A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 4914: Mu Yi Fan Wai (104)



Back home, Lu Xiangyi began to gasp for breath.


After taking a shower, she didn’t have the nerve to go to Zhou Sen’s house, but got into her own bed.


What if the cold shower didn’t calm Zhou Sen down?


She doesn’t want the sheep to go to the tiger’s mouth!


“Aren’t you coming?”


Zhou Sen seemed to have installed a surveillance camera at Lu Xiangyi’s house. As soon as Lu Xiangyi lay down, he sent a message.


“I fell asleep!”


The light from the screen shone on Lu Xiangyi’s face, illuminating her red face very clearly.


“Then I slept in the master bedroom?”


Zhou Sen’s news is nothing, but the next two make people blush and heartbeat.


“Xiangyi, what perfume did you wear the night before yesterday?”


“I can still smell it now.”


Lu Xiangyi suddenly remembered that Zhou Sen told her that night, don’t use such a sweet perfume in the future, it will make him want to eat her…


Then what is he thinking now?


Lu Xiangyi felt hot all over, and said, “I won’t tell you, I won’t use it anymore!”


Zhou Sen sent a voice, he chuckled, and then said: “In the future, it can be used occasionally! I can take it as a signal!”


What signal? ?????????????????


Does she want a signal that the sheep is in the mouth of the tiger?


Lu Xiangyi hated herself for knowing it in seconds, and her face flushed red.


This Zhou Sen… most of the time he looks like a gentleman, how can he be so handy when playing hooligans!


Lu Xiangyi held back for a long while, not knowing how to reply, so he simply said, “I’m going to sleep!”


Zhou Sen also teased her, “Really not coming?”


Lu Xiangyi: Good night!


Zhou Sen knew that the little girl was shy, so he stopped making fun of her and said, “Good night.”


Lu Xiangyi closed her eyes, blushed and fell into a deep sleep.


Maybe it was because she was in a bad state before going to bed, and then she had an unspeakable dream, which made her dare not see Zhou Sen at all when she woke up the next day, and went straight to school.


Of course, she didn’t forget to tell Zhou Sen.


Zhou Sen looked at her news, took a sip of his coffee and thought: Last night is probably over, and we should exercise more restraint in the future!


It’s just that, facing a young girl like Lu Xiangyi, how to restrain herself is a difficult problem.


When Lu Xiangyi arrived at school, he looked for Yi Huanhuan first, and as expected, Yi Huanhuan was eating breakfast and reading a book again.


She handed Yi Huanhuan a cup of coffee, and the two of them got busy again.


After a while, Yi Huanhuan suddenly remembered something and said, “Luo Kaiyang didn’t come to school today, everyone guessed that he went to find director Xu Zheng. But I guess—he went to find Zhao Sipei.”


Lu Xiangyi nodded, “I’m just like you.”


They guessed right, Luo Kaiyang did go to find Zhao Sipei.


Zhao Sipei was at the scene of an advertisement shooting, Luo Kaiyang came aggressively and wanted to see her by name.


Afraid that everyone would misunderstand, she introduced Luo Kaiyang as her classmate, and then signaled the director to suspend the filming, saying that she wanted to chat with Luo Kaiyang alone.


No one knows what they talked about, but everyone on the set knows: they chatted alone for a long time, and the chat was not pleasant at all.


When Luo Kaiyang left, his expression was more gloomy and terrifying than when he came, as if a storm was brewing to sweep the world.



In a blink of an eye, it will be Saturday, the day when Zhou Sen and Luo Xinan meet.


Zhou Sen has something to do in the morning, so Lu Xiangyi made an appointment with him to meet him at the restaurant at noon.


The restaurant was booked by Zhou Sen. It is a restaurant that has become very popular recently and is very difficult to book.


As soon as Luo Xinan heard the name of the restaurant, he said that he would give Brother Zhou Sen full marks.


