The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7211: Unspeakable



At this moment, the evil Daozi and Daorang hidden in Jiang Yun’s body are all staring blankly at Jiang Yun’s actions.


Because they really couldn’t figure it out, why did Jiang Yun come here and pick up a flower to ask for the price?


Is it possible, what’s so special about that flower?


Hearing Jiang Yun’s voice, the middle-aged man behind the booth said without opening his eyes, “Ten Chaos Pills!”


Jiang Yun nodded, put the flower in his hand back to its original place, and after looking at the other goods for a while, he said again, “Uncle clan, is there any good magic weapon here?”


Jiang Yun’s words made the man’s eyes open a gap. After looking at Jiang Yun for more than ten breaths, he frowned and said, “Are you, Du Ze?”


Jiang Yun nodded expressionlessly and said, “Yes, clan uncle, I’m Du Ze, I just came back.”


Although the man recognized Du Ze, his face did not show any joy. Instead, he said with a cold smile: “You have a great fate, and you can come back alive.”


“It looks like I was bullied outside, so do you want to buy some magic weapons from me to save my life?”


Facing the man’s obvious sarcasm, Jiang Yun was not angry, nodded and said, “Yes!”


The sneer on the man’s face was even stronger: “Since the strength is not good, then just stay in the clan’s land, anyway, if there is trouble, there will naturally be elders like us to bear for you, it is useless for you to ask for magic weapons. !”


Jiang Yun continued: “In case I have another task assigned to me, I can always be safer with a few more magical weapons on my body.”


The man narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “If I remember correctly, the task that was given to you was to let you kill Du Meng.”


“Why, after killing Du Meng, you, like Du Meng, are tempted by the outside world, and you even want to go out!”


Du Meng, that’s a traitor!


Now the man actually compares Du Ze and Du Meng together, clearly targeting Du Ze on purpose.


Jiang Yun was silent, seemingly frightened by the man’s words.


“Humph!” The man snorted coldly: “Isn’t it because I said it!”


Jiang Yun didn’t pick up the man’s words at all, but suddenly changed the subject and said, “When I came back, I happened to see the clan uncle in front of me, and I returned to the clan before me.”


“I also know that the clan uncle will gain something every time he goes out, so I came to ask to see if the clan uncle has obtained any magic weapon.”


“If the clan uncle doesn’t want to sell me, let’s just say it, why deliberately slander me and have different intentions!”


A cold light suddenly appeared in the man’s squinted eyes, he lowered his voice, and said word by word, “Did you see me?”


Jiang Yun still ignored the other party’s question and continued: “In addition, I just returned home and found that Du Chuan occupied my house while I was away, and asked my uncle to return it to me.”


“Otherwise, I can only go to the elders to complain!”


Always listening to the conversation between Jiang Yun and the man, he suddenly realized: “So he is that Du Chuan’s father!”


“I said how did Jiang Yun come here out of nowhere!”


Yes, this middle-aged man is Du Chuan’s father, Du Wenhai!


However, Xie Daozi shook his head and said, “I finally understand what my brother said.”


Do Rang asked curiously, “What did he say?”


Xie Daozi replied: “Help me is to help himself!”


Dao Rang is still puzzled: “What does this sentence mean? What do you understand? Hurry up!”


Dao Rang isn’t even afraid of Jiang Yun, and he doesn’t even take Xie Daozi in his eyes, so he speaks rudely.


In front of Dao Rang, Xie Daozi did not dare to be arrogant, and hurriedly said: “Didn’t my brother go to find the Ten Blood Lanterns that Ye Dong gave him.”


“If I’m not mistaken, the Ten Blood Lanterns should be on this Du Wenhai!”


“Originally, my brother blamed me for lying to him. He refused to pretend to be Du Ze to join the Black Souls, but suddenly he changed his mind and was willing to join the Black Souls.”


“Thinking about it, it should have been at that time, when he just sensed the Ten Blood Lanterns entering the Black Soul Clan!”


Don’t look at Dao Rang’s long existence, but Xie Daozi is the pinnacle of the origin of the Dao of Evil.


