A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 5951: Reshape the fairy body!


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Chen Feng only felt that the speed of the celestial power in his body had doubled, and it was very difficult to even stimulate the power.

Suddenly, two rays of light lit up in the darkness, one blue and one purple.

The blue color is the sword light, which is shot from the hole of the 100-meter giant sword transformed from the ultimate sword energy!

The purple light is the three fox tails, a ball of purple light condenses at the tip of the tail and shoots them together.

Not to mention Chen Feng’s current state, even if he is not affected by Ye Changqing’s power, he still can’t stop their attacks!

He urged the immortal power with all his strength, and the black thunder and the seven-color divine light appeared at the same time.

The next moment, Xianli pierces through the world!


The earth shook.

In the Demon God’s Tomb, a gray light group the size of a fist suddenly appeared, and it swelled to the size of a human head in just one breath.

Gray-white brilliance circulates in the light cluster, no matter who takes a look at it, it will be deeply attracted and unable to extricate itself.

“What is this?”

“I can’t feel its breath, but I am instinctively afraid.”

“I have never seen such a weird power!”

All the cultivators were confused, but the faces of the two Heavenly Venerates changed drastically!

“Chaos Tribulation!”

Liuying Tianzun exclaimed: “The chaos has just opened, devouring everything in the world!”

“Whenever the Chaos Tribulation comes, it is just a small group of Chaos Immortal Power at first, and the more power it swallows, the bigger the Immortal Power becomes, and in the end it can even swallow the entire Middle Thousand World!”

“Didn’t this catastrophe disappear into the long river of history long ago, why did it still appear?”

Sacred Gun Tianzun frowned even more, his eyes were full of worry.

The catastrophe of chaos, the strongest catastrophe among the thousands of catastrophes at the Golden Immortal level, none of them!

If you want to trigger the Chaos Tribulation, besides the extraordinary talent, you also need two kinds of top-notch immortal powers.

In addition to the strongest physical body, immortal soul, blood and other powers, there is a one-thousandth chance of attracting chaos.

Every time Chaos Calamity appears in the world, it will cause a catastrophe!

Because the Chaos Calamity is too powerful, from ancient times to the present, only people have heard of who caused the Chaos Calamity, but no one has ever survived it!

Ye Changqing and the others also felt the power of chaos, but they didn’t take it seriously.


The attacks of the three exploded, and Chen Feng was directly blasted out, just landing near Chaos Immortal Power.


He spit out a mouthful of blood, knelt down on one knee, his muscles and bones were broken, and he couldn’t even stand up.

But he did not give up, and turned to look at Chaos Immortal Power.

“This is Chaos Immortal Power.”

Chen Feng was immediately attracted, stared blankly at Chaos Immortal Power, and raised his hand to touch it.

“Don’t touch!”

Sacred Spear Tianzun warned, but it was too late.

At the moment of touching, Chen Feng felt that his body and soul were sucked into the power of Chaos Immortal.

The whole person just disappeared out of thin air!

“Where did the others go?”

Everyone stared at Chaos Immortal Power, but they couldn’t find any trace of Chen Feng.

Liuying Tianzun said in a deep voice: “He was pulled into the interior of Chaos Immortal Power, his body disintegrated and his soul dissipated, leaving only a ray of consciousness floating freely.”

“If you can control the Chaos Immortal Power, you can use its power to reshape the body and soul, and achieve a Chaos Immortal Physique.”

“If you can’t, you will be swallowed by the power of Chaos Immortal, and Chaos Tribulation will erupt, and all the cultivators present will die!”

Everyone took a deep breath.

If there are two strong men at the level of Tianzun sitting in the town, they still can’t stop the power of Chaos Tribulation?

At this moment, inside Chaos Immortal Power.

Here is a gray space, a chaos.

Chen Feng’s consciousness wandered aimlessly inside.

His body and soul have all dissipated, and he can barely maintain a wisp of consciousness.

