Transmigrated into the Film Emperor’s Death-Seeking Fiance Chapter 1:

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Chapter 1:

Damn it!

Yan Qingchi looked at the situation in front of him, a little puzzled, he listened to the agent next to him saying to himself, “Don’t be too sad, Song Li is now the boss’s new love, and he cut off his beard. Don’t be ashamed, just look away.”

Yan Qingchi nodded, and continued to sort out the information in his mind.

The agent saw that although he looked confused, he didn’t seem to have any overreaction, so he patted him on the shoulder, “Then I’ll go first, you can go back by yourself.”

Yan Qingchi still nodded absently.

Until reaching the intersection, almost running a red light, and being scolded by the driver, Yan Qingchi woke up like a dream, looking at this strange world, so, did he time travel?

No, to be precise, he transmigrated into a book, into a vulgar BL novel. Yan Qingchi walked to the bench beside the road and sat down, quietly sorting out the information he had just received. If the information he received is correct, then he should somehow have transmigrated into a cannon fodder male supporting role in a danmei novel that he had read before but hadn’t finished reading. It’s different, and the fortunes are also a thousand miles away.

In the book, the original owner’s grandfather and Gong’s grandfather are best friends, so after the original owner’s younger sister was born, they made a baby marriage with the original owner’s family. A man also likes a little Bailian who treats him as a spare tire. Can Gong’s parents bear it? Of course not, so he remembered the marriage contract with the original owner’s sister, and Gong naturally refused. Gong’s parents took second place and turned their thoughts on the original owner, but Gong said on the spot that he, Jiang Mochen, just didn’t get married and was single all his life.

However, not long after he finished his ruthless words, Xiao Bailian went abroad to find his sweetheart, leaving Gong to wander alone in X City. Lonely and cold Gong finally saw the reality clearly at this time. In order to calm down, he walked towards Zhenxiang Avenue and agreed to conclude the marriage contract between Jiang and Yan. It was only because of sexual orientation that the marriage partner had to change from the original owner’s sister to the original owner. , Of course, all of this is based on – if the original owner is willing.

However, as a supporting role in a book, would the original owner be willing? Of course the original owner can’t! If he is willing, how can Shouhe Gong develop a relationship, extramarital affairs?

So although the original owner has a pair of bright and beautiful eyes, he is like a blind man. scum. Afterwards, he put forward a bunch of conditions and asked Gong to agree.

In this way, with the help of the attack, the original owner succeeded in becoming a leader in the entertainment industry, and took care of a scumbag who was self-abased, arrogant and mediocre, who only knew how to be cynical but refused to work hard. That’s right, the original owner is also gay, not only gay, but also inextricably in love with a scumbag. Of course, at that time, the original owner didn’t know that the scumbag was a scumbag.

Yan Qingchi tried to recall the final ending of the original owner, and after the memory was finished, he almost vomited a mouthful of blood, the original owner died in the end! And the cause of death turned out to be, because he found out the real face of the scumbag, he wrestled with the scumbag, and then was beaten to death by the scumbag!

Yan Qingchi thinks this is really **** up! What a **** ridiculous ending! So what is the purpose of the original owner’s life? Forced blindness to promote the development of the storyline? Strengthen conflicts? Improve novel readability? He leaned on the bench, feeling really tired.

Yan Qingchi calmed down his helpless mood for a while, then stood up, ready to go home. But as soon as he walked to the side of the road, he remembered something. If he remembered correctly, in the message he just received, the scumbag and the original owner said in the later quarrel, “Do you think I’m just such a lover?” ? Do you think I started cheating on you this year? You idiot, I started stealing food as early as three years ago. Others are living fast, we both listen to you cry, call you a fool, feel sorry for you, hahahaha.”

Yan Qingchi stopped in his tracks, so that’s why the scumbag said that he was not at home working overtime today and asked him to go back to his parents’ house. It was also the original owner who was stupid, flew back suddenly, instead of going straight to the house to check the post, he even called the scumbag first to report that he was back. However, after Yan Qingchi thought about it, he really couldn’t blame the original owner. After all, the original owner loved the scumbag with all his heart, and the young couple finally came back after being separated for so long. Naturally, they called first to comfort the pain of lovesickness.