His experience and vision, especially his understanding of people’s hearts, are far more than Dao Rang.


So, he immediately understood the reason why Jiang Yun suddenly came to this Du Wenhai.


The truth is just as the evil Daozi thought!


Jiang Yun found out before that the Ten Blood Lanterns and the Black Soul Clan were in the same direction, so he agreed to come to the Black Soul Clan at the beginning, and it was a drop in anyway.


But what Jiang Yun didn’t expect was that when Xie Daozi was crying and apologizing to himself, he actually sensed that the ten blood lamps had entered the land of the Black Soul Clan!


Therefore, Jiang Yun agreed to impersonate Du Ze and enter the land of the Black Soul Clan.


Even, his real purpose was to get the Ten Blood Lanterns.


With the help of the sense of consciousness left by Ye Dong, Jiang Yun quickly locked the target on Du Wenhai.


After saying these words, Jiang Yun turned around and left, but his consciousness was clearly sensing, staring at his back, Du Wenhai’s body clearly exuded a murderous aura!


Seeing Du Wenhai’s reaction, a coldness flashed in Jiang Yun’s eyes.


Jiang Yun came to find Du Wenhai, but it was just a test.


Jiang Yun never thought that Du Wenhai wanted to kill him now just because he saw Du Wenhai coming back in front of him.


This is enough to show that Du Wenhai left the Black Soul Clan for whatever reason, at least he had ulterior motives.


He worries about what he sees!


In this way, Jiang Yun believes that Du Wenhai should find an opportunity to kill himself.


In the Black Soul Clan, Du Wenhai would never have the guts to do it.


Then he can only find a way to let himself leave the clan and kill himself in the outside world.


And at that time, he would be able to kill Du Wenhai and steal the Ten Blood Lanterns, which would be considered a worthwhile trip to the Black Souls.


“However, it’s time to file a complaint first!”


Next, Jiang Yun found the uncle who took good care of Du Ze.


The clan uncle saw Jiang Yun, although he was a lot more enthusiastic than other clan members, but after hearing Jiang Yun’s complaint, he had a sad face and sighed: “If someone else stole you, It’s easy to say where you live.”


“However, Du Chuan stole it, I advise you to forget it!”


“You don’t know, the Du Wenhai family, we can’t afford to offend anyone now!”


Jiang Yun didn’t care if he wanted to go back to his place.


I came here to complain, just to make my behavior more in line with Du Ze’s character.


You can hear Uncle Clan’s words, but it made Jiang Yun realize that something must have happened to Du Wenhai.


Therefore, Jiang Yun deliberately said angrily: “Uncle clan needless to say, I understand the difficulty of clan uncle.”


“We really can’t afford to offend Du Wenhai, but the boss of the big clan can afford to offend him!”


“I’m going to complain to the old man!”


“Alas!” Uncle Clan stretched out his hand and grabbed Jiang Yun, who was about to turn away, and sighed: “It’s useless for you to find the elders of the clan.”


“The reason why no one can afford to offend the Du Wenhai family is because the elders of the big clan now value Du Wenhai very much.”


“Although you have only left for more than ten years, some changes have occurred in our family.”


“The longevity of the elders of the great clan is approaching!”


Jiang Yun’s heart moved, and a look of shock appeared on his face: “Impossible, the old cultivator of the big clan is open to the profound, and it is not far from the transcendence powerhouse, how can it be possible that his lifespan will be exhausted.”


The clan uncle sighed again: “Originally, the big clan elder did have some lifespan, but not long after you left, a strong enemy came to our clan and had doubts about us.”


“The big clan elder shot himself, although he was successfully killed, he was also injured a little bit.”


“That is, from that time on, the big clan elders selected some clan members from the clan and arranged tasks for them.”


“What specific task, we do not know.”


“But after those clansmen left and came back one after another, the attitude of the elders towards Du Wenhai was different.”


“Not only does Du Wenhai often leave the clan, but the elders of the clan often summon him.” “We guess that the clan always has the intention to train Du Wenhai as his heir!”


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