World Defying Dan God Chapter 5204: Dark flame field



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“Chen Xiang, don’t you want to know the secrets of the stars in the ancient purgatory? If you know, you can control and devour the stars like me!” the Lord of Myriad Universe screamed.


“I don’t want to know now!”


Chen Xiang has already seen it, and doesn’t care about any secrets, he only wants the Lord of the Universe to die.


The Lord of Myriad Universe was dumbfounded, and shouted: “Chen Xiang, you idiot! If you know this secret, you will be the strongest person in Tiangu Purgatory. Just let me go, and you will know this secret!”


Chen Xiang didn’t speak, and continued to beat the Lord of Myriad Universe violently, torturing his soul and body.


The lord of the universe wailed: “Let me go, my secret can really benefit you a lot! I only knew the secret by merging that star by accident… let me go Ma, you will know the secret right away.”


“You can know this secret, and soon, the Temple of Time and the Heavenly Man of Time will also be able to know it, this is not a secret at all.” Chen Xiang said.


The Lord of the Universe did not expect that Chen Xiang would be so desireless, he could only keep begging and screaming.


If it was the old Chen Xiang, he might be willing to make a deal with the Lord of the Universe.


But for the current Chen Xiang, everything is going with the flow, and he only wants to torture and kill the Lord of Myriad Universes.


The lord of the universe caused him to lose so many star cores, if he let the lord of the universe go, Chen Xiang would have a demon in his heart.


Just like that, the Lord of Myriad Universes was beaten to death by Chen Xiang, his soul was scattered, his body was wiped out, and before he died, he suffered all kinds of torture and pain.


“This **** caused me to lose so many star cores, no matter what, I can’t let him go.”


Watching the Lord of Myriad Universes dissipate, Chen Xiang immediately felt much better.


Sister Xiaojing said: “Brother, maybe we haven’t completely lost those star cores, look at Tianguxing…”


The shredded giant star and a large number of fragments of the star core are now turned into gas clouds and a large number of fragments, surrounding the ancient star.


A huge golden disk appeared outside the ancient star.


Seeing this scene, Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised, “What would happen if Tian Gu Xing could absorb it?”


“No matter what, Tianguxing will face the great catastrophe of Tianguxing, and then Tianguxing can only face it directly.” Sister Xiaojing said.


The ancient star is indeed devouring and absorbing the fragments of the cosmic superstar and those star cores.


After Chen Xiang got close to Tianguxing, he contacted Lingxu and asked, “Lingxu, what’s the situation with Tianguxing?”


“Tianguxing is absorbing those fragments! Thank you Master for taking action, otherwise Tianguxing would be finished.” Lingxu also knew that Chen Xiang had lost a lot, and a large number of star cores just disappeared.


Chen Xiang doesn’t know what will happen to Tiangu Star next, and now the members of Tiangu Star Alliance have all withdrawn from Tiangu Star.


Aoshi Temple, Shen Family, Blood Lord’s Purgatory Blood Gate, some women from Hundred Flowers Temple, and Yaohun Nuguo are all flying away from Tianguxing.


Fortunately, they were ready to evacuate before they did, and they hadn’t completely migrated to Tianguxing.


Tianguxing will also use its last strength to help them go to their safe hiding place.


After all, they are now floating in the void of the Flame Domain, which is also very dangerous.


And Chen Xiang needs to stay here, keeping an eye on the ancient star at all times, to prevent someone from destroying the ancient star to complete the star transformation.


Chen Xiang now only has more than a thousand star cores left, if there are any more powerful enemies approaching, he can only fight with all his strength.


After the members of the Tiangu Star Alliance left, the movement of the Tiangu star was very loud, and it began to crazily devour the energy of the huge disk around it.


That is the energy of the superstar of the universe and a large number of star cores. If Tiangu star successfully swallows it, there will definitely be a huge change.


Five days later, sister Xiaojing suddenly said: “Brother, the Temple of Heaven and Man has returned to the Flame Domain!”


Sister Xiaojing once marked the Temple of Heaven and Man, so if there is any movement in the Temple of Heaven and Man, sister Xiaojing will know immediately.


The Temple of Heaven and Man left the Flame Domain before, but now it is back, which made Chen Xiang a little worried.


If the Temple of Heaven and Man arrives here, I don’t know how much impact it will have on Tianguxing.


“The Temple of Heaven and Man is standing still.” Sister Xiaojing said.


“That’s good, I hope Tiangu Xing can complete the star change soon.”


Chen Xiang looked at the stars in the void of the Flame Territory, they were no longer flickering like before, indicating that many stars had undergone star changes.


Not long after the Temple of Heaven and Man returned to the Flame Domain, the fiery red void of the vast Flame Domain suddenly gradually dimmed, as if being swallowed by darkness.


“It turned into darkness?” Sister Xiaojing was surprised: “Brother, the fiery red light in the Flame Domain is gone… What’s going on?”


“Has the creation power of the Flame Domain decreased?” Chen Xiang asked.


“No!” Sister Xiaojing said, “I have a bad feeling!”


“Has the Nine Realms of Heavenly Ancient Purgatory also started to change?” Chen Xiang frowned.


“Brother, didn’t the energy of the dark domain appear when the ancient stars of the Six Paths were crossing the tribulation?” Sister Xiaojing said suddenly, “Is it possible that the entire Yan domain is also crossing the ancient calamity?”


“Impossible, the flame domain and the dark domain are at the same level…” Chen Xiang thought about it and said, “I’m more inclined, the dark domain is devouring the flame domain, and it succeeded.”


“That’s not right, if the Dark Realm devours the Flame Realm, it shouldn’t be so peaceful here.” Sister Xiaojing said: “It may be that something has changed in the Ancient Purgatory.”


The flame field is so huge, if it is swallowed, it will not be completed in such a short time.


At this time, Lingxu said: “Master, the eighteenth floor of Tiangu Purgatory has collapsed, and now the spaces on the eighteenth floor are mixed with each other.”


Sister Chen Xiang and Xiao Jing now also understand why the Flame Region suddenly became dark, it should be caused by the collapse of other layers of purgatory.


At this time, they sensed that the space was very unstable, and there were waves of space fluctuations coming from time to time.


Sister Xiaojing said: “Brother, the Temple of Heaven and Man should have gone to other floors before! They are most likely to collect stars or something!”


The Temple of Heaven and Man left the Flame Domain not to go to other domains but to go to other layers of Tiangu Purgatory.


“It’s very likely that this is the case, these **** are taking advantage of the fire!” Chen Xiang cursed in a low voice, “They must have gotten something.”


“Master, the other floors are merged into the first floor of Tiangu Purgatory. This place will be even more chaotic, and the entire first floor will become even bigger.” Lingxu said.


Tiangu Purgatory has indeed been expanding and growing, and the speed has not slowed down, but is still accelerating.


“Someone is coming!” Sister Xiaojing suddenly shouted.


Chen Xiang also sensed spatial fluctuations.


The person who appeared was an old man.


Chen Xiang had seen this old man from the Star Spirit Clan before. When the Six Paths Ancient Stars crossed the catastrophe, this old man was with Time Heavenly Man and Time Cultivator.


After the elder of the Star Spirit Tribe appeared, he hurriedly said: “I’m not looking for trouble, I have something important to tell you!”


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