Yan Qingchi shook his head, alas, so things like feelings are the easiest to confuse people’s eyes, but it doesn’t matter, since the original owner is no longer there, he is using this identity and body, so naturally, we can’t let the scumbag so carefree. Dare to hit someone for cheating on yourself? And beat people to death! Yan Qingchi moved his wrist, it was really a long time since he did anything.

Yan Qingchi took a taxi and went straight to his house. Speaking of which, the original owner bought the house himself, but the original owner is engaged in the show business—although this career has not developed so smoothly, and it is still only an 18th line, but the 18th line among stars is also higher than the average A normal nine-to-five worker needs a lot of time and space jumps, so most of the time this house is occupied by scumbags.

Probably because he lived for a long time, the scumbag himself forgot who owns this house, and every time he quarreled, he drove the original owner out. Begging the scumbag for forgiveness.

Yan Qingchi pressed his temples, and deeply felt that if he knew the original owner, he would hit him at least three times a day, first cure his body problems, then cure his eyes, and finally tie him up Send it to Gong, let him cherish life, and don’t make Gong angry.

When the car reached the entrance of the community, it stopped, Yan Qingchi paid the money, and entered the community.

He opened the door silently, and walked in with light steps, only to hear a moan of “Mmmmmmmahhhhhhhhh” in the empty room. Yan Qingchi couldn’t help but tsk tsk in his heart, he was having a good time. He looked at the layout of the house, and walked carefully towards the room where the sound came from, probably because he knew that the original owner would not come back. These two prostitutes have no shame at all, and they didn’t even close the door .

Yan Qingchi looked at the two people who were racing passionately in the bedroom. These two were really too focused. One was only focused on driving, and the other was busy yelling “good brother” , Experience the excitement of drag racing.

Yan Qingchi even took the time to look at the person on the co-pilot, he was not as good-looking as the original owner, but he looked smaller and softer than the original owner. At this moment, she was enjoying her eyes closed, gasping for breath.

Seeing that the two of them were driving rapidly, all the way to the edge of the city, he unconsciously took out his mobile phone and carefully recorded a video. Then quietly backed away.

Yan Qingchi remembered that the toilet at home was broken a while ago, and it was not easy to drain. Before he left, he asked the scumbag to fix it, but according to the character of the scumbag who was spoiled by the original owner, he definitely ignored it. Sure enough, as soon as he opened the bathroom, he saw a bucket of water next to the toilet.

Yan Qingchi took out his mobile phone and made a call to the scumbag.

“Hello.” It took a long time to connect over there.

Yan Qingchi asked, “Honey, where are you? Are you still working overtime?”

“Yes, the company has a lot of things recently.”

“Then let me go and see you, okay?” He deliberately imitated the original owner’s voice.

The scumbag immediately refused, “No need, baby, you’ve had a hard time sitting on the plane for so long, go back to your parents’ house first, and I’ll call you when I get off work.”

“Well then, my dear, remember to take care of yourself.”

“You too, baby.”

Yan Qingchi shook the goose bumps on his body, and put the phone back in his pocket. He picked up the bucket of water next to the toilet and walked to the bedroom.

This bucket is a bit big, so it was inevitable that he was not as quiet as before when he walked, but the two who were busy driving obviously didn’t pay attention. As Yan Qingchi approached, he heard Xiao San flirting with the scumbag, “What overtime do you work? Do you work overtime on people?”

“Yeah, it’s just to overtime your class, can’t you?”

Little San smiled and said, “Why are you so bad, if your dear knows that you are having fun with others in your bedroom, when he calls, his husband is still busy planting seeds on others, he Don’t be mad.”

“That idiot, he can’t find out, why, baby, are you jealous?”

“Who is jealous, you bastard.”

While speaking, Xiao San gave him a symbolic slap.

Yan Qingchi was so disgusted by this pair of dogs that he was about to vomit. He walked into the bedroom, picked up the bucket, and poured it directly on the two of them with a “snap”.

Li Xinran was busy driving, when someone poured cold water all over his body, he immediately scolded, “Who the hell…” But he didn’t have time to say the second half of the sentence, because Yan Qingchi directly moved forward again Splashed, and poured out the remaining half bucket of water. It splashed directly on Li Xinran’s face and into his mouth.

Yan Qingchi looked at him with a smile, vivid eyebrows and bright expression, “Hey, dear, I still can’t worry about you, so I came home to see you, are you surprised, surprised, happy? “


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