Universal Sword God Chapter 1: Jing family genius


East facing the city, it is located in the westernmost part of Lanqu County.

“East to the city, watch the Jing family, the Jing family is famous all over the world!”

“Jing Jiaqiang, Jing Jiawang, Jingjia genius are famous!”

A year ago, even three-year-old children knew these two sentences in the entire Donglin City.

The origin of these two sentences is because the Jing family has a martial arts genius, Jing Yan.

Jing Yan stepped into the martial arts at the age of five, became a martial artist at the age of six, became a martial artist at the age of eight, became a martial artist at the age of twelve, and broke through the realm at the age of fourteen. , to become the innate realm powerhouse.

You must know that in the entire Donglin City, there are not many powerhouses in the Innate Realm. Even among the several big families in Donglincheng, there are only about ten strong people in the innate realm.

It was inevitable that a fourteen-year-old innate powerhouse would appear and shake the entire Donglin City.

When Jing Yan was sixteen years old, he successfully entered the Kamikaze Academy, one of the three major colleges in Lanqu County. He was also the only martial artist in the entire Donglin City to enter the three major colleges in the past ten years.

At that time, Jing Yan’s brilliance illuminated the entire Donglin City. He was the glory of the Jing family, and was talked about by every Jing family’s children every day. Although he was only sixteen years old, Jing Yan was already a role model for countless young warriors in Donglin City.

However, just a year ago, Jing Yan was expelled from the Kamikaze Academy and had to return to the family.

It is rare to have entered the Kamikaze Academy to train, but was forcibly expelled. So as soon as the news spread, not only Jing Yan himself was laughed at by the warriors in Donglin City, but even the Jing family became the object of ridicule by others after a meal.

The reason why Jing Yan was expelled was the fall of the martial arts realm.

Yes, within half a year of entering the Kamikaze Academy, Jing Yan’s martial arts realm not only did not continue to improve, but fell, from the innate realm to the martial arts nine-level realm.

This is just the beginning. In the following period of time, almost every month, Jing Yan’s martial arts level will drop one level. Up to now, Jing Yan only has the cultivation base of the third level of martial arts.

When they first returned to the family, the senior figures of the Jing family also held several meetings specifically for Jing Yan, trying to find the reason for Jing Yan’s fall, but in the end it was unsuccessful. The Jing family spent a lot of resources and could not stop Jing Yan’s fall in the martial arts realm, so they had to give up in the end.

Now that the Jing family members mention Jing Yan again, the most vocal sound is a heavy helpless sigh.

Once the brightest star, now has fallen to the point where no one cares.

In a different courtyard of the Jing family’s house, Jing Yan lives here.

When Jing Yan was dazzling, every day there would be warriors from the Jing family who came to visit Jing Yan in this small courtyard. But now, the whole courtyard is dead silent, as if not even a trace of the bird could be seen.

In the room, Jing Yan sat cross-legged on the bed.


Jing Yan, who had just exercised for a week, slowly opened his eyes, and a wry smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“It’s still the same!” Jing Yan shook his head gently, “The vitality that was just cultivated will soon disappear without a trace. What is the problem?”

Jing Yan was also helpless.

The current self, every time I exercise, I will also generate vitality, but every time the vitality generated will disappear without a trace within a few breaths of the end of the exercise, as if it had never appeared. generally.

The normal situation of a martial artist is to generate vitality, and then store it in the body. With more and more vitality, the realm of martial arts will gradually improve. However, Jing Yan’s body was like a hole in the bottom of a bottle, and he could no longer retain his vitality. No matter how much vitality you cultivate, it will flow away from this cave.

Jing Yan himself didn’t know the reason.

This happened when he entered the Kamikaze Academy in the third month. At first, Jing Yan didn’t pay much attention to it, but within a few months, his realm fell from the innate to the ninth heaven of martial arts. You know it’s your body that’s in trouble.

If ordinary people experienced such ups and downs, they would have given up on themselves long ago, but Jing Yan did not, and he never even thought of giving up martial arts. Even though his realm continued to fall, Jing Yan still insisted on practicing every day, even if the vitality he cultivated through hard work could only be kept for a few breaths, he never slack off for a day.

“Am I really going to become an ordinary person?” Jing Yan looked at the sky where twilight fell, “No! I don’t believe it! I can definitely regain my strength and return to the top.”

“Continue to practice!” Jing Yan stood up, moved around a bit, and immediately sat down again and continued to exercise.

Time is like flowing water, slowly fading away, gradually the night dissipates, and the dawn of dawn pours down.

Over the course of the night, Jing Yan ran the exercise for a full six weeks, cultivating a lot of vitality.

“Don’t disappear, don’t disappear!”

While receiving the merit, Jing Yan thought silently in his heart.

“Alas, it’s still the same.” Feeling that the vitality he had just cultivated disappeared at an alarming rate, Jing Yan shook his head again. In fact, he also knew that the possibility of his vitality lingering was very low, but after each exercise, Jing Yan would give himself a hope.

Hope shatters again and again, and then arises again and again, and so on.


Just as Jing Yan was about to get up and move his muscles in the yard, his mind moved slightly, and he noticed an unusual feeling. This time the vitality dissipated, it seems that it is not exactly the same as before.

“What’s going on here?”

Jing Yan’s eyes quickly landed on a ring on his finger.

This ring, called the Qiankun Ring, was given to him by Jing Yan’s grandfather for more than a year. Jing Yan’s grandfather, Jing Tian, ​​was the head of the Jing family before he died, and he died just a year ago. When Jingtian died, Jingyan was by Jingtian’s side. Jingtian personally handed the Qiankun Ring to Jingyan and asked him to keep it properly and never lose it. Although Jing Tian did not say what the meaning of this ring was, Jing Yan knew that this Qiankun Ring was extremely important.

So, after getting the Qiankun Ring, Jing Yan never took the Qiankun Ring off his fingers, and he always wore it no matter whether he was eating or sleeping.

And after this Universe Ring fell into Jing Yan’s hands, there has never been any abnormal change.

At this moment, on the Qiankun Ring, a layer of milky yellow halo was slightly flashing.

Because the ring has never changed like this, Jing Yan frowned slightly and stared at the Qiankun Ring. He could feel a faint warmth from the Qiankun Ring.

In the beginning, the warm feeling just stayed near the palm, but after a few breaths, the warm feeling spread all over Jing Yan’s body. The milky yellow halo emanating from the surface of the ring not only showed no signs of disappearing, but instead became more and more prosperous.


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