The power of the immortal soul gushed out, and the golden crow and phoenix were by his side.

Chen Feng gradually regained his sanity and looked at this space carefully.

There is not only Chaos Immortal Power here, but also his body and soul power.

The three forces are mixed together and are slowly merging.

“I see.”

Chen Feng suddenly realized.

This is an experience, either one’s own power is swallowed by the power of chaos, or one controls the power of chaos.

If you were an ordinary cultivator, you would have already lost your mind at this moment, allowing a wisp of consciousness to wander at will.

After a stick of incense, all the power will be swallowed by the power of Chaos Immortal, and the body will die and Dao will disappear!

But he has the body of the immortal soul, and the power of the six souls is enough to resist the erosion of the chaotic immortal power.

Chen Feng immediately mobilized the power of the immortal soul to gather the power floating in the space again.

Gradually, his physical body emerged again.

He immediately got into the flesh and regained control of the body.

The chaotic immortal power surging in the space is constantly pouring into his body, trying to swallow his body completely.

“Refine me!”

Chen Feng shouted loudly, the golden crow and the phoenix neighed, and the golden flames and blue wind swept across the entire space in an instant!

The power of Chaos Immortal was scattered by the power of Immortal Soul.

He took advantage of the situation to absorb Chaos Immortal Power. Although the effect was minimal, he could continue to devour Chaos Immortal Power.

It’s been a long tug of war.

Sitting like an old monk, Chen Feng has sat for a thousand years!

The chaotic immortal power in the space is continuously refined by him and absorbed by the immortal soul.

The power of the immortal soul became stronger and stronger, and there were seven golden runes on the ring.

Advanced, Seven Soul Immortal Soul!

The Luan, Phoenix, and Golden Crow cooperate with each other to speed up the refining of Chaos Immortal Power.

Chen Feng’s physical body disintegrated again, every inch of flesh and blood and even soul was baptized by Chaos Immortal Power.

It not only eliminates impurities, but also integrates the power of chaos into the body and soul!

After another hundred years, Chen Feng’s figure re-condensed.

The gray in the space disappeared, and there was a vast expanse of whiteness.

His body was entangled with a faint gray air current, suffocating endlessly in the flesh and soul.

Chaos Immortal Power!

Chen Feng moved his muscles and bones, and even more terrifying power erupted from his body!

Chao Xianli reshaped his body and soul, and was promoted to a more powerful fairy body!

Chaos Immortal Physique!

The condensed immortal body of ordinary cultivators is only the weakest type, and it is used to absorb the immortal power between refining heaven and earth.

In fact, there are also four levels of fairy bodies, which are divided into four levels: Shanming, Yunkai, Yuehua, and Sunyao.

For those who have just entered the fairyland, they temper their bodies with fairy power, and they are as immovable as a mountain, which is the mountain level.

Those with great perseverance can integrate the immortal power with the physical body, and see the sun through the clouds, which can greatly speed up the cultivation speed, which is to open up layers for the clouds.

If you have the opportunity to add a body, you can reshape your physical body and completely turn it into a body of condensed immortal power, and you can master more powerful immortal power.

As for Chen Feng, who reshaped his physical body with the powerful immortal power of Chaos, the strength of the immortal body surpassed that of the Yuehua level by several times!

Like the everlasting blazing sun, it is immortal!

This is the sunday level.

At first, Chen Feng didn’t know the difference between the immortal body, but he finally understood after condensing the chaotic immortal body.

With his current immortal body strength, it can accommodate all the forces in the world!

“From now on, I don’t have to worry about the different ways of cultivation, I can only let the incarnation outside my body practice for me.”

“After condensing the Chaos Immortal Body, it is enough to support me to condense the third incarnation outside the body.”

“After the avatars have cultivated to the extreme, they can become one and help me break through!”

Chen Feng laughed heartily. In this way, he can practice together with the two external incarnations and absorb the power of the incarnations at any time.


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