The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8165: A sword a day

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As Lu Yunzi finished speaking, a female voice as clear as a silver bell rang in his ears: “Open the door and let me in!”

Lu Yunzi hesitated for a moment, then waved his sleeve, and a gap opened in the Yunjie Mirror Domain on its own.

Immediately afterwards, a figure stepped from the crack into the Cloud Tribulation Mirror Realm.

This is a young girl who looks to be only sixteen or seventeen years old.

Small in size, beautiful in appearance, and full of agility.

However, on her thin shoulders was a huge golden sword that was as tall as three of her people!

When she carried the golden sword and walked towards Lu Yunzi, every step she took made the entire Yunjie Mirror Domain tremble slightly!

If you don’t look at it with your eyes, people may think that there is a great beast entering the Cloud Tribulation Mirror Realm.

A woman’s body type naturally cannot carry much weight.

The only explanation is that the golden sword she resisted was definitely heavier than imagined.

Lu Yunzi didn’t show the slightest surprise at such a weird one-man-one-sword attack.

When the woman came to him, he glanced at the golden sword on her shoulder and said, “How much does your Tianyi Sword weigh?”

“I don’t know!”

The woman took the golden sword off her shoulder and thrust it into nothingness.

A muffled sound of “bang” was heard, and the golden sword pierced directly into the void.

There are a large number of cracks within the void, like spider webs, spreading crazily in all directions.


Lu Yunzi suddenly took a breath and said with a distressed look on his face: “Please be gentle, my Cloud Tribulation Mirror Realm cannot withstand your sword from the sky.”

“I said you are really sick. You carry such a broken sword around every day for nothing, can’t you put it in your body?”

The woman said loudly: “You think I want to carry it!”

“Don’t even look at it. Even your Cloud Tribulation Mirror Realm can’t bear its weight. If I put it into my body, I won’t be disemboweled by it!”

Lu Yunzi shook his head helplessly, but admitted that what the woman said was the truth.

The strength of my Cloud Tribulation Mirror Domain is not to say that it can compete with Longwen Red Cauldron, but it definitely exceeds any other large domain within the cauldron.

No matter how powerful the monk’s body is, it is difficult for anyone to be stronger than his Yunjie Mirror Realm, so I am afraid that a woman really cannot put the golden sword into her body.

Lu Yunzi no longer bothered about the golden sword, looked at the woman and said, “Where have you been for so many years?”

The woman sat down next to Lu Yunzi, took out a black bean from her arms, stuffed it into her mouth, and chewed it, making a crisp sound of “cracking, popping, popping”.

The woman said vaguely: “Where else can I go? I can just wander around!”

Lu Yunzi looked back at the fog below and said, “So, you sneaked here inexplicably, and you want to kill that kid?”

The woman swallowed the beans in her mouth and said: “Originally I didn’t want to kill him, but he escaped from my sword, so I must kill him!”

This sentence may not be understood by others.

But Lu Yunzi and the woman had known each other many years ago, so they naturally understood what they meant.

This woman’s name is Tianyi, and she was also one of the members of Guding back then.

The reason why she is called this is because she can only use one sword a day!

And she even claims that she only needs one sword to kill any living being.

If you fail to kill the opponent with one sword, then… continue killing the opponent the next day until you kill the opponent.

However, after knowing Tianyi for so many years, Lu Yunzi has never seen anyone she can’t kill with one sword.

Therefore, what Tianyi said at this moment made Lu Yunzi slightly startled and said: “Have you already taken action against Jiang Yun?”

“Yes!” Tianyi nodded and said: “I attacked him last time, but he actually let him open a broken door and escape to the Chaos Realm.”

“I was ready to chase him, but halfway through I couldn’t run anymore, so I came back.”

“Since he is here again, I must kill him with one sword today!”

Speaking of this, Tianyi suddenly turned to look at Lu Yunzi and said, “I saw that he left from you. Why, do you want to protect him?”

Lu Yunzi shrugged his shoulders and said: “I can’t guarantee him, but I just need him to do something for me temporarily, so I can use him for a while.”

Tian Yiyi nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll strike him with my sword later.”

“If he is still alive, you can use him.”

Lu Yunzi frowned slightly and said, “Why did you kill him when you were so good?”

Tian opened her mouth and was about to answer, but suddenly there was a huge explosion sound from below, causing her to close her mouth and look down.

Lu Yunzi also looked over hastily.

The sound of explosion came from the center of the fog.

There are countless golden thunders rising into the sky!

These thunders immediately exploded and the fog disappeared, allowing everyone to see Jiang Yun inside.

Whether it was the flesh spirit that entangled Jiang Yun, or the nine nine-color arrows, and the golden talismans, all were gone, leaving only Jiang Yun unscathed.

Lu Yunzi sighed with emotion: “This kid is not only not weak in strength, but also has a good brain!”

Tian Yi sneered disdainfully and said: “It’s not that he is not weak, but that the four guys who besieged him are too weak.”

“It’s half a step of detachment. The four of them together can’t take my sword.”

“If this kid is killed by the four of them, I might as well not live anymore.”

Facing Tianyi’s rebuttal, Lu Yunzi smiled and said nothing.

And then, the sneer on Tianyi’s face suddenly solidified.

Not just Tianyi!

In the place where the proof came from, the expressions of all the more than 100,000 Dharma cultivators, including the four who had achieved half-step detachment, changed.

Because, after dispersing the fog, the countless thunderbolts released by Jiang Yun suddenly rushed directly to the eighth thunderbolt falling from the dense tribulation clouds above Rong Qingzhu.


The thunder of the avenue and the thunder of heavenly tribulation collided with each other, erupting with powerful force, and even knocked away more than half of the eighth thunder of tribulation!

If that’s all, that’s it.

It can only be explained that Jiang Yun saw that Rong Qingzhu was having difficulty in overcoming the catastrophe, so he did not hesitate to actively intervene in Rong Qingzhu’s catastrophe.

But the next moment, the thunder that exploded turned into raindrops, pouring down!

Thunder points as tiny as dust fell towards the more than 100,000 Dharma cultivators gathered here from all directions.

All the Dharma cultivators were busy wanting to leave the place.

But Jiang Yun’s tongue suddenly exploded like spring thunder, and he shouted: “Ding!”

In an instant, all time within a radius of at least 100,000 miles with Jiang Yun as the center stopped passing.

Time stops, only one breath.

But this breath is enough to make countless lightning points fall on every Dharma cultivator.

At this point, Tianyi finally understood why Lu Yunzi said Jiang Yun had enough brains.

Half-step transcendence of heavenly calamity and calamity thunder are also nine ways.

And Rong Qingzhu had already received seven, but he was a little weak and injured.

Even if the eighth tribulation thunder can be caught, the ninth one will definitely not be able to be caught.

So, Jiang Yun simply did this!

Not only did he neutralize the attacks of the four Half-Step Transcendents, but he also took the opportunity to weaken Rong Qingzhu’s Tribulation Thunder.

They want to drag all the more than 100,000 Dharma cultivators present into Rong Qingzhu’s catastrophe!

Next, all the monks, including Jiang Yun himself, will face the ninth and most powerful tribulation thunder!


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