#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5267: Advanced saint


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When Long Chen broke through the last shackle, Long Chen’s aura sank suddenly and went straight into his dantian, then erupted like a volcano, and the violent air wave swept across Long Chen’s body.


Long Chen felt the fire of the spirit root in the dantian tremble, and all the original breath sank into the spirit root. When these breaths were spit out from the spirit root, Long Chen felt severe pain all over his body.

It is as if there are billions of blades circulating in the meridian, tearing the meridian, but after the tear, the energy attached to the breath restores it in an instant, and the restored meridian obviously has a strange feeling fluctuation.


Long Chen’s breath kept leaking out, the space was turbulent, and the turbulent flow was flying. Even in the secret room, the terrifying turbulent flow still scratched the solid wall with scars.

You know, this is the strongest training room in Ten Thousand Dragons’ Nest, even if it is the emperor with two veins, a full blow may not be able to leave marks on the wall.

However, Long Chen’s aura was like a sharp blade, and countless wounds were cut on the wall of the training room. The wounds were several feet deep, which looked shocking.

“Is this the Saint Realm?” Long Chen couldn’t help but feel the change of breath.

It seems that he can’t feel any changes in his body except for the changes in spiritual roots, breath and meridians, and the changes in spiritual roots and meridians are extremely subtle changes, even Long Chen himself can’t feel the essence sexual breakthrough.

However, Long Chen’s aura is indeed more solid than in the Immortal Realm. Looking at the scars on the surrounding walls, Long Chen can’t help but his heart beat wildly. The moment the aura burst out just now, it released such terrifying power.


Long Chen punched the wall with a bang, and the wall trembled slightly, but failed to leave any traces.

“The strength doesn’t seem to be increasing.” Long Chen was stunned.

“The breakthrough of the six realms of immortality is not the improvement of strength, but the qualitative change of qi. From this time on, your spiritual root, spiritual blood, and spiritual bone begin to truly awaken, and qi is what makes you truly strong. The first step of the hunter.” Qiankun Ding said.

“Qi? I started from cultivation, the first step is to gather Qi?” Long Chen couldn’t help asking.

“The qi at that time was the first step in the relationship between heaven and man. At that time, you needed to use the qi of heaven and earth to activate your body, break through the shackles of a mortal body, and break through the limit of human longevity.

The current qi is the qi of heaven and earth, the qi of myriad ways, and the qi of the universe. There is an unspeakable secret, do you know why the qi in your dantian is called spiritual root? “The heaven and earth tripod.

“I don’t know…” Long Chen was really stumped by the question, because this ball of root energy has always been called a spiritual root, but as for why it is called a spiritual root, Long Chen never got an answer from any ancient books.

“Do you think this group of spiritual energy is only rooted in your dantian?” Qian Kunding didn’t give the answer directly, but asked rhetorically.

“Could it be that this spiritual root can also be rooted in the land of the nine heavens, above the universe?” Long Chen’s heart beat wildly.

The Qiankun Cauldron did not answer Long Chen, it said: “Go and understand carefully!”

After the Qiankun cauldron finished speaking, there was no more sound, leaving Long Chen standing there blankly. The power of heaven, etc., have never noticed that the most primitive technique of “Qi” has been reapplied at this time.

Long Chen closed his eyes and concentrated, feeling the state of his body. Suddenly, Long Chen’s soul was emptied and his whole body relaxed. At that moment, he seemed to have returned to the state where Fengming Empire had just started to practice.

In the vast aura, Long Chen gradually discovered that the aura was turbid, which was different from when he was practicing in the Qi Gathering Realm.

When gathering Qi, the condensed Qi of heaven and earth must be the purest, because the purer the Qi, the more it can purify a person’s spirit and spirit, and wash away the impurities in the body.

But at this time, the air in Long Chen’s body was extremely turbid, filled with various energy fluctuations, just like paste, but this turbid air seemed to be a piece of chaos, all-encompassing, all-encompassing.

At that moment, Long Chen’s heart suddenly trembled: “Mountains don’t allow soil, so they can grow big; rivers and seas don’t choose small streams, so they can be deep. If you want stronger power, you should know how to tolerate and accept !”

I don’t know why, at that moment, he suddenly thought of the inner demon, that guy who has been suppressed and rejected by him, and for some reason, his figure suddenly appeared in his heart.

“Almost forgot about this scary guy, I have to improve quickly, this guy is the most terrifying existence.”

Long Chen took a deep breath and hurriedly calmed himself down. Now that he has just been promoted to a saint, his aura is out of control. Long Chen must find a strong man to fight in order to stabilize his aura as quickly as possible.

Long Chen walked out of the retreat, and the dragon blood warriors were already waiting for him. At this time, the dragon blood warriors were all swelling, and the violent qi and blood almost exploded. After that, their aura increased a lot in an instant.


Long Chen directly issued an order. At this time, all the Dragon Blood Legion advanced to the ranks of saints, and most of the dragon clan’s arrogances also completed the advancement, and there were so many double-veined emperors escorting them. Full of confidence.

Thousand Dragon’s Nest whizzed away, and after only three days of running, they encountered endless monster attacks again. This time, there was no need for command at all. The soldiers of the Dragon Blood Legion each looked for powerful targets to attack.

As for the arrogance of the Dragon Realm, they have experienced battles with the monsters of the Heavenly Demon Race, and have developed a great resistance to the demonic power of the Demon Race~IndoMTL.com~ Even in the face of the Shuangmai Tiansheng, they are not at all Affecting them to exert their due strength, although they are not opponents at all, but at least, they will no longer be crushed as before, unable to move, and have no resistance.


Dragon Blood Warriors are like a group of bandits, frantically chasing and killing the strongest of those monsters. The Shuangmai Tiansheng is not enough for them. Almost as soon as they appeared, they were surrounded by Dragon Blood Warriors. They didn’t even understand What’s going on, he was cut to pieces in an instant.

Not only the dragon blood warriors, but also the arrogance of the Dragon Realm, all of them are brave and fearless, and their combat power is soaring. The top powerhouses of the Dragon Realm, such as Longwuyang and Bai Yingxue, can completely kill emperor-level monsters one-on-one. Moreover, it is not difficult to kill.

It was originally a trap set by the strong demons, but they were killed by the Dragon Blood Legion in less than a stick of incense. probing.

“Found it!”

Guo Ran and Xia Chen shouted in surprise, put away the formation plate, and collapsed a mountain, and then a huge altar appeared in front of everyone.


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