Warrior’s Promise Chapter 1: Wuhun Awakening


Tianyue Kingdom, Linyang City.

In the Su family mansion, in the huge martial arts field, a martial soul awakening ceremony is being held.

In the center of the martial arts field, an altar was erected.

At this time, a handsome young man was sitting cross-legged on the altar.

Below the altar, there are young children of the Su family, as well as the elders and deacons.

The young man on the altar, named Su Yu, is the son of the chief elder of the Su family, and he is extremely talented.

Therefore, everyone looked at the young man above the altar with anticipation in their hearts.

On the black altar, rune lights flickered out from time to time, all of them digging into Su Yu’s body.



A beast roar suddenly resounded from Su Yu’s body.

Above Su Yu’s head, a giant python phantom rose up, majestic.

Beyond the phantom of the python, five yellow halos appeared, dazzling.

“This is…”

The elder who presided over the awakening ceremony was stunned for a moment, then immediately widened his eyes and exclaimed excitedly: “It’s the iron scale python… Five halos! Five halos! It’s a human-level fifth-order martial spirit!”


As soon as the elder’s voice fell, it was no surprise that there was a commotion in the crowd.

Everyone is shocked.

“It’s actually a human-level fifth-order martial spirit!”

“Haha! My Su family finally has a top talent!”


Everyone’s faces were full of shock. Martial spirits of the fifth rank of human level were extremely rare in Linyang City, and they rarely appeared once in ten years.

Anyone with a human-level fifth-order martial spirit will have unlimited future achievements.

Su Yu’s ability to awaken a human-level fifth-order martial spirit completely exceeded everyone’s expectations.

On the altar.

Su Yu saw that he had actually awakened a human-level fifth-order martial spirit, and listened to the sounds of surprise and envy coming from the crowd.

A strong pride rose in my heart, and the whole person was full of high spirits and was invincible.

“Okay, next, Su Mo!” The presiding elder suppressed the shock in his heart and shouted loudly, his eyes showing anticipation.

Su Mo, the son of Su family’s Patriarch Su Hong, completed the ninth-level body tempering at the age of fourteen, and is known as the first genius of the Su family.

Now that a genius like Su Yu has appeared, then with Su Mo’s talent, the awakened martial arts will definitely not be worse than Su Yu.

If Su Mo can also awaken a martial spirit above the fifth rank of human level, then this time, there will be two top geniuses in the Su family, and the future development of their Su family will be no trivial matter.

After the host elder called out the name, the shocked disciples, elders and others all looked at the handsome young man next to them. In their eyes, the meaning of anticipation was extremely strong, even more than The previous Su Yu.

Su Mo’s face was calm, he raised his footsteps and walked to the altar.

Su Yu walked down the altar with a proud face and gave Su Mo a cold smile, his eyes full of provocation.

Su Mo ignored the other party, took a deep breath, sat cross-legged, and closed his eyes.

From below the altar, streaks of talisman light immediately floated out, continuously drilling into Su Mo’s body.

At this time, the disciples who were looking around saw Su Mo on stage, and they all started talking.

“With Master Su Mo’s talent, it is very likely that he can awaken a human-level fifth-order martial spirit!”

“Yes, Master Su Yu has awakened a fifth-order human-level martial arts spirit. Master Su Mo’s talent is higher than his, and his martial arts will definitely not be lower than him!”

“If Young Master Su Mo can awaken a human-level sixth-order martial spirit, he will be the first person in my Su family for decades.”


The atmosphere in the audience was extremely hot. Whether it was the young disciples or the elders and others, they were all full of strong expectations.

Su Yu saw this scene, but his fists were clenched secretly, and his heart was tense.

His talent is at the top of the Su family. He completed body tempering at the age of fifteen. His talent is not bad.

However, he was always crushed by Su Mo.

Su Mo, the aura of the first genius of the Su family is too bright, making him Su Yu only a foil, appearing bleak.

All of this made Su Yu jealous.

Now, he has awakened the fifth-order human-level martial spirit, and finally burst into the light that belongs to him.

As long as Su Mo’s martial spirit level is not as good as his, then the name of the first genius of the Su family will belong to him, Su Yu.

“Hmph, I don’t believe that your martial spirit level will be higher than mine!” Su Yu sneered secretly.

At this time, more and more runes flashed on the altar, covering Su Mo’s body.

Su Mo, who was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, breathed slightly short of breath, and from his body, bursts of roaring sounds gradually sounded.

Everyone stopped breathing and stared at the altar!


Finally, with a loud bang, a pitch-black phantom abruptly rose up. The pitch-black phantom was like a black hole, slowly spinning inside, bottomless, giving people a sense of coldness.

At the same time, above the phantom, a yellow halo flashed.


In an instant, the eyes of everyone in the audience immediately became dull.

A halo?

A human-level martial spirit?

The lowest level martial spirit?

How is this possible?

Even Su Yu was stunned and stunned.

Because, he never imagined that the first genius of the Su family would only awaken a human-level first-order martial spirit, the lowest-level martial spirit!

Su Mo sat cross-legged on the altar, his eyes slowly opened ~IndoMTL.com~ Seeing his martial spirit, he was also stunned.

“The Martial Spirit of the first-order human level…!”

Su Mo murmured to himself, a wry smile on the corner of his mouth. He never thought that he would actually awaken a lowest-level martial spirit!

“Hahahaha!!” Su Yu, who was the first to come back to his senses, couldn’t help laughing and said disdainfully, “Su Mo, this is your martial spirit? Human-level first-order garbage? You As expected of the first genius of my Su family! I think in the future, I should call you the number one trash of the Su family! I am the first genius of the Su family.”

A human-level first-order martial spirit is the lowest-ranked martial spirit in the world, and it is basically a waste spirit.

Even in the entire Su family, there are not many. Generally, the lowest one is a human-level second-order martial spirit.

Su Yu’s words suddenly woke everyone up, and the audience immediately exploded.

“God, I’m not mistaken? Human-level first-order martial arts? The most **** martial arts?”

“Actually awakened an abandoned martial arts spirit! I’ve been waiting for a long time in vain, grass!”

“What the first genius, he is the first waste of my Su family, Su Yu is the real first genius!”


For a time, including the elders of the Su family, the deacon and others, the eyes of everyone looking at Su Mo changed, some were disappointed, disdainful, and contemptuous.

On the altar, Su Mo slowly got up, his fists clenched unconsciously.

After glancing coldly around, Su Mo sneered in his heart: “These people are really snobbish!”

In the past, Su Mo was extremely talented, and everyone was very polite to him. Everywhere he went, he would hug him and flatter him.

Now that he has awakened his trash spirit, these people immediately changed their faces.

Su Mo shook his head, didn’t care about them, walked down the altar and strode away.


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