World Defying Dan God Chapter 5123: Tian Yan swallows the star


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Chen Xiang tried to contact Huang Jintian several times before, but he couldn’t get in touch, and he didn’t know why.

On the contrary, now, Huang Jintian took the initiative to contact him, but he did!

You must know that the space of Tiangu Purgatory is expanding rapidly, and it is more difficult to communicate in space, but Huang Jintian can contact him.

“Boy, the current situation in Tiangu Purgatory is very complicated, you have to be careful!” Huang Jintian urged.

“The situation in Tiangu Purgatory has always been complicated! Master, you and the World Defying Temple have been hiding for all these years, haven’t you?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Of course, we are too weak. If we don’t hide better, we don’t know how we will die!” Huang Jintian laughed and said, “But now the situation has improved a lot, and we have become a lot stronger!”

“Master, are you hiding inside a star, or where?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Of course not in the stars! To tell you the truth, we used to hide in the stars and almost got killed!” Huang Jintian said: “The inside of the stars is the most dangerous! Every star in the ancient purgatory is very dangerous. !”

“Ah? What exactly have you experienced?” Of course Chen Xiang understood what Huang Jintian said.

Inside the stars of the Sky Ancient Purgatory, it is very likely that a large number of Sky Ancient Star Clan are sealed, which is indeed very terrifying.

“The star we hid at the beginning had a space inside! Then that space cracked open, and a lot of things came out. They claimed to be the Tiangu Star Clan. If our World Proud Temple was not hard enough, we would be afraid of all of us. They’ll all be eaten!”

Thinking back to the past, Huang Jintian still had lingering fears and kept scolding.

“Master, did the Tiangu Xing Clan run out before?” Chen Xiang thought that the Tiangu Xing he was in was the only one that was broken by the Tiangu Xing Clan.

“You also know the Tiangu Star Clan? Some of them ran out! Then the space that sealed them quickly recovered!” Huang Jintian said: “It is precisely because of this that we have the opportunity to escape. , we must be finished!”

“It turns out that there are not many Tiangu Star Clan that came out!” Chen Xiang said: “In the star where I am now, all the Tiangu Star Clan have come out!”

“What the hell? Are you still in that star? Why don’t you hurry away? Those guys are very scary!” Huang Jintian’s exclaimed voice came.

“Are they scary? I don’t think so!”

Chen Xiang didn’t have much contact with the Tiangu Star Clan. Although he knew that the various monsters and monsters in the Tiangu Star Clan were very powerful, he hadn’t really understood the specific situation.

The Demon Soul Girl Nation and the Shen family had been in contact with them, but they generally avoided it and tried not to conflict with the Tiangu Star Clan, so they didn’t feel the horror of the Tiangu Star Clan!

“It’s strange, did the Tiangu Star Clan of the star you belong to grow up on a vegetarian diet? It’s impossible not to be strong!” Seeing Chen Xiang’s calmness, Huang Jintian couldn’t understand it.

“Master, I haven’t really gotten to know the Sky Ancient Star Clan of this star, those guys are indeed very powerful!” Chen Xiang said: “But I don’t know what the specific situation is! By the way, many ancient The big forces are now on this star, could that be the reason?”

“What’s the situation?” Huang Jintian said in shock: “A lot of ancient powers? What are they going to do in that Tiangu Star?”

The Temple of Glory has always been hidden, and has not been in contact with the outside world. It is normal to not know the outside world.

“Because of Tiangu Xing, it will likely become a very huge purgatory blood star!” Chen Xiang said: “The inner core space of Tiangu Xing has now been sealed by itself, and a large space will appear inside. Bloodstains, there will be a lot of purgatory blood at that time!”

“Unbelievable! Purgatory Blood Star was born like this!” Huang Jintian said: “Boy, you don’t need to find me! I’ll take the World Defying Temple over there, I’ll find you!”

“Ah? Is the Purgatory Blood Star important to you too?” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “Master, what is the current strength of the World Defying Temple, don’t make a fool of yourself!”

“The Temple of World Defying still has a certain strength! Since there is a new purgatory blood star, then of course we have to fight for it!” Huang Jintian said.

“Didn’t you say it? The Tiangu Star Clan is very terrifying… At present, the Tiangu Star Clan has the most of the Tiangu Star Clan, but now they all seem to be very docile, and no war has erupted yet!” Chen Xiang said.

Actually, the big forces in the Tiangu Purgatory have long been “integrated” with the Tiangu Star Clan, but Chen Xiang didn’t know it.

Although many of the Tiangu Star Clan flew out of the Tiangu Star before and wanted to go to other stars to liberate other Tiangu Star Clan, there were still many Tiangu Star Clan who stayed in the Tiangu Star.

The Tiangu Star is so huge, and the Tiangu Star Clan is all over the place, so every moment there will be the creatures of the Tiangu Star Clan, clashing and fighting with people from all major forces, and there will be all kinds of massacres!

“Boy, tell me about Tianguxing!” Huang Jintian said.

Shen Xiang simply said, Huang Jintian was very frightened!

“A large number of Tiangu Star Clan flew out of Tiangu Star and are going to other stars to liberate the Tiangu Star Clan? This is the end!” Huang Jintian said in horror: “Once the Tiangu Star Clan sealed inside other stars gets the Unblocking, Tiangu Purgatory will be their world!”

“Master, there are so many Tiangu Star Clan, they must have many conflicts with each other!” Chen Xiang said: “You don’t need to worry about this aspect!”

“Even, the Tiangu Purgatory will become the battlefield of the Tiangu Star Clan!” Huang Jintian sighed: “We little shrimps will definitely be affected by that time!”

“Master, what’s the situation on your side?” Chen Xiang asked: “Can’t you devour the stars? This ability is also very strong!”

“The Universe of Proud World is hidden in a space!” Huang Jintian said: “This small space is very special, and it can bring the Temple of Proud World to move under the dark layer of space!”

“No wonder I can’t contact you! It turns out that the World Defying Temple is hiding in that kind of place!” Chen Xiang exclaimed.

“I will communicate with you now, so I can determine your approximate location. I can control that small space and go to your location! It also takes a little time!” Huang Jintian said.

“Master, what’s the matter with your star swallowing ability?” Chen Xiang asked, he was always curious about this.

“Hey, this is amazing! I’ll pass it on to you when the time comes!” Huang Jintian said: “It was improved by me through Tianyanshu, called Tianyanhua Star Technique!”

“It sounds amazing! Is it easy to learn? What is the price to pay for swallowing the stars?” Chen Xiang asked.

“The price…there must be a little bit!” Huang Jintian laughed: “But it’s not a big problem!”

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