#178 Martial God Asura Chapter 5472: The sound of the gods and soldiers resounded through the Tibetan Army Hall



In addition to Long Chengyu and Long Muxi who entered the side hall, there are more than a thousand people going to the main hall right now.


Those who are about the same age as Chu Feng are almost all in the demigod realm.


The younger one is also Wu Zunjing.


Without exception, they are all talented people in the Totem Dragon Clan, and they are all geniuses among geniuses.


Any one placed in the Eastern Region would be an amazing existence.


As for these peers, not only their identities are aloof, but they also wear the unified dragon totem to serve them.


Chu Feng mixed among them, becoming an absolute alien, and at the same time the one that attracted the most attention.


Countless gazes kept sweeping across Chu Feng, and most of them were filled with evil.


If it wasn’t for Long Chengyu’s previous warning, someone might have troubled Chu Feng by now.


In fact, even with Long Chengyu’s warning, most of these people still feel disgusted by Chu Feng, an outsider, stepping into the Tibetan Army Hall.


“This guy, how can he, want to enter the Tibetan Army Hall with us?”


“Forget it, Master Long Xu agreed, what else can we say, but anyway, he has no chance to get the magic weapon, how can it be so easy to get the magic weapon?”


“That’s right, I’m afraid he doesn’t know that the divine weapons of my Totem Dragon Clan are all used by our ancestors, and they are stained with the blood of my Totem Dragon Clan.”


“Nowadays, it is not easy even for us descendants to be recognized. How is it possible for him to be an outsider?”


Although these juniors dare not say anything in front of them, they are full of ridicule towards Chu Feng in private.


Soon, Chu Feng and others walked through the long corridor, and what appeared in front of them was a magnificent hall.


The door of the palace was open, but Chu Feng and others could not enter, because a layer of transparent barrier isolated Chu Feng and others from the outside.


In the depths of the hall, there are more than one hundred seats.


Standing neatly, respecting and orderly, like a court.


Each seat is exquisitely detailed and priceless in its own right.


And those sitting on these seats are not people, but weapons.


Then… naturally it is a magic weapon.


Although there is an enchantment blocking the way, the enchantment did not block the aura of those divine soldiers.


That’s why Chu Feng and others can clearly feel that each of these divine soldiers exudes an aura that is superior to respected soldiers.


“Sure enough, what I saw that day was a divine weapon.”


After being in close contact with these divine soldiers, Chu Feng couldn’t help but recall that when the Lord of the Night met those two red-robed men, he was terrified because he lost to the red-robed men.


So he took out many treasures and bribed it, hoping that the man in the red robe would let him live.


Among them, there were more than a dozen weapons, all exuding the aura of being superior to respected soldiers, and Chu Feng felt that those weapons might be divine weapons.


Looking at it now, it is almost certain that it must be a magic weapon.


And the quality of those divine soldiers is far from comparable to those present.


Because of what Chu Feng felt that day, those dozen or so weapons were obviously restrained.


But even so, the sense of oppression of those weapons is not weaker than these magical weapons. If the restriction is lifted, the sense of oppression of those weapons will definitely be stronger.


“This divine weapon…”


Soon, Chu Feng set his sights on the deepest part of the hall.


There is one of the largest chairs there.


If it is said that the order of the seats of other magic soldiers is the minister’s words.


Then the seat that Chu Feng is looking at at this time is the emperor.


As for this seat, not only is it overbearing and full of kingly air, but also the magic weapon it carries is very eye-catching.


It is a silver spear, but it is definitely not made of silver, and the material is obviously not ordinary.


Generally speaking, if this kind of weapon is related to dragons, it is likely that there will be a dragon on it, or a dragon carved on it.


But it’s not…


The tail of the spear is the head of a dragon, and the head of the spear is the tail of a dragon. Even the scales of the dragon are all over the spear. It is obviously a long spear, but it feels lifelike, and the more you look at it, the more spiritual it is.


It’s as if…it itself evolved from a giant dragon.


Writings were engraved on each seat of the Divine Soldier present, describing the origin and history of that Divine Soldier.


This silver spear is no exception.


As for its name, Silver Dragon Spear, the name is quite simple, without any bells and whistles.


But its origin is not simple.


It was discovered from an ancient ruin. It is said that when it was born, the whole world trembled violently, and the entire star field was affected.


And the master it follows, even more unusual, is the strongest person in the history of the Totem Dragon Clan, the first generation patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan.


It followed the first-generation patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan to fight in all directions, and made great contributions to the status of the Totem Dragon Clan today.