The driver took Luo Xinan to the door of the restaurant and asked if he wanted to stay. Luo Xinan knew how to cover for her sister, she waved her hand and said, “We’ll walk around the neighborhood after dinner, we don’t need a car.”


After the driver left, Lu Xiangyi happened to come out to pick up Xin’an.


Luo Xinan was looking forward to meeting Zhou Sen, so he asked, “Is brother Zhou Sen here?”


Lu Xiangyi looked at his phone, “He said he will arrive in ten minutes, let’s go in and wait for him.”


Luo Xin’an held her sister’s hand, jumping up and down excitedly, “Is Brother Zhou Sen handsome? Is he easy to get along with? Is he more like my brother or Xiyu’s brother or Nian Nian?”


“He doesn’t look like anyone, he is himself!” Lu Xiangyi looked very confident in Zhou Sen, “As for whether he gets along well, don’t you know after eating with him?”


Actually, she was also curious about how Zhou Sen would get along with Xin’an.


Xin An is not even afraid of her father, but it is not so easy to handle.


As soon as the two sisters sat down, Lu Xiangyi heard someone calling her, “Xiangyi! Ah, this is Xinan girl!”


Lu Xiangyi followed the prestige and saw the two elders and their sons. Both generations had some friendship with their family.


Her head went blank, but she still remembered to call someone: “Uncle Jiang, Auntie, Brother Yue Ze.”


Luo Xin’an followed her sister to call someone, and at the same time vaguely felt her sister’s uneasiness.


“What a coincidence!” Mrs. Jiang looked at Lu Xiangyi with joy in her eyes, “I even invited your mother to have afternoon tea together this afternoon!”


Lu Xiangyi’s breath stagnates.


If Zhou Senlai ran into them, then Aunt Jiang would definitely tell her mother about her boyfriend.


She didn’t want to hide it from her parents forever, she wanted to tell them herself!


But now, she and Zhou Sen have just started, and she is not ready to bring him in front of her parents.


What to do?


“Xiangyi, long time no see!” Jiang Yueze was a noble and mature young man, “Nice to meet you today.”


“Xianyi, you played with Yue Ze before!” Mrs. Jiang said enthusiastically, “It’s fate that we met today, let’s have dinner together! Yue Ze has been abroad for the past few years, and he has talked about you a lot, Now that he has returned to China, you should keep in touch with Brother Yueze!”


“I’m busy preparing my graduation project!” Lu Xiangyi smiled dryly, and declined.


“It’s okay! Yue Ze can accommodate your time, he…”


Mrs. Jiang was too enthusiastic, so her intentions were very obvious, and Lu Xiangyi’s face became more and more embarrassed.


Fortunately, Jiang Yueze interrupted his mother in time, and said, “Mom, you scared Xiangyi. Xiangyi, I’m sorry, my mother has always been so enthusiastic. You should prepare your graduation work well, and when you finish your work, or Your brother and the others are back, let’s meet again.”


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These words were impeccable, and Lu Xiangyi couldn’t refuse, so he nodded and said, “Okay.”


“Sit down, sit down.” Mrs. Jiang pulled a few young people to sit down, “This restaurant has a lot of special dishes! Today’s Yueze is treating guests, Xiangyi, you can try them all!”


Lu Xiangyi was not very comfortable. He raised his eyes and saw Zhou Sen.


Zhou Sen didn’t know when he came, and he didn’t know how long he had been watching at the door.


Looking at Lu Xiangyi, he walked over slowly.


Lu Xiangyi saw Zhou Sen in his eyes, and Mrs. Jiang’s high-pitched voice in his ears: “Xiangyi, when I see your mother this afternoon, I must suggest that our two families move around more, so that you juniors can also develop a relationship.” /


Lu Xiangyi subconsciously shook his head at Zhou Sen, meaning – don’t come here!


Zhou Sen paused, narrowed his eyes in disbelief, and stared at Lu Xiangyi without blinking.


He was waiting for Lu Xiangyi to change his mind.


However, she did not.


