The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8168: Enable all

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Tianyi’s answer made Lu Yunzi frown.

He naturally understood that the reason Tianyi wanted to follow him was to kill Jiang Yun and Rong Qingzhu.

If it had been any other time, Lu Yunzi would have been fine.

But now he is going to Daofa Mountain with Jiang Yun.

Even he had to hide in Jiang Yun’s body as a clone before he could enter Daofa Mountain.

Given Tianyi’s expectations, it is absolutely impossible for him to agree to this.

What should we do then?

However, after taking a look at Tianyi who had reached out and gently touched the golden sword, Lu Yunzi could only sigh and said: “It’s not impossible for you to follow us.”

“But, for my sake, can you please refrain from attacking these two for the next few days?”

Lu Yunzi knew that Tianyi could really say and do it.

She said she would kill Jiang Yun and Rong Qingzhu tomorrow, so she would definitely do it.

Tianyi looked at Jiang Yun, pondered for a moment and then nodded and said: “Okay, I will rest for the next few days.”

Hearing Tianyi’s promise, Lu Yunzi let out a long breath, with a smile on his face, rubbed his hands, and said excitedly: “Then it’s settled, let’s go.”

After finishing speaking, Lu Yunzi waved his sleeves, and the Yunjie Mirror Domain immediately shrank to the size of about ten feet, and rushed towards the direction of Daofa Mountain.

Originally, Lu Yunzi wanted to wait and see if there were any monks in the Lingxi Territory who could survive the tribulation, but considering that he continued to stay in this place of certification, there was a high possibility that something unexpected would happen again.

For example, could Jiang Yiyun be hiding nearby?

Therefore, he didn’t wait any longer.

With the departure of Jiang Yun and others, more than 100,000 Dharma cultivators in the place of certification have finished receiving the tribulation thunder one after another.

Because the power of the tribulation thunder was too powerful, hundreds of practitioners died and their souls were scattered.

Most of the surviving practitioners were injured and in shock.

Roulingzi’s head grew back, he turned around and looked around, and said with fear: “Is he dead or gone?”

When the golden sword appeared to attack Jiang Yun just now, although they all saw it, they were busy dealing with the thunder and had no energy to pay attention at all, so they didn’t know whether Jiang Yun was dead or alive.

Wu Feiyan and others shook their heads, and they were also unclear about what happened to Jiang Yun.

At this moment, an old voice sounded: “He’s gone!”

Everyone was startled and hurriedly looked at the sound. In the distance, a boy was walking slowly towards this side with his hands behind his back.

Seeing this boy, everyone was suddenly surprised and happy.

Roulingzi and the other four people even came to the front of the boy, bowed and said: “Meet the leader!”

The one who came is Gu Bu Lao!

Gu Bulao nodded and said, “No need to be polite.”

While speaking, Gu Bulao stretched out his hand and waved it very casually.

In an instant, countless law patterns appeared in all directions, rushing towards the bodies of every law cultivator present.

When the Dharma pattern enters the body, all Dharma practitioners feel refreshed.

Not only was the power consumed in the body restored immediately, but the injuries suffered were also alleviated.

This is the ability of a Dharma Cultivation Leader, who can use the power of the law to help Dharma Cultivation.

More than 100,000 Dharma cultivators also bowed to Gubulao.

Gu Bulao waved his hand, glanced at everyone, and said loudly: “Thank you for your hard work.”

“I sensed the birth of the Taoist leader, so I came here.”

“However, it seems that I came a step too late.”

“I just saw Jiang Yun and the golden sword disappear one after another.”

“I also went around and found no trace of them.”

“Can anyone tell me what happened here before?”

Rou Lingzi clasped his fist at Gu Bulao and told the general story of how Jiang Yun arrived and took Rong Qingzhu away.

After listening, Gu Bulao muttered: “Now that the Taoist leader has appeared, there is no point in continuing to stay here.”

“In this way, if you have other matters, you can leave first.”

“If nothing happens, follow me to the Tianshu Domain.”

“From now on, the Tianshu area will be the common home of our Dharma cultivators.”

Listening to Gu Bu Lao’s words, Rou Lingzi boldly asked: “Sir, I wonder what the outcome will be of the battle to attack Daoxing?”

Gu Bulao led some Dharma cultivators to attack the Daoxing area. Naturally, all these Dharma cultivators knew about it.

But now, first Jiang Yun appeared, and then Gu Bulao appeared alone, which made everyone feel an ominous feeling.

Gu Bu Lao did not answer Rou Lingzi’s question, but continued: “I will also issue an order to summon all the Dharma cultivators in the cauldron to go to the Tianshu domain.”

“When all the Dharma cultivators are present, we will prepare for the final battle with the Tao cultivators!”

“One battle will determine the outcome!”

After the words fell, Gu Bu Lao ignored everyone and took the lead, walking in one direction.

Roulingzi and the others looked at each other and saw shock on each other’s faces.

Although Gu Bulao did not answer directly, how could everyone not hear that Fa Xiu lost the battle to attack the Daoxing Territory!

To be honest, this result was unacceptable to them.

The army of nearly 400,000 Dharma cultivators composed of the weakest Supreme Realm could not even capture a single Daoxing domain!

Moreover, those Dharma cultivators have disappeared. Could it be that they all died in the Daoxing Domain?

If this is the case, then in the so-called final battle, we will face more Dao cultivators. Is it possible for Dao cultivators to win?

“Huh? What, you don’t want to leave?”

The ancient voice sounded again,

And everyone felt that the power of various laws in their bodies fluctuated slightly with the ancient voice.

This is something that no one has discovered before.

Because this also means that Gu Bu Lao can actually control the power of law in Fa Xiu’s body!

This discovery made everyone look a little ugly.

The identity of the leader of Dharma cultivation originally seemed to them to be nothing more than a symbol.

But now they understand that the ability of the leader of Dharma cultivation exceeds their imagination!

Naturally, none of them dared to raise any objections.

Regardless of his unwillingness, he had no choice but to follow Gu Bu Lao and leave.

After everyone disappeared, another figure appeared here.


Beichenzi’s eyes swept around, and there was a rare look of nostalgia on his face, and he murmured: “After so many years, it’s finally time to end!”

Shaking his head, Beichenzi calmed down his emotions, and his voice suddenly raised: “The Taoist leader has been born, and from now on, all areas in the tripod will be opened, without any restrictions!”

Beichenzi’s voice reached the ears of every creature in the cauldron.

However, most of the creatures looked blank after hearing this, not understanding what Beichenzi meant.

Only in the Chaos Domain and the Land of Origin, the faces of countless creatures all showed expressions of ecstasy!


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