A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 4915: Mu Yi Fan Wai (105)



Lu Xiangyi hung up the phone and found that Xin’an was probably influenced by her, with anxiety and bewilderment written all over his face.


When Zhou Sen comes back now, Xin An will indeed be very embarrassed.


They all need time to adjust!


“Sister Xiangyi, are you and brother Zhou Sen okay?” Luo Xinan blinked, “Is brother Zhou Sen angry?”


“Well, but we will solve the problem.” Lu Xiangyi thought for a while, “He left beforehand, and I will treat you to dinner tonight.”


So they will reconcile at night?


There is light in Luo Xinan’s eyes again, “Okay!”


“I treat you at noon!” Lu Xiangyi touched his sister’s head, “What do you want to eat?”


“Hamburger!” Luo Xinan said excitedly, “We’ll go shopping after eating, I want to buy new clothes!”


Lu Xiangyi spent the afternoon according to Xin An’s arrangement.


Zhou Sen didn’t contact her all afternoon.


After Zhou Sen left the restaurant, he drove back to the company and was busy all afternoon.


After dealing with work matters, he opened his mailbox and found that the detective from country M had sent him an email.


“Mr. Zhou, I found a strange thing-it seems that someone deliberately wiped away the traces of your past, so your past is difficult to investigate.


“The information we have now: Mrs. Zhou did adopt you, but she did not adopt you in the orphanage in country M!


“Continue to investigate. I’m sorry that you need to pay more. The specific reward will be discussed after you return to country M next week.


“I send this email to hope that you are mentally prepared: your past may be complicated, and the investigation is not easy! If you want to stop, we can terminate the contract at any time.”


Zhou Sen was stunned for a long time after reading the email.


Grandma clearly said that after she came to Country M, she adopted him from an orphanage.


Why did grandma lie to him?


What happened to him ten years ago? What was his childhood and youth like?


Is the answer to these questions the reason why Ellie is sure that there will be no result between him and Lu Xiangyi?


He found the answer, can he break the deadlock that he and Lu Xiangyi can’t be together?


Thinking, Zhou Sen vaguely understood Lu Xiangyi.


He didn’t want to tell Lu Xiangyi about these things for the time being.


Of course he meant no harm.


Just because there is still a lot of uncertainty, because it is not the best time yet.


Lu Xiangyi told him not to go there at noon, was it out of similar helplessness?


Zhou Sen sighed softly, feeling helpless for himself.


If it were someone else, how could he have such a good temper?


When he met Lu Xiangyi, he actually made good excuses for her and understood her automatically.


In the final analysis, I still can’t bear to embarrass her.


He fell into Lu Xiangyi’s hands.


It was past five o’clock, and he sent a message to Lu Xiangyi:


“What do you want for dinner?”


At this time, Lu Xiangyi was at the jewelry counter in the mall, hesitating whether to buy a necklace or not.


The design of the necklace is chic, but she doesn’t particularly like certain details.


After receiving Zhou Sen’s news, she instantly changed her mood – the necklace is obviously very beautiful, it would be a pity to miss it!


She told the salesperson that she wanted it, and then she sat on the sofa and replied to Zhou Sen: “We had hamburgers for lunch, and we want hot pot for dinner!”


“Okay.” Zhou Sen said, “I’ll order a restaurant.”


Not long after, he sent another address, “The seat is reserved, you go there first.”


Lu Xiangyi quickly bought the bill, pulled Xin’an and said, “Let’s go to Brother Zhou Sen for hot pot!”


“Sure enough, it’s because of Brother Zhou Sen!” Luo Xin’an said strangely, “When you tried it on, you obviously didn’t like necklaces that much. Sister Xiangyi, when you’re in a relationship, a message can change your mood Okay?”,




Lu Xiangyi did not deny it.


Zhou Sen sent her a message, which was a sign that he had loosened up.


After dinner, she will coax him again, and today’s matter should be over!



The location of the hotpot restaurant is remote, but the business is good. Zhou Sen reserved a box.


Although he didn’t say it, Lu Xiangyi knew that Zhou Sen was afraid that she would run into an acquaintance again!


Not long after they arrived, Zhou Sen also arrived.


With a quick glance at noon, Luo Xinan was already amazed, but now that she looked closely, she was amazed by Zhou Sen again.


Sister Xiangyi is right, brother Zhou Sen is different from her brothers!


He has a bit of Xiyu’s brother’s coldness, and her brother’s warmth, but he also has Nian Nian’s unruly!


Obviously he has a very complicated temperament, but he looks very mature and trustworthy.


No wonder sister Xiangyi was fascinated!


Zhou Sen didn’t have time to take a closer look at Luo Xin’an at noon, and now he only thinks that Lu Xiangyi’s family has good genes.


He walked into the box without Lu Xiangyi’s introduction, the little girl called him Brother Zhou Sen naturally and affectionately.


He smiled and handed the little girl a big box, “I prepared a small gift for you.”


“Thank you, Brother Zhou Sen!” Luo Xin’an was able to hold the box with both hands, so she stared and said, “You call this small?”


The little girl was lively and bright, and immediately enlivened the atmosphere in the box, allowing them to temporarily ignore the unhappiness at noon.


Zhou Sen still smiled, “It doesn’t matter how big it is, as long as you like it!”


“I like it!” Luo Xinan said while holding the gift, “I’ll open it when I get home!”


“As you like.”


Zhou Sen sat down, glanced at Lu Xiangyi intentionally or unintentionally, and met her bawdy eyes.


Lu Xiangyi has been looking at Zhou Sen since he came in.


