This Ninja Is Obviously Not Strong but Really Hard to Kill Chapter 1: Uchiha’s Undead


In the dimly lit secret cave, an old figure sat on a large stone seat, with a simple but sharp-looking sickle standing upside down beside it.

At this time, his eyes were on the person who came in, no, strictly speaking, he was looking at the little ghost who was being carried by the person who came in.

After looking around for a while, the old man stared at the ‘thing’ he had created with his only remaining eye. But it seems to have exerted infinite pressure!

The person who came was startled, and quickly explained loudly in a bluffing voice: “I have already dealt with the guys who strayed into this neighborhood by mistake, but this child seems to be a little special. Keep an eye out for some ‘seeds’ with special talents, so I brought him back.”

After hearing the explanation from the white guy in front of him, the old man withdrew his serious gaze. The oppressive feeling in the air immediately dissipated, and he returned to the image of a candle in the wind that seemed to perish at any moment. .

“Who are the people who came here, has the tail been cleaned up?”

As the old man slowly opened his mouth, the guy in white hurriedly said: “It’s a ninja from the country of rocks. It seems that they are besieging nearby villages. The recent battle situation has become more and more favorable to Konoha. This time I don’t know what kind of bad idea the people of Rock Country have come up with to deal with Konoha…”

“Say the point.”

After hearing the name Konoha, the old man directly interrupted the other party’s chatter.

The guy in white was shocked immediately, and then quickly picked out the important ones and said: “Some people who escaped from the nearby villages were just driven into the vicinity by the pursuers. It should be a coincidence, not something discovered.”

The old man nodded after hearing this, and didn’t ask how this guy dealt with it after killing everyone. If he can’t even do this little thing well, it means that the other party has no use. the value of.

“What’s the matter with this kid?”

As soon as he mentioned the child in his hands, the white guy immediately regained his jumping nature, and said exaggeratedly and excitedly: “I have already wiped out everyone, including the ninjas of the Rock Country and those who were killed. The villagers I hunted down included this child, of course, but when I was dealing with the battlefield, I suddenly discovered that this child did not die, but came back to life!”

“Then out of curiosity, I checked it carefully, but I didn’t find out what made his fatal wound disappear and he survived. I thought Mr. Madara might be a little interested in this kid, so I brought it back.”

After Bai Jue finished speaking, a hint of interest appeared in the eyes of the old man known as Madara-sama.

As for Bai Jue’s beheading of both parties who broke into his territory, he didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it. This was what he ordered.

According to normal circumstances, this child should not survive, and Bai Jue will definitely not go against his will, nor will he deceive him.

In other words, everything Bai Jue said is true.

Bai Jue killed the child with his own hands, but when he cleaned up the battlefield, he found that the child survived, and even the fatal injuries disappeared, so he brought him back.


A slightly horrified smile appeared on Ban’s old face, and then he raised his hand, signaling Bai Jue to bring the child over, and he wanted to check it out.

If there is no suitable candidate when his deadline is approaching, maybe this child in front of him can give him another choice.

It’s just that the person who inherited the name of Madara is not a member of Uchiha’s clan, which is a bit too regrettable.

So wait a little longer…

Madara’s only remaining Sharingan (transplanted) seems to have penetrated the darkness, time and space, and came to that bustling village.

“Hashirama, I will prove to you that you chose an extremely wrong path.”

. . . . . . . . . . . .

“My head… hurts so much, where is this…?”

In the dimness, a pair of eyes slowly opened, as if a little unaccustomed to such a dim environment, it took more than a minute to barely see the surrounding things.

Before he could speak, memories that did not belong to him began to emerge and merge…

It took another few minutes before he figured out what had happened to him.

“Unexpectedly, this traversing scene in the bad street can still happen to me.”

Through the few short years of memories fused in his mind, he probably already guessed which world he traveled to.

Village, Ninja, Five Great Nations, Chakra, Ninjutsu…

Although his body is only 4 years old and he came from a small village, he still has some common sense memories.

So after reading those memories, it is not difficult for him to deduce that the world he is currently in should be the dangerous Naruto world!

As an ordinary post-90s who used to read novels and anime, he is still familiar with the names of the three major migrant manga in Dead Fire Sea. As for the finished Naruto, he naturally watched it from beginning to end.


You said Hokage is not over yet?


I’m Boren Fax can’t stand it anymore, it’s ruining the three views, so let’s forget it!

And he himself was so mediocre before the time travel. He was not a soldier king, nor a great doctor or secret agent.

As for his last memory before he traveled over here, it was not a clichéd car accident, falling out of love and drinking to death, getting an electric shock or something else.

In fact, it is speechless and unlucky. It is only 2020, and the Spring Festival has not yet been celebrated. After working normally for a few days, he caught a cold for no reason, and was sent to the hospital.

But before he figured out the situation…

As a result, I came here as soon as I opened my eyes again.

It’s very embarrassing…

It seems that the way of time travel is becoming more and more casual now. You can time travel even if you have a cold. It’s right that these street writers can’t even afford to eat steamed buns or pickled mustard!

But fortunately, he doesn’t have too many worries. The divorced parents have formed their own families and have new children. Even if there is no him, someone will take care of them.

As for the relationship, there is nothing to be sad about, because he was brought up by his grandma, and when he was in college, his grandma had…

I did have a girlfriend before. With the savings of several years and the borrowed more than 100,000 yuan, I barely made a down payment. Unfortunately, I only paid a month’s mortgage and I haven’t had time to live in it yet.

After hastily reviewing his life, he suddenly felt an indescribable relief, maybe it would be good to change to a new way of life.

“From today onwards, I will live by your name, Shinomiya Qingyu.”


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