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In the previous life, Nangong Yue was pitted to death by herself.

She was born in a well-known family and distinguished status. She was taught by the world’s miracle doctor and her medical skills were the best in the world.

She did everything she could to help him ascend the Imperial Throne from a Prince, but return she got was an imperial edict to execute the whole family!

She was imprisoned in the cold palace, forbearance to plot, and finally destroyed his world by her own hands.

Once the big hatred was reported, she ended up smiling. But she didn’t expect opened her eyes, but returned to the year when she was nine years old.

The Di Daughter was born again. In this life, she will not allow anyone to bully her, humiliate her, despise her and trample her!

Elder brother who drowned at young age and the mother who went insane and died prematurely, in this life, she must keep them happy and healthy.

Stepmother of the previous life, don’t you like to seduce a married man? Then I’ll find you a man with broken sleeves(gay) and divide peaches, and let you seduce enough!

Husband of the previous life, don’t you use any means for the throne? In this life, no matter how you calculate, you will never get the throne!

Dear cousin, the pain of robbing your husband and killing your family in the past life will let you return it slowly!

Eccentric grandmother, the best relatives; since you want to fight, then simply fight in upside down!

At first thought that this life, she will spend rest of her life in solitary. Didn’t expect that the cruel and vicious “God of killing” Zhennan Wang who killed his own father and brother, quietly appeared in her life. It’s just….. why is it that this scene style is not right? Where is the cold-blooded, gloomy and deep-minded?

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