The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8163: Overcome the calamity with peace of mind

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The power of Lu Yunzi, simply put, is that he can control the catastrophe!

This is not a man-made disaster, but a real disaster!

Thus, he was able to create a Cloud Tribulation Mirror Realm and be able to freely go to any place within the cauldron where a Heavenly Tribulation appeared.

Just now, he sensed the appearance of a catastrophe near the place where he should be certified, and rushed over with Jiang Yun as quickly as possible. Naturally, he happened to see the scenes happening below!

Jiang Yun was relieved when he saw that Rong Qingzhu was still alive.

But seeing Rong Qingzhu’s condition clearly made him frown slightly.

Although he did not see everything that happened here before, it was not difficult for him to see from the powerful aura erupting from Rong Qingzhu that Rong Qingzhu was about to enter the realm of half-step transcendence!

Rong Qingzhu itself is already at the original high-level realm.

Now that he has become a Taoist leader, it is not difficult to understand that under the care of the power of the Tao, he has taken a half-step to transcendence.

However, Jiang Yun couldn’t figure out why Rong Qingzhu didn’t quickly prepare to overcome the tribulation, but instead became a little embarrassed and attacked Rou Lingzi!

Hearing Lu Yunzi’s words, Jiang Yun asked casually: “Is there a catastrophe in becoming a half-step transcendent?”

Lu Yunzi replied: “Most monks don’t have that, but her situation is different. As a Taoist leader, maybe it’s special care for her!”

“After all, after surviving the catastrophe and becoming a half-step detachment, the strength is stronger than the ordinary half-step detachment.”

Jiang Yun nodded, stopped asking, and just continued to pay attention to Rong Qingzhu.

Because the catastrophe is about to come, Jiang Yun has no plans to show up for the time being.

Anyway, as long as the catastrophe does not end, Rong Qingzhu will basically not be in any danger.

Even if there are more than 100,000 Dharma cultivators surrounding her, no one will take the initiative to attack her at this time unless they are mentally ill.

For example, the current Roulingzi!

Although Rong Qingzhu has a powerful aura bursting out of her body, and this palm strike is also fast and cruel, at this moment, she is not truly detached.

Therefore, her palm was not able to kill Fleshling Son!

When Rou Lingzi saw the calamity cloud appearing, he also knew that it was Rong Qingzhu’s calamity.

No matter how strong he is, he is not willing to get involved in Rong Qingzhu’s catastrophe.

After all, it was a half-step beyond the calamity. If he really intervened and was attacked by the calamity, he would also be at risk of falling.

Rou Lingzi retreated quickly, widening the distance between him and Rong Qingzhu.

He retreated so fast that his body like a mountain of meat collided with more than a dozen practitioners behind him who had no time to dodge, and directly knocked them into a pulp!

But Rong Qingzhu’s sword failed, and he continued to chase Rou Lingzi regardless of the coming thunder.

Lu Yunzi rubbed his chin with his fingers and said with some confusion: “This little girl, with such a personality, can actually become a Taoist leader?”

Jiang Yun had long felt that something was wrong with Rong Qingzhu’s state.

Jiang Yun doesn’t say how steady he is, but he can clearly prioritize things.

At this moment, Rong Qingzhu obviously just wanted to kill Rou Lingzi and didn’t care about her identity as a Taoist leader and the catastrophe.

She died under a catastrophe. To put it harshly, it was a trivial matter.

But if the Taoist cultivators don’t have a leader, that’s a big deal!

Anyone with some brains should deal with the calamity first at this time.

However, when Jiang Yun glanced around and did not find Rong Qingzhu’s two junior brothers, he roughly guessed the truth of the matter.

“Her junior brother should have been killed by Roulingzi, which stimulated her mind.”

Lu Yunzi smiled and said: “I’m afraid it will be difficult for her to survive the catastrophe.”

“Boy, are you here just for her?”

“How about this? I’ll help her ease the difficulty of the disaster, and you can do something else for me!”

Lu Yunzi is clearly going to make a deal with Jiang Yun again.

And Jiang Yun glanced at him, feeling a little surprised.

The opponent can even control the catastrophe at will, even half a step beyond the powerful!

However, Jiang Yun rejected Lu Yunzi’s conditions and said: “No need.”

“As a Taoist leader, she is no longer a child. Naturally, she has to bear the consequences of the decisions she makes!”

Lu Yunzi curled his lips and said with disbelief: “What you say sounds nice, but I don’t believe it. If this little girl is really in danger, you will die without saving her!”


As soon as Lu Yunzi finished speaking, a golden thunderbolt fell straight down from the calamity cloud and struck Rong Qingzhu.

When the tribulation thunder appears, it will also release pressure, making it impossible for those who have overcome the tribulation to dodge.

So Rong Qingzhu, who was chasing Rou Lingzi, had to stop and let the tribulation thunder fall on him.

The thunder was like a waterfall falling to the ground, hitting Rong Qingzhu’s body with endless golden sparks, overwhelming the sky.

The sparks quickly disappeared, revealing the Rong Qingzhu inside.

The first tribulation thunder was not very powerful, so she was not in any serious trouble.

After Rong Qingzhu’s body regained her ability to move, she actually took steps again and continued to chase Rou Lingzi!

Rou Lingzi was so angry that his teeth itched with hatred, but at this time, he did not dare to take action against Rong Qingzhu, so he could only run away again in a hurry.

So, Rong Qingzhu continued to chase and kill Rou Lingzi while surviving the tribulation.

There were many Dharma cultivators around, but no one dared to approach the two of them. They all could only watch from a distance.

Just like that, when the fifth thunderbolt fell, blood gurgled out of Rong Qingzhu’s seven orifices.

Obviously, she could no longer bear the power of Jie Lei.

But even so, she still did not give up the pursuit of Rou Lingzi!

At this time, Jiang Yun finally couldn’t help it anymore and said to Rong Qingzhu: “Fellow Daoist Rong, no matter what grudges you have with Roulingzi, you should put them aside now.”

“If you continue to worry about going through the tribulation, you will be the last to die!”

Hearing Jiang Yun’s voice, Rong Qingzhu’s body suddenly trembled slightly. Not only did he stop immediately, but tears welled up in his eyes.

Because she didn’t know where Jiang Yun was and couldn’t send a message to Jiang Yun, she sobbed: “Senior, she ate two of my junior brothers!”

The arrival of Jiang Yun made Rong Qingzhu filled with grief, anger and grievance, and finally had someone to talk to.

But Rou Lingzi’s expression suddenly changed, and he hurriedly turned his head and looked around.

Jiang Yun narrowed his eyes slightly and glanced at the sixth thunderbolt that was about to fall. He snorted coldly, suddenly raised his feet and took a step. He left the Yunjing Tribulation Prison and appeared directly in front of Rou Lingzi. .

Seeing Jiang Yun’s sudden appearance, Rou Lingzi’s complexion changed drastically again. As he continued to run away, he yelled crazily: “Quick, someone kill him!”


As Jiang Yun uttered a word, a knife appeared in his hand and slashed towards Rou Lingzi’s head.

Rulingzi’s body was immobilized and he couldn’t dodge at all.

The knife passes and the head falls off!

Jiang Yun raised his hand again, grabbed hold of it, and saw two soul bodies floating out of Rou Lingzi’s huge neck cavity.

They are Rong Qingzhu’s two junior brothers!

Roulingzi did eat these two people, but thanks to Rong Qingzhu’s sudden attack and the arrival of the catastrophe, he had not had time to digest the souls of these two people.

Jiang Yun brought the two souls to him and said to Rong Qingzhu: “Now, let’s go through the tribulation with peace of mind!”


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