War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4540: Death?



“Forbidden realm?”


“I feel that he has great vigor and blood, and he looks like he’s not very young… So young, he has such achievements, are we people from the God-defying realm?”


“If we are not the people of the God-defying realm, how can we be protected by the power of the realm of our God-defying realm?”


“Even if there is the protection of the power of the realm, it is generally difficult for people who step into the taboo realm to completely stop the catastrophe of this taboo realm!”


“How could he be so relaxed?”



A few ancient beings in the God-Defying Realm, while whispering for a while, looked at Xiao Mubai again.


They are puzzled.


During their sleep, such an existence appeared in the God-Defying Realm. Didn’t Xiao Mubai remind the other party not to easily step into the forbidden realm?


In the past, Xiao Mubai’s father, just before the arrival of the unstoppable 10,000-year catastrophe, stopped suppressing and forcibly stepped into the taboo realm, so he died and disappeared!


“In the Anti-God Realm, after the historical separation, although there have been no cases of non-superpowers stepping into the taboo realm… However, there are many such cases in the outer world, and even in all realms. With one exception, all of them die!”


“Yes! Those are all high-ranking gods, and they all died under the taboo realm!”


“Looking at the performance of this little guy, it is really possible to survive the catastrophe of this forbidden realm!”


“If he can successfully cross the calamity and step into the realm of Xeon in the future, wouldn’t he be directly the existence of the seventh order of Xeon?!”



Several ‘old antiques’ from the Anti-God Realm took a deep breath after discussing this.


Xiao Mubai, at this time, also glanced at them and saw the heat and excitement in each other’s eyes!


The seventh tier of the strongest…


This realm, once you step into it, look beyond the realm, and even the ten thousand realms, it will definitely be called ‘invincible’!


At that time, the Anti-God Realm, because of the emergence of such an existence, will surpass any realm in the Myriad Realms, and will become the head of the Myriad Realms, and the ‘upper three realms’ will all be ranked at the back.


Be aware.


Beyond the world, and even the contemporary world, the strongest, that is, the existence of the sixth rank of the strongest.


Also known as the ‘Jie Zun Realm Powerhouse’.


Outside the world is the ‘Saint Powerhouse’.


In today’s Anti-God Realm, in the eyes of many people in the realm of the world, there is still a realm where a strong person from the realm sits…


In fact, in the Anti-God Realm, there has long been no real world powerhouse!


Xiao Mubai’s father died many years ago.


The reason why I hid the news was just because I was worried that if the news spread, it would bring difficulties to the Anti-God Realm.


Any realm in the ten thousand realms is in a competitive relationship with each other. The powerful realm will suppress the weak realm, and even make it its own subsidiary realm.


For example, under the Anti-God Realm, they have conquered many weak realms as their subordinate realms.


Of course.


This news can be hidden for a while, but not forever!


I’m afraid it won’t be long before there will be some powerhouses from other realms who will come to the Anti-God Realm to explore the truth and see if the realm powerhouse from the Anti-God Realm is still there!


Against God Realm, there has been a hidden crisis for a long time.


Over the years, the reason why Xiao Mubai has paid attention to some geniuses and evildoers, and even spared no effort to help, is to make the Anti-God Realm give birth to more powerful people.


I even long for the appearance of a real world powerhouse in it!


Duan Lingtian is also one of the talented and powerful people Xiao Mubai has seen.


Of course, in addition to this, Xiao Mubai is also working hard to improve his strength. If he wants to step into the realm of the realm as soon as possible, he will have enough strength to protect the realm of the gods!




And now.


This moment.


This time.


Xiao Mubai and the other half-step realm powerhouses in the Anti-God Realm, placed outside the realm are the existence of half-step saints, the powerhouses of the fifth rank of the Xeon, looking at Duan Lingtian who was transcending the calamity, The excitement in his eyes and face was obvious.


“Several seniors, Duan Lingtian’s tribulation movement is not small, I am afraid that even the rest of the world will be affected…”


Xiao Mubai looked at several people and said solemnly, “Next, let’s do our best to help Duan Lingtian hide.”


“Otherwise, if people from other realms, and even the upper three realms, know that there is an existence in our God-defying Realm who is expected to pass the taboo realm, they will definitely not let him grow up!”


Going through the calamity of the forbidden realm is equivalent to getting the pass of the ‘Xeon Seventh Rank’!


Even if it’s just a high-ranking **** now.


After this calamity has passed, the law is perfect, the seventh-order heaven and earth are gathered into one, as long as you step into the realm of the strongest, you are directly the existence of the seventh-order of the strong!


At that time, it will be directly outside the world, and even the strongest in all worlds!


Enough to push the world horizontally and be invincible!


“Not bad! Don’t let him be exposed!”


“Other realms, how can they be the upper three realms, it is absolutely impossible for us to allow us to appear in the God-defying Realm to survive the taboo realm!”


“I’m afraid it’s hard to hide this matter… But we can lay out some tricks on this basis.”



Just as Xiao Mubai thought.


Although Duan Lingtian was in the realm of the God-defying Realm in the Shura Hell, he quickly attracted the attention of the outside world because the forbidden realm came from outside the God-defying realm.


Especially the Upper Three Realms.


In the Upper Three Realms, it didn’t take long to know about this.


Over the years, although the Upper Three Realms are above the Ten Thousand Realms and are the three most powerful realms in the Ten Thousand Realms, they are always prepared for danger and staring at other realms.


Especially the Middle Eighteen Realms including the ‘Anti-God Realm’!




On the side of the Anti-God Realm, there was a ‘big movement’ of Duan Lingtian’s tribulation, and the person in charge of tracking the upper three realms quickly discovered it.


When the news was sent back to the upper three realms, the three half-step realms of the fifth-order Xeon who were in charge of the docking in the upper three realms personally crossed the space and came to the vicinity of the anti-god realm.


Looking at the amazing catastrophe in the distance.


“This catastrophe… is not a ten thousand year catastrophe faced by the strongest!”


“This seems to be a robbery in the forbidden realm!”


“In the Anti-God Realm, is there a superior **** who has taken this step and ushered in this mortal catastrophe?”



For the upper three worlds, although the taboo realm catastrophe is rare, it is not a secret.


In the upper three realms, every once in a while, there will be one or two amazing beings, the kind of beings that have the ability to attract the taboo realm.


Of course.


This kind of existence, it is impossible for all of them to choose to take a critical step, which will lead to the catastrophe of the taboo realm.


Because, in the history of the Upper Three Realms, no one has been able to successfully survive the calamity of the forbidden realm!


This catastrophe is also known as the ‘Death catastrophe’!


Leave a life, as soon as you step into the Xeon realm, you are directly the sixth-level Xie Zun realm powerhouse, isn’t it fragrant?


Why would you take such a big risk to escape the calamity?




However, although I know that this is a catastrophe.


The three of them still sent the news back to their respective realms, so that the realm powerhouses in their realm would know about it!


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