There was no obvious displeasure on his face, and she breathed a sigh of relief—at least, they could have a good meal!


Let’s talk about other things after dinner.


She is envious of the fact that Xin’an has gifts, and she will talk about it after dinner.


At this moment, Zhou Sen handed her a delicate little bag like magic, “You have it too.”


Lu Xiangyi was taken aback for a moment. Although he was pleasantly surprised, he still deliberately said, “Is the one for me so small?”


Zhou Sen raised his eyebrows, “Really too small?”


Seeing that he was about to take it back, Lu Xiangyi grabbed him and said, “I want it too!”


The atmosphere really relaxed.


Zhou Sen took a menu and asked Xin An to choose what she liked.


Luo Xinan nodded, “Then I won’t be polite!”


Zhou Sen still smiled, “You’re welcome with me.”


Luo Xin’an felt that Zhou Sen’s tone was a bit familiar – the tone of a family member!


Could it be that brother Zhou Sen means: Anyway, we will be a family in the future, so don’t be polite to him?


With an expression of “I understand everything”, she nodded sharply and ordered again.


Looking at it, Lu Xiangyi thinks that Zhou Sen is quite good at coaxing children, and he will definitely be a very good father in the future…


She was thinking too far!


Lu Xiangyi pulled back his thoughts in time, ticked off a few dishes he liked, and asked the waiter to come in and place an order.


The food came out quickly, and Zhou Sen asked Xin An what he wanted to eat from time to time, put it in the pot for her, cooked it and put it in her bowl, like a considerate big brother.


He also took good care of Lu Xiangyi.


In Xin’an’s view, the incident at noon has passed, and brother Zhou Sen and sister Xiangyi have reconciled as before! Lu Xiangyi, the person involved, knew very well that the unhappiness at noon still lay between her and Zhou Sen, and it never passed.


Because she clearly felt that although Zhou Sen took care of her, they were not as intimacy as usual.


It’s definitely not because of peace of mind, Zhou Sen is careful, he is still angry, but he just doesn’t want to show it in front of peace of mind.


After eating the hot pot, Zhou Sen paid the bill and asked, “Anxin, are you full?”


“I’m full!” Luo Xin’an blinked twice, “Brother Zhou Sen, you can also ask sister Xiangyi!”


“I know how much she eats.” Zhou Sen glanced at Lu Xiangyi and said firmly, “She’s full.”


Lu Xiangyi almost cried.


In fact, she didn’t eat much at all, and she must be hungry at night.


On the one hand, she is not in the mood and has no appetite, on the other hand, it is… on purpose.


Zhou Sen actually said directly that she was full, which shows that he didn’t pay attention to her at all while eating.




But she can’t be angry with Zhou Sen now, so she can only say in a muffled voice, “Then let’s go back.”


Luo Xin’an knows how to leave space for her brothers and sisters, and said, “I want to go home too!”


Zhou Sen took the two little girls home, and as soon as he reached the 25th floor, Luo Xinan ran back to 250???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


In the brightly lit corridor, only Zhou Sen and Lu Xiangyi were left.


The two looked at each other with complicated eyes.


After a while, Zhou Sen spoke first, “It’s the first time your sister comes to your house, why don’t you go in and stay with her?”


Now is obviously the best time, but he doesn’t want to mention what happened at noon?


Lu Xiangyi was going to take the initiative to say it, but now he suddenly lost his temper, “Then I’ll go in!”


She closed the door without hesitation, met Shang Xin’s helpless gaze, took a deep breath and said, “It’s okay, it will take time to solve the problem!”


Luo Xin’an didn’t say anything, and pulled Lu Xiangyi to the living room, “Let’s unwrap Brother Zhou Sen’s gift and have a look.”


The meeting gift that Zhou Sen prepared for her was an exquisite and beautiful doll, the global limited edition, it feels great to hold in her arms, and a sense of happiness arises spontaneously.


Instead of being immersed in the joy of receiving the gift, she reminded her sister: “Sister Xiangyi, look at what brother Zhou Sen gave you!”


Lu Xiangyi opened the small bag and took out a jewelry box.


Inside the box is a delicate and small bracelet, which coincidentally matches the necklace she just bought.


Luo Xin’an groaned, “Is this something like the tacit understanding and heart-to-heart that my mother said? And sister Xiangyi, I think brother Zhou Sen is very attentive to you. He prepared a meeting gift for me, and he didn’t forget to prepare it for you too.” A gift!”


Lu Xiangyi was sweet in her heart, so she asked Xin’an to help her put on the bracelet.


Luo Xinan kept praising how good she looked when she put it on, and she didn’t forget to praise Zhou Sen for his good eyesight.


Lu Xiangyi felt that the little girl had worked so hard, but she was still in a bad mood, so she felt sorry for the little girl’s hard work, so she smiled and said, “Peace of mind, you go take a bath, and go to bed early after washing.”


After all, Luo Xin’an is young, and even big things can’t interfere with her biological clock. She fell asleep as soon as the shower was over.


Lu Xiangyi covered her with a quilt and hesitated in the living room for a while, but she didn’t wait for Zhou Sen to come, so she went out, didn’t bother to ring the doorbell, and opened the door of 2502 directly.


She doesn’t want to get along with Zhou Sen in such a way that he can’t get up and down without embarrassment!


Since there is something, let’s talk about it.


However, Zhou Sen is not at home.


She searched every corner of the house, but couldn’t find Zhou Sen’s person.


He went out, so he didn’t go to her.


But it’s so late, where is he going?


Is there anything more important than solving the problems between them?


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