Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan Chapter 1:



In the tepid Marx text of “A Smile in the Other World”, the first one is the protagonist, and the second one is the villain.


Every time the villain is arrogant, it is always when the protagonist pushes him down and advances.


As a villain with the Big Gray Wolf attribute, he persisted in killing him again and again, successfully interpreting the true meaning of life beyond the limits of life and the endless love and killing with the protagonist.


Tonight is an important day. As a diehard fan of this article, Ling Xia stayed in front of the computer almost all night, brushing this article over and over again.


The author said that the finale will be broadcast on time tonight, that is to say, after one year and three months of chasing the article, the battle between the villain and the protagonist has finally reached the climax of the dust!


It’s just that, after reading the final chapter three times over and over, his eyes stared to the limit in disbelief, and a mouthful of old blood was sprayed on the screen–


Fuck, I chased the article for so long, and worked so hard to vote for the monthly pass every month. Was it just for this almost annihilated ending? !


Yes, after the big villain bss was overthrown by the protagonist, the author was **** up!


In the final chapter of five thousand words, the protagonist, the master of immortal wind and Dao, has died!


The cute and invincible pet is hanging up!


Needless to say, the protagonist’s little brother group is completely destroyed!


Too much, one of the protagonist’s harems, Murongxue, a cute girl like a goddess in his heart, also blocked the protagonist’s body!


To be precise, except for the protagonist and the protagonist’s harem, almost the entire alien continent was destroyed by the villain’s huge puppet army!


Faced with the ruined vast and lonely continent and the tragedy of corpses all over the wild, the protagonist of the virgin finally chose to completely destroy the villain when he finally learned from his pain. This is described in the book——


Night gradually fell, and there was a roar of heavy raindrops in the sky, and Song Xiaohu lowered his head and looked at the dying imperial absolute lying in the mire with expressionless expression, without the slightest joy.


Yu Zhijue slowly opened his bleak and stagnant eyes, but there was a slight smile at the corner of his mouth: “Finally…freed…such an ugly world…destroy all…”


Destroy your sister! ! !


Ling Xia is about to lift the table, I can’t wait to climb to the monitor and spray the author with blood!


Will the author of this article want revenge?


Does it mean that the protagonist will lead his sisters to rebuild the world and change to farming? ! Since the goddess-like girls are all dead, what is the protagonist doing while he is still alive? Why don’t you die together? !


The usual quiet book review area is already boiling, and the girls who like villains have expressed protests that they can’t accept this ending.


Ling Xia was also in grief and indignation. After pulling it in, he began to violently tap the keyboard. After chasing him for so long, he wanted to see if the world was ruined by the villain, the villain and the evil spirits! He depends on the protagonist taking Mengmeizi and Xiaodi Tuan with a smile like a literary name! People are all dead and they are still laughing arrogantly! He firmly does not accept this ending!


Fuck it! Damn it! !


There are not many die-hard readers of this article, and the author usually writes silently and rarely communicates with readers. However, this time Ling Xia’s protest was immediately responded by the author——


“Yuzhijue is my love villain character, so it ends like this. It was originally written to play, don’t be too serious, haha, tiger touch.”


——Hehe your sister! Tiger touches a fart!


You are joking about writing, but I am very serious and earnestly chasing the present!


The peat loves the villain, so he will be blackened and destroyed together with the world! It’s also the goddess of Lao Tzu!


Be aware that the big and small villains were either overthrown by the protagonist or became the protagonist!


There are three wonders of the author, and it really ends up like a god!


Ling Xia said with a **** face that, compared with this cheating ending, he would rather be the villain being probated by the protagonist, and join hands in the **** ending of the times!


This is no longer in the range of tiredness and unloving, it has risen to the range of revenge!


Ling Xia gritted her teeth and stared at the author’s reply for a few minutes, and she completed the process of turning her pink into black.


He heartbrokenly began to write the first long negative score in history, and at the end he promised his heartfelt blessings——


Dropping operators ate instant noodles without seasoning packs!


Go only the instant noodle seasoning package!


Go to Lily to chase girls! After that, I will also go to stir the foundation!


The chrysanthemum was exploded ten thousand times, ten thousand times!


Wear as cannon fodder in another world! It’s too early to block the gun for the protagonist!


After half an hour of anger “pop”, click “reply” and look at the screen full of angry exclamation marks again. Ling Xia poured a bottle of cold beer and finally vented a little bit of grief and anger, and went to bed cursingly. .


Of course, if he knows his future destiny, he would rather chop off the sad claw than write this unlucky comment. At least he will put away those who were dressed as cannon fodder and cursed by exploding chrysanthemums.


The next morning, Ling Xia was awakened by the sound of people, rubbing her sleepy eyes, thinking she was in a dream. He stood up and half-sit up sluggishly, only to realize that he was actually lying on a pile of straw in the corner of the wall, and a dog was urinating on his hind legs not far away. He raised his head blankly, two suns hanging strangely on the eaves of the dilapidated roof.


