A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5694: The story of Xin’an and Mu Nian (3)


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Chapter 5694 The Story of Xin An and Mu Nian (3)

The group suddenly exploded.

Some asked for peace of mind, and some asked for Mu Nian:

“Didn’t Xin’an tell Niannian when we get to the apartment?”

“Nian Nian, how did you know that Xin’an went to Country M?”

“Or do you two have such a tacit understanding?”

The last question may seem incredible, but it is the closest to the correct answer.

Luo Xin’an suddenly felt embarrassed and poked Mu Nian, “You report that I’m safe, and you also have to answer everyone’s questions for me – this is called having a beginning and an end!”

Mu Nian was not forced at all, and was even quite happy to say, “It should be.”

Luo Xin’an was a little surprised that he was so easy to talk to, so she stared at him.

As I looked at him, I felt that the way he raised his eyebrows was quite charming.

Luo Xin’an’s heart suddenly beat feverishly…

She did not dare to look at Mu Nian, so she could only stare at the chat group.

Then I saw Mu Nian telling everyone the truth: He was going back to China today, but as soon as he arrived at the airport, he met Xin An.

My family had a wave of expressions: [Oh my god] [accident]

Mu Nian said yes, it was such a coincidence today – he arrived at the airport as soon as Xin An walked out of the airport.

They did not perform the cliché drama of going in both directions but missing each other.

Moreover, among the top three airports in the world in terms of area, they chose the same one among so many entrances and exits.

The screenwriter would not dare to make up such a coincidence.

But when you think about it carefully…it makes you raise the corners of your lips.

Mu Nian and Xin An seem to have a magical bond.

This fate closely connects them.

The adults in the family are inconvenient to say these words, and Su Yinuo, who is of the same generation, is unwilling to say them.

Whenever this happens, Shen Xing is the best “leader”.

He took the lead in talking about the couple Mu Nian and Xin An, saying that they really had a tacit understanding and were really destined.

Finally, I felt that they deserved to be…

Shen Xing did not say the next words.

However, everyone figured it out – Mu Nian and Xin’an are indeed the ones who have been dating since childhood!

After Shen Xing’s operation, an ambiguous atmosphere surrounded Mu Nian and Xin’an, spreading endlessly in the group.

Someone told Mu Nian: In this case, Xin’an will be taken care of by him while he is in country M. He must not let his family down.

Mu Nian replied instantly:

“Of course, I will take good care of Xin’an.”

“Xin’an is my sister, and I have the responsibility to take good care of her.”

Shen Xing: [Do you believe me?]jpg.

Others: [Do you believe it?]jpg.

It seems that the whole family knows very well – Mu Nian is hiding it – that he takes care of Xin’an not because he treats Xin’an as his sister.

But in order to avoid embarrassment, everyone saw through it without telling them.

What Luo Xin’an can’t understand is——

After Mu Nian was given an injection, his family kept the matter secret.

In the beginning, even Mu Nian’s name was rarely mentioned in front of her, let alone the fact that they had arranged a baby marriage.

How did things become like this?

Since when did everyone start to think that there was a possibility between her and Mu Nian?

When did everyone see the clues, stop being cautious, and dare to tease them like before?

Luo Xin’an was thinking about it, but she didn’t dare to look at Mu Nian anymore.

Mu Nian kept looking at her, so he noticed the abnormality immediately and said, “Xin’an, you asked me to answer for you, I’m just telling the truth.”

Telling the truth, but cleverly guiding the ambiguous atmosphere.

It even spreads this atmosphere at home.

Mu Nian’s truth…

The purpose is too obvious!

Luo Xin’an could only suffer a dull loss.

At this time, the elevator door opened.

Mu Nian pressed the door open button and said slowly: “Last time you came here, I didn’t have the chance to tell you: this elevator is exclusive to our apartment.”

Our apartment…

He said the same thing in the group.

Otherwise, the atmosphere wouldn’t be so ambiguous all of a sudden!

Luo Xin’an raised her head, with a hint of shyness on her youthful and plump face.

But she pretended to be calm and looked full of aura, saying, “I know! Also, I just asked you to tell the truth!”

Mu Nian stared at Xin An: “Then what’s your expression, huh?”

He was amused, and there was no flaw in his peaceful expression.

But he felt that she had it in her heart.

Sure enough, a flash of panic flashed across Xin An’s face——

How to explain her expression?

Truth or cover-up?

Luo Xin’an finally chose the latter, saying: “I…I’m in a strange environment, I just can’t adapt!”

After saying that, she rushed out of the elevator.

She has been to the apartment before, so she is familiar with the place.

The door to the apartment even had her fingerprints on it, and she just pushed it open and went in.

Mu Nian then came in, put away his schoolbag and suitcase, looked at Xin An and smiled.

Xin’an knew what he was laughing at – it seemed like she was no stranger to this place!

She intuitively couldn’t argue with Mu Nian anymore, so she ended the question with a question: “Which room should I stay in?”

“No rush.” ​​Mu Nian handed Xin’an a bottle of water, “You come to exchange, have all the school affairs been arranged?”

Luo Xin’an nodded, “My brother has arranged everything.”

Mu Nian was not surprised and continued to ask: “Xin’an, when did you decide to come to country M for exchange?”

He always felt that the decision to feel at ease had something to do with him.

He wanted to find out when Xin’an started to become interested in him.

“It’s all arranged anyway!” Luo Xin’an avoided the important and looked away unnaturally, “Which room should I sleep in?”

Want to change the subject?

No way!

Mu Nian smiled slightly and said, “Xin’an, it’s useless for you to do this – I always have a way to know the answer.”

Luo Xin’an pursed her lips and said, “Freshman year!”

After a pause, he simply looked at Mu Nian and said, “At the beginning of freshman year!”

Now that she has told Mu Nian, she must tell the truth openly and truthfully.

What Mu Nian thinks and whether he thinks about it too much… is his business!

Mu Nian did shake his head——

He asked Xin’an to be his girlfriend after Christmas of her freshman year.

It turns out that Xin’an had decided to come to country M for exchange long before that?

Be at peace with him…

When did it start?

Or earlier?

Or is it always?

The more he thought about it, the more shocked Mu Nian was.

He looked at Xin An, and was speechless for a moment.

Luo Xin’an also looked at Mu Nian, always feeling that Mu Nian was going to ask in the next second: Xin’an, when did you agree to be my brother’s girlfriend?

If Mu Nian asked, she could just tell him as openly as she did before.

She is twenty years old and is in her third year of college.

It’s time to fall in love!

However, after Mu Nian came to her senses, she just touched her head and said, “You didn’t choose to study abroad. It would be good to go on exchange for a year. This way, when you are a graduate student, you will know whether you should choose to study abroad or not. It’s time to stay at home.”

What are you talking about as a graduate student?

Ask her if she is in love!

Luo Xin’an frowned in confusion and asked, “Mu Nian, do you have anything else to say to me?”

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