#178 Martial God Asura Chapter 5473: The silver dragon wakes up, and the magic soldier surrenders


Hall of Hidden Soldiers, inside the side hall…

“What happened?”

Long Chengyu is seriously looking around.

This side hall is different from the main hall. The powerful array power almost covers the entire hall, shining brightly and brilliantly.

In the side hall right now, apart from him and Long Muxi, there are only six divine weapons that can be seen clearly, surrounded by majestic formation power.

But earlier, those six magic weapons began to tremble violently as if they had been summoned by some kind.

At the same time, the formation power of the entire side hall also became stronger, and even increased several times.

Although the six magical weapons stabilized quickly, the power of the formation, which had been strengthened several times, made Long Chengyu realize that something must have happened.

“Concentrate on communicating with the magic soldiers, don’t miss the opportunity.”

Suddenly, a reminder sounded, it was Long Muxi.

Long Muxi was originally communicating with a group of divine soldiers, but now he looked at Long Chengyu.

Long Chengyu has always wanted to break the relationship with Long Muxi.

It’s just that Long Muxi has always been indifferent to him, and it seems difficult to return to the past.

But Long Muxi’s reminder at this time made Long Chengyu realize that although her sister is still indifferent on the surface, she actually still cares about him.

“Okay.” So Long Chengyu responded with a smile, and stopped thinking about what happened outside.

Because right now, under the blessing of the formation, there are already two divine weapons, which have responded to him and Long Muxi respectively, and actively try to communicate with them.

As long as the communication is smooth, both siblings have a great possibility of being recognized by the divine soldiers.

This will be a great enhancement for them.

And very soon, outside the Palace of Hidden Soldiers, Lord Longxu, Long Suqing, Long Kuitian, and countless masters all came here.

It turned out that the whole world trembled for it.

And these masters realized that the powerful force that caused the whole world to tremble was precisely from the Palace of Hidden Soldiers.

It seems to know that Long Xu and others will come. Outside the Tibetan Army Hall, there are already many strong totem dragons waiting.

The leader is the elder who reported to Long Xu about Chu Feng.

And the powerful men behind him are all wearing special clothes like him…

“I report to Lord Longxu that it is the silver dragon spear that has awakened.” The leader elder said.

“Who did it?” Master Long Xu asked in secret voice transmission.

And that elder also reacted immediately, and also replied in a secret way of sound transmission: “It’s Chu Feng.”

“Not only the Silver Dragon Spear has awakened, but all the divine soldiers in the main hall have responded to Chu Feng and are trying to communicate with him.”

“What?” Hearing this, Long Xu’s face changed drastically.

“You want to use the silver dragon spear for Chu Feng?” Long Xu asked.

“Probably so.” said the old man.

“Stop it at all costs.” Long Xu said.

“Master Long Xu, are you trying to stop it at all costs?” the elder asked.

“Nonsense, is it impossible for the silver dragon spear to be taken by outsiders?” Long Xu said angrily.

“This subordinate understands, so let’s do it now.” The elder immediately turned around and left with his specially dressed subordinates.

“Master Longxu, what’s going on?”

At this time, many strong men of the Totem Dragon Clan asked, because what was said later was the voice transmission between Lord Longxu and that elder secretly.

So they don’t know the specific situation.

But Long Xu did not answer, but solemnly said to everyone:

“Without my order, no one is allowed to step into the Tibetan Army Hall.”

After saying this, he flew into the main hall of the Tibetan Army Hall.

At the same time, they used means to block the entrance of the main hall.

Seeing this situation, Long Suqing frowned, realizing that the matter was not simple.

But unlike others, compared to other powerhouses, they are only worried about the Totem Dragon Clan.

Long Suqing’s worry is someone else.

At this moment, everyone in the main hall of the Tibetan Army Hall is staring at the deepest part of the main hall.

Because the silver dragon spear not only shone with light, but also floated up, and that kind of momentum was like a king coming to the world.

The momentum of all the divine soldiers was suppressed by it.

This scene was the first time they had seen it in their lives.


Suddenly, the body of the Silver Dragon Spear trembled, and a sound of iron and steel intertwined, like the roar of a giant dragon, came from the Silver Dragon Spear.

Then, a powerful aura filled the entire hall.

Coercion, unparalleled coercion.

Under that coercion, all the divine soldiers withdrew their arrogance towards Chu Feng, and fell from mid-air one after another, returning to their respective positions.

Even though they were back on their seats, those magic soldiers were still trembling, but this time it was no longer showing their power, but because of fear.

What is the fear?

Naturally, it is the Silver Dragon Spear.

It’s not that those divine soldiers gave up the opportunity to communicate with Chu Feng, but that the Silver Dragon Lance did not give them this opportunity.

