War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4701: ‘Quasi Taoist Companion’


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However, unlike his son Yang Chun’s ‘innocence’, when Yang Tianhe looked at the person who was attacking the Guo family not far away, his eyes showed a bit of solemnity. This old man, and another middle-aged man beside him, stood there with their consciousness exposed. It was not difficult for him to confirm that both of them were “seventh-level Dao” existences. Although they were weaker than him, they had this level of cultivation. , definitely not an ordinary person


At least, there is no existence of this level in the Eastern Dark Night Forest.

In other words, these two people came from outside the Dark Night Forest!

“Shut up!” Yang Tianhe scolded his son Yang Chun, “You idiot, what else can you think of besides women? Two people who have entered the seventh level of the Dao and come to the Guo family to cause trouble must have a reason! You even I don’t know the background of these two people, I just thought

To show off in front of that woman is so stupid! ”

Two people entering the seventh floor?

Hearing what his father said, Yang Chun was frightened!

He never expected that the people who came to the Guo family to cause trouble this time were actually two beings who had entered the seventh level of the Dao. They were powerful beings second only to his father. Killing him would be like trampling to death an animal. As simple as an ant.

The other side.

After learning the ins and outs of the matter from Duan Niantian, Guo Qiu’s face turned pale. He never expected that his daughter would provoke someone with such a background.

He actually didn’t know about this.

It was all done by his daughter alone.

“Two adults, this young master, I, Guo Qiu, did not know about this matter. It was all done by my daughter Guo Lili! I will bring her here and hand her over to you!”

After Guo Qiu finished speaking, he hurriedly brought his daughter Guo Lili over, and Guo Yaoyao also followed.

Guo Qiu had many sons, but only two daughters, so his two daughters were the ones he loved most.

However, now that his eldest daughter has caused a huge disaster, he knows that he cannot save her. Rather than die together, it is better to send the eldest daughter out and hand it over to the other party, so that he may still survive.

“Father, what are you doing?!”

Guo Lili’s face changed drastically, and her eyes looking at Duan Niantian were also filled with fear.

If she had known that Duan Niantian had this background, she would not have dared to provoke him even if she was killed. Even if she did, she would have definitely eliminated the root cause long ago, so that the other party would not come to settle the score today!

Just now, before her father Guo Qiu left, he had told her that the people who came were powerful, even far superior to the leader of their Chongshan Alliance!

What does this mean?

It means that the person coming is at least on the fifth level!

“If you have done something wrong, take responsibility for it yourself and don’t involve your family!”

A trace of unbearability flashed deep in Guo Qiu’s eyes, but it was quickly replaced by determination, and he gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice. When Guo Lili heard this, her pretty face turned pale, and her whole body trembled violently. Then she looked at Guo Yaoyao beside her and begged: “Yaoyao, please save your sister, you must save your sister… Didn’t you tell me before that you in

The prospective Taoist companion found outside, is he the son of the great elder of Xiaoshan Taoist Sect? The great elder of Xiaoshan Dao Sect is a person who has entered the eighth level of Taoism! ”

Guo Yaoyao looked helpless. So what if her would-be Taoist companion had a background in the Xiaoshan Taoist Sect?

No one is here!

Moreover, the matter between the two of them may not be settled yet, and the other party’s father still needs to make a decision. She herself felt that this matter might not be possible, because beings at that level would definitely value “a good match” more. He and the other party’s son may fall in love freely, and the other party may not support it. If he does not support it, she has no doubt about the other party

A son will choose his father, not him.

This is reality.

In this world where the strong is respected, love between men and women is not worth mentioning in the face of a powerful backer!


At this time, Yang Tianhe in the distance heard Guo Lili’s words and couldn’t help but glare at the son beside him, “Didn’t you say that Guo Yaoyao doesn’t know your identity? Her sister clearly revealed your identity. !”

Yang Chun was startled at first, then smiled awkwardly, “Father, I told her later… When she first started dating me, she didn’t know my identity and background.”

At this moment, Guo Yaoyao in the distance was looking around anxiously, and suddenly she spotted Yang Chun, her eyes brightened for a moment, “Brother Chun!”

This time, Yang Chun could no longer pretend not to be there.

After saying hello to his father, Yukong approached.

After Yang Tianhe frowned slightly, fearing that his son would suffer a loss, he followed him. Guo Lili, who was already in despair, couldn’t help but look into the distance after hearing her sister’s exclamation. When she saw the two people coming from the sky, a glimmer of light rose in the depths of her eyes, as if she had caught someone. Saved the last one

Ming Daocao, “Is this my sister’s quasi-Taoist monk, Yang Chun?”

“The son of the great elder of Xiaoshan Dao Sect?”

“The person behind him is his protector?” At the same time, Guo Qiu was also attracted by Yang Tianhe and Yang Chun, father and son. His second daughter found a quasi-Taoist companion outside. And he has a good background, so he knows this, but he is not too excited, because

He knew that the other party’s father might not like their family.

There is a high probability that this will not happen.

“Yao Yao, this is my father.”

After Yang Chun came over, he introduced Guo Yaoyao and Yang Tianhe, “Father, this is the Yaoyao I told you…”

“I met my uncle!”

While Guo Yaoyao’s heart trembled, a light shone in her eyes, and she quickly saluted Yang Tianhe.

Guo Qiu was also frightened, and quickly bowed and saluted respectfully, “Guo Qiu, deputy leader of the Chongshan League, has met Elder Yang!” The island is also a famous existence. In the past, it was difficult for him to see it even if he wanted to see it. Even if he saw it, he would not dare to admit it easily

Visual existence.

Guo Lili was so surprised that her face turned red. Not only her brother-in-law-to-be came, but her father also came?

This is a super strong man who has entered the eighth level!

She can be saved! She can be saved! For a moment, Guo Lili looked at Duan Niantian again. She was no longer frightened, but looked a little more playful. Her mood was ups and downs like a roller coaster. Now she even sent a voice to challenge: “Duan Niantian, even if you look for it

So what if you have a backer? Is your backer as strong as mine? ”

“Do you know who is coming now?”

“My soon-to-be brother-in-law and his father!”

“His father is the great elder of the ‘Xiaoshan Dao Sect’, the number one force in our Xiaoshan Divine Island, and a super strong man who has entered the eighth level of Taoism!”

Hearing what the other party said, Duan Niantian couldn’t help but frown.

Enter the eighth floor?

This is much better than Uncle Zhao and the royal family of Jianglan Kingdom around him!

If the two of them join forces, they may not be the opponent of the other. As for his father, although he is a strong man in Hedao, he is not present after all, so he may not be able to suppress the other party with his name alone…


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