Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 187: Fixing



Looking for [Prohibited Gear]?


At about the same time, Miss Nan, who was in the [Saturday] room in [Infinite City], received the boss’s order seamlessly… and went to work.


Numbers 1, 2, and 3 were split by Boss Luo in a special way, independent of each other and not independent of each other – it feels like one brain controls three bodies at the same time.


Miss Nan doesn’t feel like she is schizophrenic – at most, she feels a little bit brainy, after all, she needs to think about all the problems that come from her three bodies all the time.


But there are obviously many benefits… As long as her physical or mental strength can be exhausted, she is really using one person as three people.


“Boss, the thing about finding bugs in Huo Huo’s mind…” Miss Nan two hesitated at this moment.


The bugs are gone and eaten by her… What’s the matter?


“Then don’t need to talk about it.” Xiao Luo SIR said casually: “This case should be over soon.”


“Oh?” Miss Nan two blinked and said, “So, the distribution of the interests behind it has been negotiated?”


Xiao Luo SIR smiled casually: “How do you know that there is benefit distribution.”


Miss Nan shrugged and said: “No. 3 can know a lot of things in [Infinite City], the Huo family’s spiritual business, and the Yu family’s spell business, they have been attacked to varying degrees in the past few days… Especially the Huo family, someone secretly bought a large amount of the Huo family’s equity, and the Huo family seems to be willing to cooperate. After hearing that Huo Feng died, the entire Huo family was in chaos and divided into two factions, one is Huo family. Feng’s younger brother, and the other faction is Huo Feng’s wife Li Qingtong. Especially Li Qingtong, she is likely the driving force behind the massive sell-off of the Huo family’s equity. According to the analysis of [Talking Group], Li Qingtong seems to be planning to cash out and leave the market. , I feel that she may even leave Huoyun very soon. Also, the [Listening Team] also found out that Huo Huo and Li Qingtong are not related by blood, and this Li Qingtong seems to come from a relatively mysterious organization.”


“This [Listening Team] is okay.” Xiaoluo SIR seemed to praise, “Yes, the death of Huo Feng and Yu Mingxuan is a game in itself… But it’s not important anymore, Li Qingtong will Entering [Kunlun], we will protect her until she can stand firm in the blessed land of [Kunlun].”


Miss Nan was startled at first, and then she was secretly startled… About the transaction with Li Qingtong, the boss personally took over, and there was nothing about Nan Xiaonan, so she didn’t know it, but at this time it did not prevent her from completely Guessing the context of the whole thing…and really understood what the boss meant.


Li Qingtong must get out of the whole thing safely – even if she was behind the attack on Huo Feng and Yu Mingxuan.


In this way, Huo Huo’s [apology with death] seems to have just given a not-so-perfect answer to this case.


“I understand how to do it.” Miss Nan nodded in two: “Huo Huo’s death is not suspicious, the pen pierced into the temple, and the blow was fatal… In addition, no controlled person was found on Huo Huo’s body. traces.”


Xiao Luo SIR smiled slightly, then turned his eyes and looked at the floor of the autopsy room thoughtfully, “The one below, did you say anything?”


“It’s the same.” Miss Nan shook her head two and said, “At present, how he got here is still unclear. However, I have asked a lot about the situation in the world he originally lived in during this time… I plan to collect more information, and then organize it into a book… Boss, do you want to meet this black household Fang Congyun?”


Speaking of which, the reason why she spends most of the time in the autopsy room is because she wants to investigate the relationship between the black household Fang Congyun.


She really works hard!


“Yes.” Xiaoluo SIR thought for a while.






If the Alaya of [Blue] existed, it would be impossible for two [Lao Fang] Fang Congyun to appear… Among them, one of them would be erased by Alaya.


Similar things, in the 003 sub-world, Boss Luo has also encountered – because of the ability of a void artifact [Ring of Horus], there is a mother, constantly in different sub-worlds shuttle among.


But because of the disappearance of Alaya of [Blue]… the sub-world under management was lost, so the two Fang Congyun could be allowed to appear – and they still knew each other.


Even Fang Congyun, who was a black family, was imprisoned in the underground of the autopsy room by Fang Congyun of [Blue].


The door to the basement cell opens.


Xiao Luo SIR… Boss Luo is now looking at the arrangement of the cell.


It’s not too bad, I can even say it has everything except freedom and sunshine… Fang Congyun, who is outside, is sitting at the desk and writing something at this time, his expression is focused, even if he hears the sound of opening the door, there is no care.


I am afraid that in his opinion, there is only one person who can open the door of the cell – that is [self] in [Blue].


Fang Congyun doesn’t actually think that this person with the same appearance as himself is another self-everything that has been experienced between the two is completely different, and there is not even any similar interpersonal relationship.


The two worlds are even more different in style.


Therefore, he is definitely not an adult. The [Old Fang] who appears in [Blue] in this parallel time and space is another self.


But soon, Fang Congyun felt that something was wrong, because he felt that this time, it seemed that it was not alone… there were others.