The light in his eyes gradually dimmed, and then he turned and left the restaurant.


Lu Xiangyi’s heart seemed to be hollowed out suddenly. The moment Zhou Sen disappeared from her sight, her whole world fell…


Mrs. Jiang was still talking, Jiang Yueze thoughtfully handed over the menu, while Lu Xiangyi sent Zhou Sen a message with his mobile phone to explain to him.


Zhou Sen just said: “You guys have a good meal, and we will talk after eating.”


After dinner, will he still listen to her?


Lu Xiangyi suddenly came to his senses, stood up and said, “Actually, I have an appointment with a friend. He can’t come due to something, so I have to go find him. Uncle and aunt, Brother Yue Ze, I’m sorry.”


Luo Xin’an grabbed her sister’s hand and pulled her away.


She said in a low voice: “Sister Xiangyi, that tall and handsome man standing at the door of the restaurant just now is brother Zhou Sen, right? You don’t want him to come over, he looks so sad!”


Lu Xiangyi saw it.


She saw how the light in Zhou Sen’s eyes went out.


The last time I met Aunt Wang, she withdrew her hand, Zhou Sen could easily forgive her.


What about this time?


After chasing to the entrance of the restaurant, Lu Xiangyi saw Zhou Sen’s car, but in a blink of an eye, the car disappeared around the corner of the road.


She called Zhou Sen, and it took a long time for him to answer, but he didn’t speak.


She pursed her lips, “Zhou Sen, I’m coming out. You come back to pick me up? Let’s go to another place for dinner, okay? What happened just now, I can explain it to you!”


Zhou Sen has heard this once.


After a long time, he said: “It’s the same reason as last time, right?”


Lu Xiangyi pursed his lips even tighter, “Give me a little more time.”


Zhou Sen’s voice was a bit cold, “Xiangyi, I’ve been giving you time. Even if you can’t handle it for the time being, you should have rejected that man just now. He likes you, and his mother also wants to match you up. You can’t tell ?”


Yes, she rejected Aunt Jiang from the beginning, and then told Zhou Sen that it was inconvenient to meet acquaintances, and they wanted to change places to eat, Zhou Sen would understand, and they wouldn’t make trouble like this.


Lu Xiangyi didn’t react because she heard Aunt Jiang say that she had an appointment with her mother in the afternoon.


At that moment, all she knew was to tell Zhou Sen not to come over.


How disappointed is Zhou Sen that he left like that?


There was no one else last time, so Zhou Sen could easily understand her.


This time Jiang Yueze came in, her reaction and actions still hurt his heart so much, he won’t forgive her easily.


The more Lu Xiangyi thought about it, the more he felt that he was outrageous, so he could only try his best to explain: “I didn’t expect to meet them, so I didn’t react. Zhou Sen, I don’t like him.”


Of course Zhou Sen knew that Lu Xiangyi didn’t like that man, but he was the one she liked.


Clearly likes him, likes him so much, but dare not let him approach her world, and can’t tell some people openly: he is her boyfriend.


The moment she shook her head to signal him not to go, she pushed him out of her world!


Zhou Sen thought for a long time without speaking.


Lu Xiangyi clearly felt that Zhou Sen was getting further and further away from her…


She’s going to pull him back!


She went on to say: “Zhou Sen, you come back, if you don’t come back, I will wait for you here, I…”


Zhou Sen interrupted Lu Xiangyi, “Is your sister still there?”


Lu Xiangyi was afraid of being embarrassed, so she didn’t look at her, but just said “um”.


“If I go back now, your sister will be very uncomfortable, and I don’t want to leave a bad impression on her.” Zhou Sen remained calm and thoughtful in this situation, “Find someone I will go to have lunch with you in the evening, and I will go to you again in the evening, and say sorry to your sister for me.”


Lu Xiangyi knew that this was Zhou Sen’s biggest compromise.


She confirmed: “Will you come tonight?”


After all, Zhou Sen was reluctant to make her uneasy, and said: “Yes.”


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