A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 5950: Second kill!


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Chapter 5950 Instant Kill!

On the other hand, on the side of the Holy Spear Tianzun, all the cultivators sighed, and some even gave up on the spot and quit the competition!

“It’s useless!”

The holy gun Tianzun was very angry.

At this time, three people stood out from Liuying Tianzun, who were members of the Demon Society.

President Qiu Yi said loudly: “Let us, the Heavenly Demon Society, take the lead!”

“Chen Feng, come out and die!”

Several people showed sinister smiles.

The reason why they are the first to play is because they are the descendants of the demon god.

The Chaos Bone Cauldron was originally a demon god’s item. Qiu Yi has a unique refining method, and he may have a chance to take it back from Chen Feng!

If there is this thing to help, and then the cultivators under the Holy Spear Tianzun will be refined into human pills, he will be able to usher in the second Golden Immortal Tribulation.

Once he breaks through, no one is his opponent!

How could Chen Feng not know his plan, but he was not afraid at all, and strode forward.

“Just the three of you?”

Qiu Yi snorted coldly: “Kill you, the three of us are enough!”

He took the lead, and the demonic energy in his body gushed out, and his body instantly swelled to a height of 100 meters, like a demon **** descending into the world!

In an instant, his aura soared to the extreme, comparable to the seventh level of Golden Wonderland!

The other two, one on the left and the other on the right, rushed behind Chen Feng at the same time, blocking the way back!

“He is dead.”

The onlookers showed disdainful expressions.

Facing the siege of three people, Chen Feng did not dare to neglect, and immediately used the strongest move.

The power of great sages!

Tao Tao’s celestial power surged into his body like a river rewinding.

His body began to grow rapidly, reaching a height of 300 meters in an instant!

Immortal power circulates all over my body, like a galaxy surrounded by stars, and the breath is extremely terrifying!

The Blood Demon Knife soared and turned into a huge blood knife, slashing down fiercely!

“Not good!”

Qiu Yi exclaimed.

He originally thought that Chen Feng would use the power of the chaotic bone cauldron, otherwise he would never be his opponent.

But he miscalculated!

Chen Feng’s strength is far beyond imagination, he can’t stop it at all!


The blood-colored long knife fell to the ground with a bang, splitting through the thousand-meter-long stone bricks, leaving a deep ravine.

Qiu Yi lost his breath and fell into the ravine.

The two people who had just killed turned pale in shock, they stopped abruptly and retreated hundreds of meters!

“One, one kill!”

Everyone was stunned.

Liuying Tianzun stared at Chen Feng, and said to himself: “The knife just now seems to have attracted the power of a certain great sage.”

“Such a mysterious power, how could he comprehend it at the level of the Second Tribulation Golden Immortal?”

He gradually realized that there seemed to be a looming shadow behind Chen Feng’s huge body.

The shadow is dressed in white, holds a long sword, and has a fairy air.

Just taking a look at it, I feel my eyes hurt and my head is dizzy!

A mere Sanxian deserves to look directly at my majesty!

Liuying Tianzun broke out in a cold sweat, and became more and more suspicious of Chen Feng’s origin.

Could it be that he is a disciple of a great sage?

At this moment, the three Second Tribulation Golden Immortals couldn’t sit still anymore and rushed to Chen Feng at the same time.

“Ghost Moon, Ye Changqing!”

“Slaying Heaven Sword, Chu Feng!”

“Three-tailed fox fairy, Ning Susu!”

The three of them cupped their hands at the same time.

“Please advise!”

Everyone gasped.

“Three Golden Immortals of Two Tribulations shot at the same time, isn’t he dead?”

“Be confident, even if he can deal with one of them, he will never be able to deal with three of them at the same time!”

“Furthermore, these three are all long-established Second Tribulation Golden Immortals, and their strength is comparable to the peak of the seventh level of the Golden Immortal Realm. What’s more, if the three join forces, the eighth level of the Golden Immortal Realm may not be able to kill them.”

