin’an blinked, a smile overflowing from his eyes, and his bright and three-dimensional face looked ready to move.

Mu Nian knew what she was thinking, “If you open it by mistake, Yinuo probably won’t beat you up.”

Anyway, he was curious about what was inside!

Luo Xin’an thought of a “mistake” and opened the drawer to explore the secrets inside.

But she still has to respect her brother’s privacy.

Mu Nian’s… is a different matter!

“If it were you, you would beat me, right?” Luo Xin’an slowly took back her hand, “My brother won’t let me touch him, so I won’t touch him.”

Mu Nian’s head is filled with questions——

He said he wouldn’t touch it, so Xin An went straight to it.

Su Yinuo wouldn’t let her touch her, so she just stopped?

The most important thing is, when did he attack her?

He was reluctant to exert force on those who patted and flicked their foreheads!

In anger, Mu Nian flicked Luo Xin’an’s forehead, “My biggest secret has been told to you!”

Does he mean that he likes her and wants to fall in love with her?

In the past, was this Mu Nian’s secret?

“Uh-huh!” Mu Nian seemed to be able to hear Xin’an’s voice, “Xin’an, I have no secrets from you anymore.”

Luo Xin’an took a breath, and her heart began to pound again…

In less than three seconds, she stopped herself.

Mu Nian refused to communicate and kept teasing her… What’s the use? !

What she is looking forward to is not being made blushing and her heart beating, but a formal relationship!

When Luo Xin’an thought about it, she became a little angry and pushed Mu Nian out, “It’s okay if you don’t have it! You can go out, I need to pack things.”

After Mu Nian went out, Xin An looked around the room.

The room is large, you can see the terrace, and it feels very safe.

Plus it has an independent bathroom, which is really convenient for her.

It was evening at this time, and the twilight spread from the terrace, which was quite beautiful.

Luo Xin’an began to tidy up, but the further she went, the worse her mood became.

Her mother helped pack her luggage.

While cleaning up, she felt her mother’s clumsiness.

Although my mother is not good at packing, she still used all her life experiences to consider everything for her and help her pack her luggage.

As much as her mother was reluctant to leave when she was packing her luggage, she felt so homesick now.

After a while, she turned around and saw that the sky outside was completely dark, and Luo Xin’an’s tears flowed down.

Mu Nian has been walking around outside.

At first, he could still hear Xin An humming inside.

Slowly, the room became quiet.

Mu Nian realized something was wrong and opened the door.

Luo Xin’an raised her head reflexively, her face covered with tears.

When she saw Mu Nian, she almost cried, “Mu Nian…”

Mu Nian quickly walked into the room and half-crouched in front of Xin’an and looked at her.

He touched Xin’an’s face, “Fortunately I haven’t returned to China yet, otherwise…”

Otherwise, she would have fainted from crying at the airport!

Luo Xin’an felt embarrassed after thinking about it, so she punched Mu Nian, “Stop talking!”

Mu Nian took Xin An’s hand and pulled her into his arms.

In the twilight room, two young bodies cuddled tightly together.

The breathing and heartbeat of the two people became very clear to each other’s hearing.

But in fact, this clarity may just be their illusion.

Or, it’s their own breathing and heartbeat…

In short, at this moment, the atmosphere seemed intimate and ambiguous.

Luo Xin’an’s tears stopped instantly, and her body froze in Mu Nian’s arms at a loss.

Mu Nian was very natural and said: “Don’t cry, I’m here. No matter how long your exchange lasts, whether you come to study in M ​​country after graduation or not, I will be with you.”

Luo Xin’an blinked and suddenly remembered that just now, Mu Nian mentioned without warning whether she wanted to study abroad as a graduate student…

She looked up at Mu Nian: “Is this the second half of what you just said?”

Mu Nian nodded arrogantly, “You should have given me a chance just now to finish my sentence.”

It’s not that Luo Xin’an didn’t give Mu Nian a chance, it’s just that just now…she was really anxious!

It’s good to hear it now, it’s a great comfort to her.

But, she still wanted to cry…

“Cry.” Mu Nian pressed Xin’an’s head on his chest, “When you feel homesick, just cry.”

Mu Nian knew she was homesick and allowed her to cry…

The feeling of being understood intensified Luo Xin’an’s emotions. Her tears suddenly lost control and she burst into tears.

Mu Nian remained motionless, serving as her support.

After crying for a long time, Luo Xin’an felt embarrassed, raised her head and asked, “Mu Nian, have you ever cried? Where are my brother and Xi Yu’s brother?”

“We have three people to keep us company, so there is nothing to cry about. Besides, we are men, how can we cry just because we leave home to go to school?” Mu Nian patted Xin’an on the back, “But it doesn’t matter if you cry.”

Luo Xin’an’s tears were out of control again, making Mu Nian’s chest wet.

Later, the crying gradually stopped, and she lay on Mu Nian’s chest and sobbed.

Mu Nian’s legs were numb before she calmed down.

Mu Nian asked softly: “You have been crying for so long, are you hungry?”

Luo Xin’an didn’t say anything for a long time, and Mu Nian realized something was wrong, “Xin’an?”

There was still no sound. Mu Nian helped Luo Xin’an and took a look – she was already asleep.

However, the bed in the room has not been made yet…

Mu Nian thought for a while, picked up Xin’an and left the room, heading towards his bedroom.

In the dusk, he placed his mind on his bed, and then left the room quietly…

He admitted that he had selfish motives for doing so.

He hoped that when Xin An woke up, he would see the things in his room…

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