War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4718: Four ways in one (finale)


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In the contemporary world of the gods and earth, there are two people walking on the path of “Infinite Sword”.

One is ‘Chen Minghao’, an aboriginal of the Wanshan Chen family’s divine land world, and the other is ‘Duan Lingtian’, an alien creature from the creation world.

Duan Lingtian was promoted to Hedao later, because he also followed the Infinite Sword Way, which overlapped with the Hedao path taken by Chen Minghao, which was tantamount to being an enemy of Chen Minghao head-on!

If Chen Minghao was just a loner, that would be fine. With him walking on the Infinite Sword Way, Chen Minghao would be unable to do anything to Duan Lingtian.

But the problem is…

Chen Minghao is not alone. There is even a more powerful Hedao expert behind him. He is one of the few people standing at the top of the world of gods and earth, a super strong man who has combined the three ways!

Under this situation, many people felt that Duan Lingtian was going to be unlucky.

In fact, many people have heard that Chen Minghao and Chen Jiuxiao went to Jianglan Divine Kingdom to find Duan Lingtian, and they feel that they will not let Duan Lingtian go easily.

And now, a strong man with unlimited swordsmanship has died. The first thing everyone thinks of is ‘Duan Lingtian’, and no one thinks it is ‘Chen Minghao’, just because there is ‘Chen Jiuxiao’ standing beside Chen Minghao behind.


As soon as Chen Minghao died, no matter how angry Chen Jiuxiao was, he knew that he could not change anything, so he immediately chose to run away, for fear that if he continued to stay, he would end up here.

As a strong man of the Three Paths, even if he is following a dilapidated path, he still cannot be underestimated.

At least, the stagnant nature of Feng Qingyang’s Time Sword Dao has almost no effect on the other party. That is the ‘level’ difference in the path of Hedao. The three paths have natural pressure on the two paths, so that Feng Qingyang can hardly restrain him. His speed.

In this case, even if Duan Lingtian is stronger than the opponent, he still cannot intercept the opponent.

“It’s a pity… that he ran away.”

Feng Qingyang sighed, which was a bit of a pity.

Duan Lingtian had expected it, and smiled calmly and said: “After all, he is a strong man of the three realms, so it is normal that he cannot be kept.”

“If you want to kill him, I may need Master to combine the three ways, or I need to combine the four ways!”

Hearing this, Feng Qingyang said angrily: “Then I must join the third path first!”

“That’s not necessarily the case.” Duan Lingtian smiled even brighter, “Master, some time ago, my method of control has made some progress after I took control of the creation life chart and understood the rules… Now it has been Stepping into the ‘ninth floor’, what’s my next plan?

Try to see if you can combine the four paths with the help of the creation chart! ”

Four ways together!

Once you take this step, you will be truly invincible!

Even in the world of gods and earth, if all Hedao united to surround and kill Duan Lingtian, they would not be Duan Lingtian’s opponent! Of course, even if Duan Lingtian is now facing the encirclement and attack from all the Hedao in the world of gods and earth, he may not be a match, but it is not difficult to escape unscathed. He may even be able to escape with a few strong Erdao at the same time.

To meet their old friend who was on the road to **** first.

Hearing Duan Lingtian’s words, Feng Qingyang was speechless for a while, then sighed and said feebly: “Send me back to the Nirvana Heaven.”

“Master, in fact, you can keep the law clone inside, and I will continue to stay in the divine earth world… Don’t you want to challenge the powerful Hedao realm in the divine earth world?”

Duan Lingtian asked with a smile.

Returning to the creation chart world, the law reappears, and the clones of the law can naturally be condensed again.

“Let’s wait for a while…I’m a little tired now, you kid is too offensive.”

Feng Qingyang waved his hand and shook his head.

When Duan Lingtian heard this, he didn’t say anything more and sent his master Feng Qingyang back to the world of Creation Life Plan.

As for him, he rarely goes back in his true form, because there are many clones of him in the creation life chart world, and he can accompany his family at any time…

“I’ll go find a few other three-way powerhouses to compete and learn from each other!” After killing Chen Minghao, Duan Lingtian felt empty, as if he suddenly had no goals. After all, even Lei Hong and Yun Qingyan, the two old enemies, also They are all dead. Looking at them, I have no thoughts for the time being

The target to target.

As for Chen Jiuxiao, wait until the four paths merge into one before going to play with him.

Of course, Duan Lingtian also knows that although the other three Hedao experts in the world of gods and earth are stronger than Chen Jiuxiao, they are still limited and must not be his opponents…

He just wanted to see their methods.



When Duan Lingtian went to the forces of several other three-way powerhouses and challenged and defeated them, it naturally caused a great sensation.

As the news of his three-in-one unity spread, the entire world of God and Earth was shaken and in an uproar!

“It turns out that the strong man who followed the infinite sword path who died last time was not Duan Lingtian!”

“Duan Lingtian’s three paths merged into one? The one who died must be Chen Minghao!”

“Didn’t he advance to Hedao a thousand years ago? In such a short period of time, the three ways became one?”

“You think… Could it be that he also killed Yu Luohe, the owner of the Creation Life Chart? If he did it, the Creation Life Chart must be in his hands now, right?”


Many people have guessed that the destiny of creation is in Duan Lingtian’s hands, and some people are even moved by it, and even have the idea of ​​uniting with many Hedao to target Duan Lingtian.

However, after all, there was no guarantee that Duan Lingtian would be retained, so in the end he had no choice but to let it go. Another three thousand years passed, when they saw the heaven and earth phenomenon of Hedao falling again on the horizon, and this time it was a strong man of the three ways who died, that is, ‘Chen Jiuxiao’ who survived the Wanshan Chen family in the past. , one

I couldn’t help but feel lucky that I didn’t provoke Duan Lingtian!

“Can he actually kill Chen Jiuxiao… This Ling Tian, ​​isn’t he a member of the Four Paths?”

“Only by combining the four paths into one can he possibly kill Chen Jiuxiao!”


At this time, Duan Lingtian didn’t need to show up to show his strength. A group of strong men in the world of gods and earth had already guessed that Duan Lingtian’s four ways had merged into one, and he had become the only one of the four ways in the world of gods and earth in the contemporary era. Strong’!

Jianglan Divine Kingdom.

Jiang Tianzheng and the ‘Eternal Night Divine Monk’ from Kuhai Temple, the two of them gathered together and looked at each other with extremely complicated expressions.

“I really didn’t expect…he actually took that step! It’s really incredible.”

Jiang Tianzheng, a strong Taoist from Jianglan Divine Kingdom, let out a long sigh. He never expected that Duan Lingtian could combine the four Taos into one!

In the past, when he heard that Duan Lingtian’s three realms merged into one, he was shocked enough. Now he felt that he had lived like a dog for so many years and was not even as good as a hair on Duan Lingtian’s legs!

“Yes, in just a few thousand years, he has gone from a little guy who has not yet entered the Hedao to an invincible existence in the world of gods and earth!”

The Yongye Divine Monk couldn’t help but sigh.



Since the four paths merged into one, Duan Lingtian has also become more leisurely, spending most of his time accompanying his wife, adding several younger brothers and sisters to Duan Niantian and Duan Siling.

It is worth mentioning that his master Feng Qingyang’s two wives also became pregnant one after another and gave birth to a son and a daughter.

For a while, the two of them were enjoying themselves among their children, and they were so happy that they no longer thought about God and earth. (Grand Finale)


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