Chen Feng looked at the three of them and frowned slowly.

Just judging from the breath of the three of them, they are definitely not ordinary cultivators, but geniuses!

The three of them teamed up, and they had no chance of winning.

Unless you risk your own life and forcefully survive the third Golden Immortal Tribulation!

“It’s not fair!”

Sacred Gun Tianzun shouted: “He has just experienced a big battle, and he wants to fight three against one?”

Liuying Tianzun narrowed his eyes and found that although Chen Feng was afraid, he had no intention of fear.

Is there still a chance of winning in the face of a three-person siege?

Thinking of the previous trick, Liuying Tianzun believed even more that Chen Feng had a lot to offer.


Uncharacteristically, Liuying Tianzun said with a smile: “It’s unfair to fight with fewer enemies and more enemies.”

“You can rest first, and it will not be too late to fight after you rest.”

Everyone looked puzzled.

The rules were well stated before, regardless of single-on-group fights, why did you suddenly change your mind?

Could it be that Liuying Tianzun doesn’t want the bones of the Demon God anymore?


One of the cultivators said self-righteously: “Chen Feng must die, and it is useless to let him rest for a while.”

“But Liuying Tianzun is a Tianzun, he doesn’t want face?”

Everyone suddenly realized.

It turned out that Liuying Tianzun let Chen Feng rest for the sake of his own face.

After all, there is a huge disparity in strength between the enemy and us, so even letting Chen Feng rest is useless.

As everyone knows, Liuying Tianzun is afraid of Chen Feng’s identity.

Da Xian!

If the top powerhouse in ancient times could survive to this day, he would be able to kill hundreds of thousands of Heavenly Venerates in one breath.

He can’t afford to offend him!

“Then take a break first.”

Chen Feng agreed and sat down cross-legged.

The three of them just waited silently, not in a hurry.

In their view, Chen Feng is already a dead man.

Sacred Gun Tianzun came to Chen Feng’s side, lowered his voice and said: “At worst, I will lose face and refuse this competition for you.”

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment, and said in surprise: “Senior, don’t you want the bones of the demon god?”

Sacred Gun Tianzun said unhappily: “Although the bones are good, you are also a rare genius.”

“Even if I lose my bones today, I am fortunate enough to meet you, and this is not in vain.”

Chen Feng smiled, feeling a warm current in his heart.

Compared with Liuying Tianzun, Shengqiang Tianzun is more like a kind elder.

“Senior, don’t worry, I have my own way.”

Holy Spear Tianzun looked at him suspiciously, and really couldn’t think of any way for him to defeat those three people.

An hour passed quickly.

The immortal power on Chen Feng’s body has already recovered, and he is preparing for a breakthrough.

The first catastrophe to destroy the gods is the immortal thunder that condenses the immortal power of silence, possessing the terrifying power to destroy everything in the world.

In the second catastrophe of the Seven Gods, the power of the Seven Gods is also one of the top immortal powers. Although it is not as strong as the power of the Nirvana, it can disintegrate the power of others.

It’s just that Chen Feng’s current state is not enough to exert the full power of the Seven Immortals.

As for the third calamity, Chen Feng couldn’t think of it, and even thinking about it made his scalp tingle.

The first two calamities are so strong, what will the third calamity be?

“Not well yet?”

Ye Changqing couldn’t help urging: “No matter how long you rest, you will die against the three of us.”

“Why procrastinate?”

Chen Feng slowly opened his eyes and walked in front of the three of them.

“Let’s get started.”

Ye Changqing sneered: “There is no need to put on such an absolute look, the three of us have the same purpose.”

“Hand over the chaotic bone cauldron, and spare your life.”

Chen Feng smiled lightly: “What if I say no?”

Ye Changqing’s eyes froze: “You’re looking for death!”

He took the lead, black energy surged all over his body, and visions appeared everywhere!

A round of black moon rises slowly, the black light is like ink, everything around is instantly swallowed by darkness, and nothing can be seen.


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