The strongest among people proclaims himself emperor!

The strongest among beasts is king!

The strongest soldier can also be the emperor.

Undoubtedly, in this hidden army hall, the silver dragon spear is the absolute king of soldiers.

The candidate that the king of soldiers likes is naturally unworthy of other magic soldiers.

“What’s going on, Lord Silver Dragon Spear, don’t you think you’ve taken a liking to this guy?”

At this moment, the faces of the juniors of the Totem Dragon Clan were not only shocked, but also panicked.

Even Long Yuhong and Long Zhizhi are no exception.

It’s nothing more than an ordinary magic weapon, but how does the silver dragon spear exist?

This is the strongest divine weapon of his totem dragon clan, none of them.

How can such magical weapons be taken away by outsiders?


However, at this moment, the silver dragon spear let out another low growl, but this growl was different from the previous one.

It’s not like deterring the Quartet, but more like communicating with people.

The one to communicate with is naturally Chu Feng.

Because what accompanied the low growl was the arrogance released by the silver dragon spear.

The arrogance it releases is different from other divine weapons.

It is the phantom of a silver dragon in the sky. The phantom of the silver dragon is lifelike, extremely domineering, invincible and powerful in all directions.

The shadow of the silver dragon is getting bigger and bigger, and it is also getting closer to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, can you run away in a while?” Her Lady Queen’s voice sounded.

“What’s the matter Eggy, why did you run?” Chu Feng asked.

“Why run?”

“If such a good thing really belongs to you, can the Totem Dragon Clan agree?”

“But such a good thing, since I got it, I can’t send it back, so I can only run away.” Her Lady Queen is not afraid, but rather excited.

“No need to run.” Chu Feng said.

“Why?” Her Lady Queen asked back.

“The Totem Dragon Clan will not allow this divine weapon to be my master.” Chu Feng said.


As soon as he finished speaking, the walls of the entire main hall shone with light.

It is the power of formation! ! !

After the power of the formation appeared, the silver dragon spear seemed to be suppressed, and the phantom that had been swept away began to dissipate.

The power of the formation is blocking the silver dragon spear.

At the same time, the transparent enchantment that had disappeared originally rose again, trying to isolate Chu Feng from the main hall.


But suddenly, the silver dragon spear trembled, and the transparent barrier was full of cracks.

Swish Swish Swish——

But immediately after, countless chains extended from the wall, and each chain was accompanied by a huge dragon shadow.

Spins rapidly while roaring.

Such scenes are like several giant dragons working together to form an array.

Soon, those chains exuding dragon shadows formed a rotating block formation, sealing the silver dragon spear inside.

“You are really right, the Totem Dragon Clan is really scheming.”

“It’s just that the power of this magical weapon is extraordinary, can the totem dragon clan stop it?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“It can be stopped, I can feel that this formation is connected to the entire formation that protects the totem dragon clan ~Soverse.com~ is not something this Lordless Divine Weapon can contend with.” Chu Feng said.

“Oh, that’s really a pity.” Her Lady Queen sighed.

But even so, the silver dragon spear was still struggling, and soon the phantom of the silver dragon reappeared.

The phantom of the silver dragon actually broke through the blocking formation, and came slowly towards Chu Feng again, but with a roar of phantom of the silver dragon, the transparent barrier that sealed off the main hall was completely shattered. Come.

At this moment, there is nothing blocking the silver dragon phantom and Chu Feng, as long as the two come into contact, they can communicate.

“Chu Feng, what should we do, this formation seems unable to stop it?” Her Lady Queen became excited again.

“Let it take its course.” Chu Feng knew very well the consequences of obtaining this divine weapon.

But the temptation of this silver dragon spear is really too great.

That’s why Chu Feng chose to stand still and let the Silver Dragon Spear play its role.

If the Silver Dragon Spear can break through the bondage, Chu Feng will recognize it as the master, if not, then that’s all.

After all, this item is really precious, regardless of other members of the Totem Dragon Clan, Chu Feng also has to consider Long Chengyu and Long Muxi.

If he hadn’t considered the two of them, Chu Feng would have stepped into the main hall and recognized the master with the silver dragon spear.

But what Chu Feng didn’t know was that behind all the juniors, a gaze full of coldness was staring at him coldly.

This person is Master Longxu of the Totem Dragon Clan.

His strength is so profound that no one can detect him, including Chu Feng, just outside the main hall.

“Little friend Chu Feng, it’s about the interests of our clan, don’t blame the old man.”

The shadow of the silver dragon was getting closer and closer to Chu Feng, and the chill in Lord Longxu’s eyes was getting colder and colder. He stretched out his palm and aimed at Chu Feng in the distance.

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