Ultimate Wizard Chapter 5154: The herbs were destroyed


Chapter 5154 herbs destroyed

How dare Elder Li Hai and others dare to leave, they are all anxiously waiting at the door of the alchemy room.

I hope that Zhao Tianming can successfully refine this elixir at one time.

Lin Tiancheng didn’t bother to care about these things at all. After he took the Yangyuan Pill that had been refined, he began to meditate beside him.

At the same time, Lin Tiancheng also copied his elixir to A Xun and Gu Qiuye.

After they got the book of alchemy, they sat aside and began to comprehend.

As time passed by, several elders became anxious.

After Lin Tiancheng finished his meditation, he opened his eyes.

The elders looked like they had found the backbone, and hurried to Lin Tiancheng.

This is the champion of the Heavenly Medicine Conference, and his alchemy skills will certainly not be bad.

It’s just that Lin Tiancheng is not from the Tianyi Pavilion.

He didn’t have to take the risk for everyone.

Elder Li Hai was the first to walk in front of Lin Tiancheng and asked, “Tiancheng, do you think Zhao Tianming can refine this soul-shaping pill?”

As if afraid that the **** of war, Haotian, would hear what he said, Li Hai deliberately lowered his voice.

Lin Tiancheng replied with a smile: “What did the elder Li say? I don’t know this Zhao Tianming. How can I infer whether he can successfully refine this medicine?”

Since Zhao Tianming agreed, let him do it.

Anyway, it doesn’t have much to do with me whether I succeed or fail in the end.

“I can only say that if it were me, I would be 80% sure.”

Hearing Lin Tiancheng’s words, God of War Haotian looked up at Lin Tiancheng.

Xia Qianxue seemed to have heard a joke.

“What are you kidding here? Tianming is the most talented disciple of our Tianyi Pavilion. If he can’t make the Soul Shaping Pill, who else can?”

“Besides, you said that you are 80% sure, why shouldn’t you come down just now? You have to wait until Tianming agrees to come down and say you can refine it. Who wouldn’t make it after the fact?”

Lin Tiancheng ignores her at all like when Xia Qianxue is farting.

“What’s more, Tianming is going to refine this elixir, you are jealous of his talent here…”

As soon as Xia Qianxue’s voice fell, everyone heard the sound of thunder in the sky.

Everyone was very excited to hear the thunder.

This is God’s punishment, which means that this medicinal pill is about to be successfully refined.

For a time, everyone looked at the alchemy room, looking forward to it.

The elders are all relieved. The pavilion master really did not see the wrong person. This Zhao Tianming is indeed very talented in alchemy.

Haotian, the **** of war, also looked happy at this time.

In this way, my brother is saved.

The elder, who had been courting Zhao Tianming, walked over to Haotian, the **** of war, and said, “God of war, I didn’t lie to you, I just said that Zhao Tianming can definitely refine this medicine. If the system is successful, you can see that now the thunder is coming, and the alchemy will definitely be successful.”

Elder Li Hai turned around and said loudly to all the elders and disciples of the Tianyi Pavilion: “Follow me, everyone, and help Zhao Tianming defend against the thunder!”

Gu Qiuye’s face was very bad at this time, she said very unhappily: “It’s really a blind cat meeting a dead mouse, this garbage can actually refine the eighth-grade medicine pill.”

“It’s bad luck!”

A-Xun has been immersed in the pill book given by Lin Tiancheng, and doesn’t have much view on this phenomenon.

Travelling in the sea of ​​Danshu, A Xun seems to have discovered a whole new world.

She also has a deeper understanding and understanding of alchemy.

Just when everyone heard Elder Li Hai’s order and was about to go with him to resist Tianlei, there was a strange sound in the alchemy room.


Several times in a row.

Just before everyone could react, the alchemy room was blown up in a flash.

The alchemy room in the Tianyi Pavilion is gone! ?

Seeing this, Lin Tiancheng hurriedly picked up A Xun and Gu Qiuye, and took a few steps back. The happy look on Haotian’s face disappeared instantly.

Fearing that the explosion would hurt themselves, everyone hurriedly backed away.

Only he did not retreat but advanced, and he flew into the ruins.

In this way, Zhao Tianming was picked up from the ruins by him.

“What are you doing?”

“Didn’t you say that you can refine it, now you not only failed to refine it, but also destroyed all my medicinal materials?”

Several other elders were horrified when they saw this.

The original thunder was gone, and the sky was even clearer than before.

This is over, offending the God of War Haotian, and the entire Tianyi Pavilion will be implicated.

Zhao Tianming is still immersed in the problem of the failure to refine the medicine pill, and he has not reacted for a while.

He looked sluggishly at the failed pill in front of him, and couldn’t figure it out.

How can this happen?

How is this possible, and how could it fail like this?

Haotian, the **** of war, is very angry. The medicinal materials for refining the eighth-grade medicinal herbs are extremely precious.

He searched for a long time, and used all kinds of connections to find it.

Now it’s all been destroyed.

Haotian, the **** of war, is very angry.

“You bastard, ruined my medicinal materials, I will kill you today!”

Without these eight-grade soul-shaping pills, my brother would have no way to heal.

There is a good chance that he will become a dementia and never wake up.

Just now, this trash looked confident and said that he could make it, but it took so long before he destroyed the medicinal materials he had worked so hard to find.

This made him swallow his breath.

Several elders panicked when they saw this.

But none of them dared to step forward to stop them, after all, their lives were now threatened.

It is impossible to risk his own life for Zhao Tianming.

Zhao Tianming was almost breathless when he was caught by the **** of war Haotian.

He is not respected and respected when he grows up so big, when has he been insulted like this.

Zhao Tianming said: “No, you can’t kill me, you quickly let me go!”

“I’m not a simple person, behind me is the Zhao family!”

Haotian, the **** of war, heard Zhao Tianming’s words and couldn’t help but slap him directly.

“What if you belong to the Zhao family? Do you think I would be afraid?”

“The most annoying thing in my life is when people threaten me.”

Zhao Tianming was directly slapped with blood by the **** of war Haotian.

It took him a long time to slow down.

He said to the God of War Haotian breathlessly: “This alchemy is not a 100% successful thing, and there is no possibility of failure in doing anything. How can you blame me for this?”

Haotian, the **** of war, was even more angry when he heard this.

Zhao Tianming saw that something was wrong, and quickly said: “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…”

The reason why Zhao Tianming agreed to come down to refine the eighth-grade pills was because he took a fancy to the top-grade pill-refining furnace brought out by the God of War Haotian.

At this moment, I lost my judgment and thought about taking a risk.

If the refining is successful, he will become the myth of the Tianyi Pavilion.

Wherever he goes, everyone must respect him.

Also let that trash Lin Tiancheng know how powerful he is.

God of War Haotian grabbed Zhao Tianming’s collar and threw him heavily on the ground.



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