Two… the sun?


Ling Xia lowered her head, only to realize that her body was not right. The hands in front of her were dirty but obviously very thin, not her own hands at all!


“…This dream is too weird.” Ling Xia muttered to himself rubbing his temples, but when he pinched himself severely, he almost didn’t jump up–Fuck, I’m crossing, right? !


As a perennial nerd, Ling Xia naturally knows a lot of famous traversing novels. He has always contempt for those men who rush to the outside world as soon as they cross. This is why he supports the “Aliens The reason for “Smile Proud World” is that the protagonist in it is not a traverser.


How unscientific it is to become a winner in life as soon as you cross it! In the past, Ling Xia made two “hehe” when he saw this kind of plot, but when he himself became a traverser, he couldn’t come out.


He watched silently at the two shining suns in the sky, and then at the strange purple clouds on the horizon, he felt that the scenery seemed to be something he had seen in a book.


Two… the sun? !


Ling Xia’s eyes shrank suddenly and almost didn’t faint. In “A Smile in Another World”, aren’t there just two suns? And because of the villain’s ultimate destruction plan, not only the entire continental shelf was destroyed, but the violent energy turbulence also affected the destruction of the nearby sun. The protagonist used the golden palm to save the rest of the sun and most of his harem.


Because of this, the protagonist is unable to resist the villain’s offensive at this time. Ling Xia’s goddess Murongxue will block the protagonist’s face, and she will not hesitate to catch the villain’s shocking blow for the protagonist, leading to Xiang Xiaoyu’s death.


——Fuck, how unscientific this setting is against the sky! ! !


No matter how messy the wind is, Ling Xia still gets up very much, he wants to confirm whether he really has penetrated into this cheating book. He looked at the tattered clothes on his body, the expression on his face was bitter-obviously, it is not good for him to pass through this identity.


It’s still early, and there are not many pedestrians on the empty streets. Ling Xia turned the tangled hairy hair in front of her face behind her head, and when she turned her head, she saw the four characters “Long Fei Biscuits” from a shop not far away.


Ling Xia felt cold, completely sure of her guess. Because the beginning of the story is that the protagonist walks out of the barren mountain and wanders to a small town that sounds very domineering in the mortal world-Long Fei, where the protagonist and the villain also meet.


Is the choice to deviate from the plot or join the plot? You must know that there is a high-risk area around the protagonist, especially the early protagonist, it is simply a Conan, wherever he goes, and where the protagonist’s halo is not there, let’s go and play. But avoiding the protagonist and regardless of the plot, the final ending needless to say is also destroyed by the villain along with this continent…


And the point is, where is the current plot going?


Slot, he used to be a technical nerd. In addition to reading novels and online games, men who know resources and do nothing to hurt the director! Isn’t it just condemning the author of cheating and unscrupulous? As for the God of Traversal, he was thrown into this high-risk cheating and **** dark harem text?


My stomach is already groaning, I don’t know how long I have been hungry. Ling Xia rubbed her empty stomach listlessly, not knowing what to do for a while.


“Erdan, are you hungry? You share the sesame cake.” A dirty hand suddenly stretched out, holding the burnt sesame seed, there are obviously several black handprints on it.


Ling Xia looked up in amazement, and suddenly saw a boy of about ten years old. Although his face was so dark that he couldn’t see his appearance, his eyes were dark and bright, and his cheeks were faintly exposed. Dimples. When Ling Xia saw that he was wearing a lightning-shaped chain with a red thread hanging around his neck, he was immediately dumbfounded-fucking trough, the protagonist!


Know that, although the protagonist in the book appeared in the form of a beggar, but in the later stage, the character of the cow was renewed, but it was comparable to Luffy! This hanging chain is the key evidence of his identity. When he was chasing the article, Ling Xia was slapped on the table while being messy in the thunder and wind.


Although the protagonist’s appearance is far less than the villain, he has a pair of breathtaking eyes that can impress the saint and the witch. Now facing the pair of black grape-like eyes in front of him, Ling Xia is speechless.


“He is a fool. He doesn’t know how to eat when he’s hungry. It’s a waste to give him.” A very stinky, crisp boy’s voice rang from behind, with a bit of impatientness.


Ling Xia looked back stiffly, and she saw another boy with slanted eyes. He was different from the protagonist’s ragged clothes. Although his clothes were worn out, his clothes were very clean and tidy, and his face was clean and clean. . When he saw a red mole under the corner of his right eye, Ling Xia’s eyes suddenly went black–fuck, villain!


Almost all the girls who chased this cheating article said that although the villains are all kinds of bad, they are all kinds of cuteness, cleanliness, paranoia, possessiveness, literary style, especially the *tear mole, they are all kinds of pokes. Be cute!


Looking at the cute bun-like protagonist and villain duo at present, Ling Xia silently scratched the wall-why are you so in touch with the plot! ! !


It seems that the God of Destiny has made a choice for himself. Sure enough, entering this book is to witness the protagonist and the villain love and kill each other…





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