Wuxia Novelist Chapter 1: Fulai Inn


Tianqing County.

A few miles away, the official road was dusty, more than a dozen horses galloped by, and the dart flags were fluttering in the wind, and the four characters of “Yuanwei Escort Bureau” could be faintly seen on it!

This ‘Yuanwei Escort Bureau’ can be said to be very famous, because Bai Luanxiong, who founded the Escort Bureau at the beginning, with a pair of iron palms, is so powerful that no one can match him!

It was only then that he gained such a great reputation, even though decades have passed.

But it is still in Tianqing County, which is a lot of money.

Whether it is a hero in the forest, or black and white, it will give a little bit of thin face.

This time, they obviously came back from running darts outside, and each of them was full of travel and dust, with a woman and a man leading the way.

The woman has a beautiful appearance and a cold expression, with a long sword pinned to her waist, and she is wrapped in white clothes, but it is hard to hide her beautiful figure.

The man is a few years younger than the woman, and he looks about fifteen or sixteen years old. He looks tired astride the horseback. If the county town is not close at hand, he might have to dismount to rest.

In the past, when I returned from darts, I always had a smile on my face.

However, this time, all the members of the Yuanwei Escort looked sad.

Even that woman frowned slightly, she was not as calm as in the past, it was hard to think of anything that would make this young lady of the Yuanwei Escort look so sad.

Tianqing County is close at hand, and Bai Zhanfei, who has endured many days of wind and frost, can’t help but speak cheerfully.

“Hurry up! Hurry up! I want to eat roasted chicken, and I want to eat braised lion’s head. Finally, I don’t need to eat dry food.”

When mentioning those things, Bai Zhanfei wished he could fly into the county with his wings.

Bai Mengxi looked at him jumping like a bird, and sighed in his heart, this younger brother of his family is playful and active, this time he wanted to take him to sharpen it, but in less than half a month, he has been complaining to the sky, and he doesn’t know why time can be determined.

Thinking of the recent situation of the Yuanwei Escort, Bai Mengxi shook his head and said, “Boss Wang, the county seat is approaching now, let’s speed up.”

After all, I still can’t help feeling sorry for my younger brother.

The burly man beside him nodded and said: “Okay Miss, everyone, speed up!”

With an order, more than a dozen horses speeded up again, and their speed increased again.

It took about half a cup of tea before a dozen people got off their horses and entered the city. The soldiers guarding the city obviously recognized the people from the Yuanwei Escort and let them pass.

After entering the city, Bai Zhanfei was even more impatient.

Bai Mengxi waved his hand: “Boss Wang, take someone back first, Zhan Fei and I will go back later.”

The man called Escort Wang nodded, without saying anything, he went straight to Yuanwei Escort with his people.

Bai Zhanfei misses his roast chicken. He has suffered a lot from eating and sleeping in the open air these few days. After coming back, he went straight to the city. There is the best restaurant in the city, especially the roast chicken from Baixianglou. I miss it for a long time!

Bai Zhanfei is familiar with the road, seeing the Baixiang Building approaching in front of him, but suddenly smells a strange fragrance.

“Huh? What kind of smell is this, why is it so fragrant?”

Bai Zhanfei was full of surprises.

He is familiar with the delicacies of restaurants in the city, but he has never smelled such a fragrance.

Turning his head, he saw that it was coming from an inn.

“Fulai Inn?”

Bai Zhanfei read it out, with a strange expression on his face.

Fulai Inn is also a time-honored brand in Tianqing County, but since the owner passed away last year, the business of the inn has plummeted and has never improved again, but I don’t know why there are so many people today?

Bai Mengxi was also very surprised, seeing that the inn was full of people and bustling, the bustling energy was probably comparable to Baixianglou.

“Sister, let’s go in and have a look, and see what’s going on in the Fulai Inn.”

Bai Zhanfei became interested, although he misses the roast chicken of Baixianglou, but the smell is like a glutton, making him a little hungry.

In addition, the lively scene here made him extremely curious, and he couldn’t help but want to take a look.

Bai Mengxi didn’t take it seriously, she just accompanied her younger brother to satisfy her greed, and it was the same wherever she went.

The two walked into the inn, and were shocked by the scene inside again.

The inn is not big, but there are many people sitting upstairs and downstairs, and some people even stand there.

The strange thing is that the inn didn’t chase them away, but instead let them stand there without making a fuss, looking at the siblings in amazement.

The two of them didn’t intend to be downstairs, so they went straight to the second floor and found a table to sit down.

A young servant about eleven or twelve years old was wearing Xiao Er’s clothes, probably because the shoulders were too small, the clothes were too wide on the body, it looked nondescript, it looked a bit funny.

“What do you two want to eat?”

Little Silang’s voice is crisp and clear, but his fair face is very pleasing.

“What is the scent just now? Give me a copy.”

Smelling the smell, Bai Zhanfei felt even more hungry, so he hurriedly said.

“That’s a new dish in our inn. It’s called Kung Pao Chicken. It’s delicious.” The servant smiled slightly and said.

“Kung Pao Chicken? It’s an interesting name. If there are any other novelty items, please bring them up to me!” Bai Zhanfei said with a smile.

“Yes, yes, our inn also has hot kidneys, three-flavored saliva chicken, pouch tofu…”

The young man read a series of dish names, which made Bai Zhanfei’s mouth water.

Although he had never heard of these things, for some reason, Bai Zhanfei felt that they must be delicious.

Bai Zhanfei couldn’t wait to say: “The last one, give me all.”

The boy squinted his eyes and nodded repeatedly, knowing that he had met a big client, he wrote it down and rushed to notify the back kitchen. ~Soverse.com~ Oh, I forgot to ask why there are so many people here. “

As soon as the young man left, Bai Zhanfei seemed to remember something, and felt a little regretful when he slapped his head, but obviously he couldn’t call back at this time.

Suddenly at this moment, there was a commotion below.

Before the two of them figured out what was going on, they saw a young man slowly coming up from below. He was dressed in a green robe and a soap robe. Live to look twice.

As soon as this person appeared, there was a commotion all around.

“Mr. Lu, you are here. We have been waiting for a long time.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve been waiting for more than half an hour, and I’m looking forward to you.”


Both Bai Zhanfei and his brother were surprised to see such a scene, but they didn’t understand why.

On the other hand, Lu Si smiled slightly, stomped his feet, saluted with fists and fists, and said: “You guys have been waiting for a long time today, but I have already said that I will give a lecture at noon, why did you guys come so early.”

“Brother Lu, don’t talk too much, start talking quickly!”

Someone said impatiently.

Lv Si seemed to be used to it, and said with a smile: “Since everyone is waiting impatiently, then I will start.”

He walked to the middle, there was a table over there, and there was a piece of wood on it, obviously it had been prepared long ago.

“It turned out to be a storyteller.”

Bai Zhanfei became interested. Just now he wondered what that thing was for, but now he understands it.

So many people are waiting for this person to tell a story. He has never seen this scene before, but he wants to hear what kind of story it is, which has attracted so many people to come.


There was a loud thunder, and Lu Si over there spoke loudly.


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