He raised his head suspiciously, only to see a man and a woman appearing in front of him—and they were all people he didn’t know!


“Who are you…?” Fang Congyun asked calmly.


“My surname is Luo.” Boss Luo introduced himself directly: “Mr. Fang Congyun, I came here on purpose to meet you.”


“Luo?” Fang Congyun couldn’t help frowning: “I don’t think I know you… Did [he] send you here?”


The [He] here, said by Fang Congyun, only refers to the old Fang of [Canglan].


“It has nothing to do with [him].” Boss Luo shook his head and said, “Mr. Fang Congyun, I know you came to this world for some special reasons. I came here this time to help you.”


“Help me?” Fang Congyun frowned and said with a look of warning: “Help me?”


“It can help you go back to your original world.”


“Really?!” Fang Congyun excitedly stood up against the table, he wanted to leave this place too much – even if it was just to leave this place, instead of going back to the original world, he hoped to be able to leave, Take a breath of fresh air!


“Of course.” Boss Luo nodded, “As long as you are willing, I can send you back. If you are not willing, I can also arrange for you an identity suitable for living in [Canglan]. However, The former is free, the latter requires you to pay some price.”


Fang Congyun was stunned, frowned and remained silent for a long time before he said tentatively: “What price do I need to pay?”


“You actually want to stay?” Miss Nan said, “Why?”


She thought this old black family wanted to go back to the original world


“You can cultivate immortals here!” Fang Congyun gritted his teeth and said, “Life here is completely different! I want to pursue the mystery of life!”


During this period of time, she has appeared in front of this Fang Congyun many times as the old Fang of [Canglan].


This guy clearly says how much he misses his original world, what is there to say there is a woman waiting for him to go back, what is it that they have agreed to be each other’s angels?


“Then what about your fiancée in the original world? Are you willing to give her up? And your relatives and friends?” Miss Nan asked indifferently.


“For the sake of cultivating immortals, even a wife is not necessary for me!” Fang Congyun trembled with his hands and his voice trembled: “Since I have the opportunity to come to this extraordinary world, why do I still Want me to go back to being an ordinary person?!”






Miss Nan snorted softly.


Boss Luo said coldly at this time: “Miss Nan, since this is the case, then please support this transaction… I will go back to the world over there to see it.”


Miss Nan was stunned for a while, but before she could react, Boss Luo, who was beside her, had disappeared out of thin air—he had completely left the small world of [Canglan].


The boss really went to Fang Congyun’s original world?


Oh…the boss said that he came here to meet Fang Congyun, but he was actually here for positioning?


“He… why did he disappear?” Fang Congyun looked at this moment with a surprised expression, his voice trembling: “You… what are you doing?”


—You will preside over this transaction.


Miss Nan two is looking at Lao Fang, the black family… How much does the boss dislike this guy, so he will force it on himself?


“Fang Congyun, let’s talk.” Miss Nan sighed and said, “About your [Canglan] stay.”






In the eyes of Boss Luo, a modern city is almost at the same stage as the development of No. 003 – but in this world, there is no extraordinary germination.


It’s still climbing the tech tree, and it’s focusing on artificial intelligence.


An advertisement for the first generation of bionic home robot servants appeared on a huge mall screen.


Boss Luo looked at the world for a moment before slowly asking, “What is the script of this world… Alaya.”


[The revolution of artificial intelligence, after three hundred years, the first awakened artificial intelligence will appear]


A white-haired girl in a blue and white dress appeared behind Boss Luo at some point… Alaya’s appearance was the same as [Gaia].


Boss Luo turned around, looked at Alaya in this sub-world, and thought about it: “This script is relatively ordinary.”


[No. 0098772 belongs to the original hotbed of the tenth generation] The expressionless girl said slowly at this time [this is the first stage of era reset, it is recommended to start with simple mode]


Boss Luo was stunned and asked curiously, “Is there still algebra in the sub-world?”


[Confirmed] Alaya of No. 0098772 replied [As long as the perfect primordial is not born, the experimental body will always appear]


“Is there a limit to your calculations?” Boss Luo blinked… How many numbers are there?


Number 0098772?


[Definitely exists] Alaya replied [but don’t worry, the system will delete the worthless experimental body to release more memory, and within a controllable range, the system will also guide the void’s Life plunders the origin of the sub-world, reducing some useless experimental subjects]


“After deleting it, what will happen to the administrators of those sub-worlds?” Boss Luo asked curiously.




Boss Luo pondered again: “Why, you still allow the immortal life of the void to plunder?”


[Confirmed] Alaya nodded. [The immortal life of the void is also the object of research. The more sub-world origins they plunder, the more conducive the system is to expand the void and create more suitable for throwing experimental subjects. Plane]


Boss Luo shook his head.


The group of people in the Void, I don’t know how miserable… [Shop] has cut them one after another. At this moment, even the Alaya system regards them as research objects, presumably for the sake of some kind of harvest.


It seems reasonable to think about it this way.