The reason why Chu Feng was curious about it was because it was obviously extremely powerful, but right now it didn’t release a single breath.


If it wasn’t for its obvious and special location, it would definitely be ignored by people only relying on breath sensing.


“Your name is Chu Feng, right? Why have you been staring at Lord Silver Dragon Spear? Don’t you have any thoughts about it?”


Suddenly, a bitter voice sounded, it was a woman with some pretty looks.


Her cultivation base is exposed, but she is a third-rank demigod.


This cultivation base is also top-notch among the juniors of the Totem Dragon Clan.


While listening to other people talking, Chu Feng knew that this woman was called Long Zhizhi, not only was she extremely talented, but her status was also extraordinary.


It is the granddaughter of Lord Longxu.


Since entering the Palace of Hidden Soldiers, Long Zhizhi looked at Chu Feng many times, but his eyes were all unfriendly.


If Long Chengyu hadn’t given him a warning, Chu Feng felt that Long Zhizhi might have caused trouble for him long ago.


In fact, even though Long Chengyu had given him a warning and found an opportunity, this Long Zhizhi still did not forget to taunt Chu Feng.


“Can’t you watch it?” Chu Feng asked back.


“I didn’t say you can’t watch it. I kindly reminded you not to think about it.”


“Because even within my totem dragon clan, except for the first-generation patriarch, no one can get the approval of Lord Silver Dragon Spear, let alone you, an outsider, right?”


“Oh, by the way, I didn’t mean to insult you, so don’t go to Master Cheng Yu to sue me.”


“But what I said is also the truth, you are indeed an outsider, aren’t you?” Nalong Zhizhi said strangely.


“Long Zhizhi, take care of yourself.”


But before Chu Feng could speak, a voice sounded, it was an acquaintance, Long Yuhong.


Long Yuhong was not qualified to enter the side hall, so she followed Chu Feng and others to the main hall. She was depressed and said nothing the whole way.


I never thought that at this time, I would actually speak for Chu Feng.


Although Long Yuhong has a great status and is even stronger than Long Zhizhi, Long Zhizhi is not afraid of Long Yuhong’s appearance.


“Why Long Yuhong, are you scared by Master Cheng Yu?”


“I heard that you were not so cowardly when you were at Montblanc Zun.” Long Zhizhi sneered.


Hearing this, Long Yuhong’s face suddenly turned cold.




But at this moment, the barrier that blocked the hall suddenly disappeared.


Seeing this, all the juniors of the Totem Dragon Clan rushed towards the main hall.




However, as soon as they stepped into the hall, there was a powerful thrust in the hall, pushing them all out.


Suddenly, all the talented people turned their backs on their backs, and rolled and crawled behind Chu Feng.


“What happened?”


This sudden scene made everyone feel puzzled.


Why did the magic soldier attack people? This has never happened before.


And when the juniors of the Totem Dragon Clan were puzzled, an even more astonishing scene happened.




A series of piercing voices resounded from the Tibetan Army Hall.


Looking carefully, those divine soldiers floated up from the seats one after another~Soverse.com~ And the sound like a beast came from within these divine soldiers.


Not only that, those magical soldiers shone brightly, and wisps of arrogance visible to the naked eye also began to release from their bodies.


Floating to the outside of the temple.


Seeing this situation, all the juniors of the Totem Dragon Clan are overjoyed.


Although they had never seen this scene, they had heard that the divine soldiers were about to recognize their masters, but what they didn’t expect was that these more than a hundred divine soldiers would recognize their masters at the same time.


How magnificent are the gods and soldiers screaming together?


This is something that has never happened to his totem dragon clan for so many years.


Thus, all the juniors who were depressed before were very excited now.


They know that they will not only witness history, but also be written in history.


They are the masters that the divine soldiers want to recognize, and they are also the ones who caused the divine soldiers to scream.


They are the protagonists of this shining history.


“The power of the big formation is really powerful, it is really powerful!!!”


“We are about to be recognized by the magic soldiers, hahaha!!!”


Many people began to shout excitedly.


Even Long Yuhong and Long Zhizhi’s eyes glowed with excitement.


But the next moment, the smiles on everyone’s faces stopped abruptly.


Because they were shocked to find that the arrogance released by the more than one hundred soldiers did not float towards them, but gathered towards the same person instead.


And this person is not a member of his totem dragon clan, but Chu Feng.


But before they had time to be shocked, an even more terrifying thing happened.


I saw the entire Tibetan Army Hall shaking violently, and a powerful arrogance swept over from the depths of the hall.


The silver dragon spear, which had not moved for many years, woke up! ! !


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