#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5802: Blade Storm


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“Die with me!”

The old man’s body was penetrated, and he knew he was unlucky. With a roar, the soul-calling flag in the distance hit Luo Zichuan. If Luo Zichuan killed him, he would not be able to escape the blow of the soul-calling flag. He would also have to die.

Originally, when he saw that Luo Zichuan’s strength was average, he didn’t want to use the soul-calling flag to deal with him. Instead, he continued to use the power of the soul-calling flag to find where Long Chen was.

After all, this kid is so hateful. If he is not found and killed, the powerful demons will feel like they are being pressed against their backs by a sharp sword, and they will not be able to fight at all.

As a result, what he did directly cost him his life. At this time, he gritted his teeth and wanted to die together with Luo Zichuan.


However, at this moment, an ancient bronze cauldron appeared and hit the soul-summoning flag. With a loud bang, the soul-summoning flag was knocked away directly. It was Long Chen who used the demon moon cauldron and knocked the soul-summoning flag crookedly. .


Luo Zichuan’s sword trembled, and the old man’s body exploded. Another powerful person in the God Queen stage died in the demon clan.

At the beginning of the battle, Long Chen and Luo Zichuan each killed a leader of the Demon Clan’s God Queen Stage. The strong men of the Purple Blood Clan burst into loud cheers, which gave them hope.

Especially the disciples of the Luo family were even more excited. Luo Yanfeng and the others were already exhausted after experiencing consecutive battles.

But after being blessed by the God of War Drum, they were all energetic and full of strength. Now that they saw the feats of Long Chen and Luo Zichuan, they were even more inspired, roaring and fighting fiercely with the demon army.

“The old patriarch is in danger. I am going to help the old patriarch. Long Chen, you have to be careful.” Luo Zichuan said to Long Chen after cooperating with Long Chen.

“Grandpa, don’t worry, leave this place to me!” Long Chen shouted.


Long Chen’s body was like lightning, and he rushed directly towards the soul-calling flag. This was a treasure. Long Chen planned to put it into the chaotic space. Maybe it could be useful in the future.


However, at the moment when Long Chen was about to grab the Soul-Calling Flag, the Soul-Calling Flag suddenly burst out with endless **** brilliance, forming a space door, rushing into the space door, disappearing in an instant, and actually escaped.

Before it left, the blood mist erupted and enveloped Long Chen’s body. Long Chen discovered that this blood mist was similar to a curse. Just like before, he would not be able to use the power of the Heaven-turning Seal to become invisible. .

“The little beast can’t be invisible, kill him!”

Seeing that Long Chen was cursed and was at the core of the demon army, he was alone, and endless demon strong men roared towards Long Chen.

“Long Chen”

Luo Yanfeng and others screamed in the distance, and at this time Luo Zichuan had already rushed to the battlefield in the distance. The void there was twisted and formed a world of its own. It was impossible to see the situation on their side, even if they could. , Luo Zichuan was too late to rescue.

“A group of brazen frogs in a well dare to kill you, Mr. Long? Who gave you the courage?

Today Mr. Long will let you see what real power is. “Facing countless powerful elders of the Demon Race, a look of arrogance appeared on Long Chen’s face.


Thirteen purple dragon veins emerged behind Long Chen, and the noble purple radiance circulated. At that moment, Long Chen came to the world like the Purple Blood God Emperor.

On the top of Long Chen’s head, the Qiankun Cauldron was trembling, and a faint divine light scattered, helping Long Chen offset the suppression and locking of the powerful people in the middle stage of the God Emperor. This is the only thing the Qiankun Cauldron can do for him, and this , is enough.

“Purple blood burns the sky, Ling Feng returns to the tomb, with my blood of Long Chen, I command all laws and ways, the movement of blood, the extreme wind, the soul of the sword, the three converge…”

Long Chen held the long sword in his hand, holding the hilt with both hands, the tip of the sword facing downwards. As he chanted, the long sword in his hand kept trembling.

