#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5266: Shock Saint


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“Hahaha, you are looking for death!”

That day when the demon monster was unsealed, the half-step Emperor’s power poured into his body again, it became violent in an instant, and rushed towards Bai Shishi in an instant.

And Bai Shishi had already been reminded by Long Chen, and opened the vision for the first time. Seeing the monsters of the Sky Demon Race rushing like lightning, Bai Shishi’s left hand gold shield rapidly enlarged and thickened, like A golden door panel.


With a bang, the monster of the Heavenly Demon Race hit the golden shield, and its sharp claws slashed across the shield, making a piercing sound, which was creepy.

The indestructible golden shield was actually scratched deeply by its claws. Obviously, the monster of the Heavenly Demon Race who unsealed the seal once again showed a violent attack.


Bai Shishi used her shield to block the blow from the monster of the Sky Demon tribe, and the long sword in her right hand slashed out with lightning, heading straight for the monster’s neck.

It turned out that when Bai Shishi blocked the attack of the Sky Demon monster, its tail swept across the void, bypassed the shield, and pierced Bai Shishi’s back.


Bai Shishi changed his move temporarily, and the long sword precisely slashed on the bony spur at the end of the monster’s tail. With a bang, Bai Shishi was shaken and rolled out.

The monster of the Heavenly Demon Race who unsealed the seal, reappeared the fierceness of the fierce battle with Long Chen, the attack speed was astonishingly fast, and the power was so violent that it could not be resisted. Bai Shishi suffered a big loss immediately.

At that moment, everyone’s hearts were suspended, and even Long Chen clenched Keel Xieyue, ready to rescue him at any time.

Bai Shishi’s strength is too strong. If she seals the monster, she will get less benefits. If she wants to become a strong one, she must experience the crushing of death.

Bai Shishi’s talent is extremely amazing, what she lacks is that kind of life-and-death experience, and an opponent like a demon monster is too rare, only by letting it fully fire can Bai Shishi benefit the most .

“Boom boom boom…”

Bai Shishi had a golden shield in her left hand and a golden sword in her right hand. Her whole body was wrapped in golden armor. She fought back with all her strength, but she was still retreating repeatedly under the stormy attack of the demon monsters.

However, when Bai Shishi was suppressed at the beginning, she was really in a hurry, and everyone broke into a cold sweat for her. However, Bai Shishi soon adapted to this fast-paced fighting style, and began to play defensively and offensively .

When seeing this scene, everyone’s hanging heart finally let go, because everyone discovered through observation that the strongest attack of the demon monster is the most difficult to resist. The threat will be much smaller.

Bai Shishi possesses the power of gold, and she is super strong both in attack and defense. She belongs to the type of practitioner who has both offense and defense. Once she stabilizes the rhythm, as time goes by, the balance of victory will be Will lean towards her a little bit.

“Boom boom boom…”

Half an hour later, as everyone expected, Bai Shishi started to rush to attack the monsters of the Demon Race that day, and she gradually led the battle rhythm.

When Bai Shishi began to control the rhythm, Bai Shishi began to attack frantically, all kinds of body skills emerged one after another, killing the monsters of the demon clan, only the skill of parrying has no power to fight back.

That day, the monsters of the Demon Race were killed and roared again and again, feeling extremely aggrieved, and cursed: “A group of despicable human races, you have the guts, let me fully recover, and come fight me again.”

As a result, its roar attracted Bai Shishi to slash even more violently. An hour later, there was a loud bang. down.

At this time, Bai Shishi stopped. Long Chen stepped forward, kicked the demon monster that day, and then fed it a pill. This time, the seal was opened again, challenging its It’s Guo Ran.

Xia Chen controlled the seal extremely precisely, trying to control its power to be on par with the challenger, so as to maximize the effect.

Since then, this Tianjiao of the Heavenly Demon Race has become a puppet for everyone’s trial. When the trial of the regiment commander level is completed, he will be the sergeant major, small captain, and ordinary soldiers of the Dragon Blood Legion.

After being ravaged day and night by everyone, the breath of the demon monsters became more and more sluggish that day, and their strength began to plummet.

However, what I have to admire is that this guy’s mouth is really hard. After suffering so much, this guy still speaks dirty words and curses when he opens his mouth.

Dragonblood fighters are not used to it at all, they just go up and beat them up like crazy, but although this guy’s strength has declined, his attacking moves are still fierce, and he is still the best partner for training.

After each of the dragon blood warriors experienced a round, it was the turn of the dragon clan’s geniuses. As a result, the dragon clan’s geniuses were far behind the dragon blood warriors in terms of combat experience.

Longwuyang was the first to go up, and was almost instantly killed by a round of violent attacks from the demon monsters. If it weren’t for the dragon blood warriors, he would have been in danger.

Although they have already studied the attacking tactics of the monsters of the Heavenly Demon Race, and have also summed up the countermeasures, once they entered the actual combat, he found that the previous preparations were useless at all. It’s all messed up.

Before, they saw that the dragon blood warrior was so easy to deal with. They had learned all those tricks, but when they performed them on the spot, they were completely different from what they expected.

There is no way to do this, tricks can be taught and learned, but the on-the-spot adaptability cannot be taught or learned, and can only be accumulated bit by bit.

Seeing that the disciples of Longyu couldn’t single out the monsters of the Heavenly Demon Race, they arranged for them to form a team of ten people to fight against the monsters of the Heavenly Demon Race together.

The monster of the demon clan that day was already seriously overdrawn at this time, the demonic energy around him was no longer so strong, and the skin lost its original luster. Even the sharp bone spurs became dull. Old man~IndoMTL.com~ Fortunately, this monster of the Heavenly Demon Race is quite interesting, at least it gave the elite disciples of Longyu a chance to fight against it, before dying out of life.

After fighting fiercely day and night for more than a whole month, I have to say that the vitality of the demon clan is really tenacious.

After the demon monster died that day, there was almost no energy in its body, and Long Chen didn’t bother to send it into the chaotic space, so someone threw it into the deep mountain directly.

After this battle, everyone has benefited a lot, and even Long Chen suppressed his vanity because of this battle.

“Let’s retreat together, try to advance to a saint as quickly as possible!” Long Chen said.

Everyone nodded, the team stopped advancing, and the patriarchs of Longyu were in charge of guarding. When Long Chen came to his retreat, a large amount of Nechong Dan had already piled up in front of him.

“It’s started!”

Long Chen gritted his teeth, grabbed a handful of Nie Chong Dan, and stuffed it into his mouth.


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