The immortal beings in the void, one by one, broke the limits of the world and escaped from the sub-world—to put it bluntly, they were the ones who escaped from the Alaya system.


It’s okay to escape, but immortal life will come to different small worlds every now and then to make waves.


Then the Alaya system uses these immortal beings as springboards for the expansion of the void, so there is nothing to say, eat me, and sooner or later spit it out… or something like that?


“Fang Congyun, do you have an impression?” Boss Luo thought for a while.


[He has been listed on the missing list] Alaya said directly [The time-space distortion data that appeared in this incident has been repaired, and the root administrators don’t have to worry]


“What caused this time warp?”


[A corpse of a powerful life from its sub-world] Alayadao [The marker body is a monster with space-time attributes. When Fang Congyun performed the anatomy, he took out the demon pill in the marked body, which triggered the power of time and space on the demon pill, so the time and space transfer occurred]


[It is speculated that if there is no anatomy of Fang Congyun, the demon pill in the marker body should be activated by itself, returning the marker body to the original time and space, and then dying]


What the **** is dying…


Boss Luo pondered for a while, “You mean, you are returning to the original time and space? So, the monster that appeared in your place came from the small world of [Canglan]?”


I saw the girl’s eyes flickering non-stop, and it took a while to say [OK, the marker bar is from sub-world No. 17, this sub-world belongs to a special sub-world, the tag name is [Blue] That’s right]


Boss Luo said: “Since Fang Congyun went to the small world of [Canglan], the monster with the marker body also came from [Canglan]. After this happened, have you ever looked for [Canglan]. ]?”




“What was the result?”


[No response] Alaya said indifferently [Submitted to the system for processing, the submitted application is currently in the task queue No. 12321313, and will receive a response after 876,000 hours in the timeline of this sub-world]


“Well, I see.” Boss Luo nodded, then pondered for a while, “The demon pill that marked the body monster was taken away by Fang Congyun, which means that the body of this monster can only be left in you. Here… how did you deal with it?”


Alaya Road [The corpse has been destroyed, and the residual data is currently included in the mirror backup of the sub-world. After waiting for the response from the administrator of the nineteenth sub-world, negotiate the return, or wait until the system parent gives an instruction. will be at 876…]


“Needless to say so carefully…”




Boss Luo’s heart moved at this time: “The script of artificial intelligence is not interesting. Since it is already the tenth generation training cycle, why not revamp it?”


【Unknown meaning】


Boss Luo squinted and smiled and said, “I mean, hand over the body of this monster to the humans here to study, what do you think?”


【Please be specific】


Boss Luo said: “I think it’s interesting to see artificial intelligence machines fighting extraordinary beings. Of course, it’s also possible to combine the two… You can try it out freely.”


【Freedom to play? 】Unexpectedly, the expressionless girl in front of her suddenly showed a hint of doubt, 【For confirmation, ask again】


“Yes, I’m talking about letting you play freely.” Boss Luo nodded.


The girl in white suddenly closed her eyes and said to herself [The root administrator has granted permission to cancel the third-level creative mode… Has reached the second-level creative mode… Has been granted permission by the root administrator , continue to cancel the second-level creative mode…has reached the second-level creative mode…has been granted permission by the root manager to cancel the first-level creative mode…has reached the first-level creative mode…]


【Sub-administrator No. 0098772 Alaya applied for unlocking access to all sub-world data】


【Apply through… Instant data download begins…】


【Apply to become a special sub-world】


【Apply for renaming through the sub-world No. 0098772】


[Based on the underlying logic of free play, No. 0098772 will be renamed [Silver White] World]


【Rename completed】




Boss Luo opened his mouth looking at the series of actions of the girl in front of him at this time-he doesn’t know whether this sub-world will be revamped or not.


But Alaya here seems to have been rehabilitated by him first?










When Boss Luo appeared in the cell under the autopsy room again, Miss Nan saw a strange look on the boss’s face.


This is about half an hour after Xiao Luo SIR left.


“Boss, is there something wrong with the world over there?” Miss Nan asked cautiously.


“Shouldn’t it be?” Boss Luo thought for a while and said, “I’ll take a look at it after a while.”


The ghost knows what the [Silver White] world will look like in the future…


He shook his head and cleaned up his mood, and then saw that the black household Fang Congyun was no longer in the room, he couldn’t help but curiously asked: “Is the transaction completed?”


“It’s been discussed.” I saw Miss Nan with a chuckle and said, “All Fang Congyun’s good memories, ideals, dreams… Anyway, the good things have been drained. He can now We have survived as a legal resident in 【Blue】. Look! Here!”


I saw Miss Nan taking out a bottle with a smile at this time


Inside the bottle is… a little strong.


I saw Miss Nan tap the bottle with her fingers and squinted her eyes and said, “Are you very grateful to me, Lao Fang! From now on, you will have a life span of 2,333 years. Super life, feel free to pursue the mystery of life!”


Xiao Luo SIR has an indescribable look again.


Miss Nan… is also a very good person.


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