One sword shadow…two sword shadows…three sword shadows…hundred sword shadows…thousands of swords…ten thousand swords…the sword shadows, with Long Chen as the core, overlap one after another. Because of those sword shadows, the whole world… Starting to crack, starting to crumble.

“What a terrifying sword spirit”

At that moment, the sharp sword energy radiated to the entire audience. Regardless of the enemy or friend, there was a sense of fear that the souls were being torn apart.

“Blade Storm”

At this moment, Long Chen shouted angrily, like the roar of the God of War, and at the same time, he pressed down the sword in his hand fiercely.


The sword energy formed by billions of sword shadows bloomed like a lotus. Each sword energy was attached with a purple divine line. The sword shadow bloomed and instantly covered hundreds of thousands of miles of space.

“Puff puff puff…”

The sword energy penetrated the void, and 90% of the originally dense demon army was instantly cleared, leaving only a few sparse demon warriors standing in the air covered in blood.

“It’s the supreme divine skill in Ling Feng Sword Technique. I heard that no one has mastered this skill since we retreated into the small world.”

Luo Yingchen, who was far away, saw that the place where Long Chen was was almost emptied, and endless powerful demons were killed. He couldn’t help but said with a trembling voice.

The difficulty of this move is too high, so high that it makes people despair. For countless years, let alone mastering it, they are not even qualified to practice it.

So, everyone in the Purple Blood Clan thinks that there may be some secret to this, but it is not recorded in the book and needs to be dictated by someone.

Either it is because times have changed and the laws of heaven and earth to practice it are missing, so no one can practice it.

However, when Long Chen used this sword, they finally figured out what the “frog in the well” was. Thinking of this, countless people felt sad. Although they didn’t want to admit it, they had to admit it.

The Purple Blood clan has many legendary magical powers, but they cannot practice them. In the end, they all fall into the two categories above. Thinking about it now, it’s really ridiculous.

On the battlefield, Long Chen was holding a long sword, his arms were slightly bowed, and he still maintained the posture of stimulating the blade storm. At that moment, the entire battlefield seemed to be still.

Ninety percent of the billions of powerful people under Long Chen~Soverse.com~ were killed. Even among the powerful people in the middle stage of the God Emperor, a dozen people were killed, and tens of thousands of the powerful people in the early stage of the God Emperor, Less than one in 10 survived.

If the strong men in the middle stage of the God Emperor survived, they relied on their strength, while the strong demons in the early stage of the God Emperor relied on luck.

As for those powerful demons below the Human Emperor, almost all of them were chopped into pieces. The horror of this blow made countless demons tremble.

However, although Long Chen’s blow was terrifying, it was nothing to the strong men in the middle stage of the demon clan. The reason why those dozen people were killed was because they were indeed too weak and it was not a battle at all. Type of strong man.

To put it bluntly, Long Chen’s attack was equivalent to cracking down on counterfeiters, killing those who were cheating, and the remaining ones would definitely be the real strong ones.

More than 300 of the more than 400 powerful mid-level God-Emperor demon clansmen were gathered here. Only a dozen people died, which had little impact on them.

However, they were indeed frightened by Long Chen’s attack. This unparalleled and large-scale attack was unstoppable and unavoidable. They were all covered in blood and extremely embarrassed.

“What a pity, if Zifeng used this trick, none of these guys would survive.”

Seeing so many strong men in the middle stage of the Demon Clan, only slightly injured but not fatal, Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: After all, he was a fake sword cultivator.


Suddenly, the long sword in Long Chen’s hand exploded. After all, it was still unable to withstand Long Chen’s power, which also showed that Long Chen’s move had too many flaws, such as too rough control and other fatal flaws.

“Boy, your purple blood has dried up. Now, are you ready to die?”

At this moment, the strong men of the demon clan surrounded him with gloomy expressions.

“Purple Dragon Fighting Body-Open!”

Long Chen responded to them with practical actions.


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