The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8018: Deep in the abyss

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“Be careful!”

Seeing the black gas rushing towards Jiang Yun, Taoist Qingxin hurriedly reminded him: “My junior brother has too many negative auras on his body. It is best not to let them all enter your body at once.”

Taoist Qingxin had naturally used the method of empathy on Taoist Three Corpses before, and was also entered into the body by these black gases.

When the black gas entered his body and reached a certain amount, Taoist Qingxin felt that his mood immediately began to become depressed, so he gave up immediately.

Although it is indeed impossible for Jiang Yun to produce three corpses in his body just because he empathizes with Taoist Three Corpses, Taoist Qingxin has to worry about whether Jiang Yun will be affected by the black aura and eventually become the same as Taoist Three Corpses. .

If so, he believed that he, along with Qingxin Daojie, would probably be torn into pieces by Jiang Yun’s relatives and friends, and even the monks in the entire Daoxing domain.

After all, Jiang Yun’s existence is already the hope of the entire Daoxing region.

If something unexpected happened to Jiang Yun, no one in the Daoxing Region would be able to accept it.

Jiang Yun naturally understood Taoist Qingxin’s worries and said calmly: “It’s okay!”

The strength of the Three Corpses Taoist is only in the Origin Realm.

Although the amount of negative aura he released was huge, Jiang Yun’s current strength has surpassed him by a lot, so it is impossible for these black gases to enter Jiang Yun’s body.

However, since Jiang Yun wants to empathize with the Three Corpses Taoist, he must actively absorb these black gases.

At the same time, Jiang Yun also wanted to see if reducing the black gas in the body of the Three Corpses Taoist would help his condition.

Jiang Yun opened his body without any defense, letting the black gas sink into his body, only protecting his soul.

Just a few breaths later, Jiang Yun’s body and body were also wrapped in layers of black gas.

What is strange is that the black gas in the body of the three corpses has not decreased at all, but is still gradually increasing.

Jiang Yun thought secretly: “It should be the three corpses in his body that are still releasing negative aura continuously.”

“It’s just that I still can’t sense the existence of the three corpses at the moment. Maybe I haven’t absorbed enough negative aura.”

After thinking for a moment, Jiang Yun simply gave up his soul’s defense and let the black gas also enter his soul.

Jiang Yun has already condensed the Soul Origin Taoist Body, and the Soul Origin Taoist Body is not in his body, so no matter how powerful these black gases are, they cannot turn Jiang Yun into the Three Corpses Taoist.

Jiang Yun and Taoist Three Corpses were lying and sitting, all surrounded by black gas. They remained motionless, making Taoist Qingxin beside him extremely nervous, with his heart in his throat.

Especially when he saw that Jiang Yun had allowed black gas to enter his soul, he broke into cold sweat all over his body. While he was frightened, he also became more and more grateful to Jiang Yun.

In his opinion, Jiang Yun was really risking his life to save the Three Corpses Taoist.

As more and more black gas entered his soul, Jiang Yun could clearly feel that his emotions were gradually affected.

When the black gas in the soul reached a certain amount, Jiang Yun finally felt as if he had become a Taoist Three Corpses, and experienced the feeling of a Taoist Three Corpses.

Looking around, I found myself trapped in an abyss filled with endless fog. I couldn’t see the light or the way out, and it seemed I could only sink here forever.

However, this is just the feeling of the Three Corpses Taoist!

For Jiang Yun himself, there is always light in his heart, so he is not worried that he will become like Taoist Three Corpses.

After confirming that he and Taoist Three Corpses had completely empathized, Jiang Yun began to take steps, walking slowly in the abyss, carefully searching for the location of the three corpses.

Although Taoist Qingxin had explained to Jiang Yun what the three corpses were in as much detail as possible, Jiang Yun couldn’t tell. In fact, Taoist Qingxin himself didn’t really understand the three corpses.

Therefore, Jiang Yun could only find the three corpses by himself and feel for himself what they were!

In the abyss, Jiang Yun was surrounded by fog in all directions, not just fog, but scenes of black gas.

In a simple wooden house, a man was covered in blood. He held an ax in his hand and slowly slashed towards his neck. On the ground next to him, there were several corpses lying in random directions. .

In a ruined temple riddled with holes, an old man with piled wrinkles and gray hair, tightly wrapped in thin and ragged clothes, was trembling as he looked at the heavy snow falling outside the temple door. In the meantime, he slowly closed his eyes.

In addition to watching, Jiang Yun could also hear a variety of strange or familiar sounds in his ears.

“Jiang Yun, Daoxing Great Region has been defeated and everyone is dead. Didn’t you say you want to protect them? Then why not die with them?”

“Jiang Yun, what’s the point of protecting others? How tiring!”

“It’s better to give up quickly!”

“With your strength, you can enjoy the treatment of others everywhere, why bother to fight for a mere big area and a group of people who have nothing to do with you!”

“Living is a kind of pain, and dying is the real relief…

All the pictures and all the sounds, although the contents are different, without exception, all contain strong negative emotions, telling the sufferings of the world, thus tempting Jiang Yun to let go of everything and Totally lost.

Taoist Sanzhi was obviously bewitched by these voices, so he became what he is today.

This level of bewitchment naturally had no effect on Jiang Yun. He walked through it completely calm and unaffected.

However, looking at those pictures, Jiang Yun felt familiar.

It seems that I have seen a similar scene somewhere before.

But Jiang Yun had never seen any of the figures and faces that appeared in the picture.

Jiang Yun did not look at these pictures or listen to these sounds too much, nor did he spend time thinking deeply.

Although he was certain that he would not be affected by them, he was not willing to risk immersing himself in them.

He even tried to dispel the fog and shatter the sounds and images.

It will indeed have an effect if you take action. These black mist are completely weak and will dissipate in an instant.

However, this can only exchange for a moment of silence. Soon they will condense again, and pictures and sounds will continue to appear over and over again.

“It seems that my guess is correct. Only by finding the three corpses in the Taoist body can we completely eradicate them from the root!”

Just like that, Jiang Yun walked in the fog for who knows how long, and he didn’t know how many pictures he had seen and how many sounds he heard, before he suddenly stopped.

Staring at the ever-changing angry scenes around him, Jiang Yun murmured: “I remembered where this familiar feeling came from!”

“Comes from…the human world!”


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