The World That Tao Rules Chapter 6898: Ding Yi shot



Jiang Yun, who was slumped in the sea, believed that the spirit of luck would not deceive himself.


However, I saw many monks from outside the realm rushing towards me, especially Ren Yi, who had already come to me, and the outstretched palm was about to touch me, but still no one came to save me At that time, Jiang Yun couldn’t help but see the black sword in his hand again, and he was prepared to rely on himself.


But at this moment, a slender palm suddenly fell from the sky and pressed directly on Ren Yi’s head.


The next moment, Jiang Yun’s eyes suddenly blossomed, and a red glow appeared.


With the muffled sound of “poof” in his ears, Jiang Yun looked at Ren Yi’s head, like a watermelon, it exploded!


Ren Yi’s palm that was about to touch Jiang Yun was also the last inch away from Jiang Yun, and fell weakly.


As Ren Yi’s palm fell, the entire time in the realm seemed to have fallen into a state of stagnation, and the originally turbulent sea water no longer flowed.


Naturally, behind Ren Yi, the nearly 100 monks from outside the realm were as if they had been immobilized, maintaining various movements and stopped.


Everyone’s eyes turned towards Jiang Yun who suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Yun, who was stretching out a palm and holding the body of a middle-aged beautiful woman who was holding the soul of Ren Yi.


Even, even Ding Yi, who was always on the sidelines and never took any action, also had his eyes skyrocketing and stared at this beautiful middle-aged woman.


Ren Yi’s strength, even if others are not very clear, but being able to become a member of Ten Tiangan, must be more than the average Supreme.


As a supreme being, even if it is not a specialized physical training, the physical body is incomparably powerful.


However, the dignified and supreme being, is now smashed by this middle-aged beautiful woman with a slender palm.


How strong should this middle-aged beautiful woman be!


How can there be such a powerful cultivator in the Daoxing world?


The one that appears is naturally the Heavenly Venerate!


Let’s not say that these non-territorial monks were frightened by Tianzun’s shot, even the earth and human who have been fighting with Tianzun for countless years are completely dumbfounded!


In the beginning, the three gods of heaven, earth and people, three parts of the true domain, stood on a three-legged stand.


Earth Venerable and Human Venerable always believe that even if Heavenly Venerate became Venerable earlier than the two of them, the strength is stronger than the two of them, but it must be limited.


Not long ago, Jiang Yun hit Diya and Ren Zun one after another. Tian Zun appeared one after another and rescued the two of them. They changed their minds and felt that Tian Zun was much stronger than them.


But until now, they really understand that the strength of Tianzun is not only much stronger than them, but much stronger than them.


Even if the two of them join forces, let alone crushing Ren Yi’s head, it will take some time to defeat Ren Yi.


Among all of them, Jiang Yun and the spirit of luck should be the most calm.


At this moment, Jiang Yun is firming up his speculation about the realm of Tianzun, an absolute powerhouse in the source realm!


Only the source realm can kill a Supreme so easily.


And the spirit of luck took a deep look at Tianzun and said to himself: “This little girl and Jiang Yun are actually very similar.”


“Originally, she was far more likely to become a detached powerhouse than Jiang Yun, but it’s a pity…”


Halfway through the sentence, the spirit of luck stopped and shook his head gently, a rare expression of regret on his face.


At this time, Tianzun finally opened his mouth and said, “Jiang Yun, you’ve worked so hard for you, so hurry up and heal your wounds.”


“Let us entertain the remaining guests!”


Looking at the back of Tianzun, Jiang Yun narrowed his eyes slightly, remembering the inexplicable reminder from the spirit of luck just now, he already understood, I am afraid that the three have already arrived.


But they deliberately didn’t make a move, just watching from the sidelines.


Seeing that they were about to die, they finally showed up.


“I want to come, they want to see my true strength!”


Thinking about this, Jiang Yun certainly wouldn’t be polite to Tianzun, he nodded and said, “Then there is a job for Tianzun.”


“However, may I make a small request.”


“Speak!” Tianzun said indifferently.


Jiang Yun changed his voice and said: “One of the two people in the distance has a spiritual consciousness of mine.”


“If possible, ask Tianzun to capture him alive.”


Naturally, Jiang Yun was referring to his own soul avatar!


And Tianzun calmly glanced at the soul clone and said: “Yes!”


The voice fell, and Tianzun’s palm suddenly tightened.


I heard another muffled “bang”, and the soul of Ren Yi, which was pinched by her in her hand, exploded directly.


Ren Yi, who had been dry for ten days, died so easily in the hands of Tianzun, and his soul was scattered, I am afraid that he was really dead!


“Earth Zun, Human Respect, what are you waiting for!”


At the same time that Tianzun spoke again, he had already raised his feet and walked towards the distant cultivator.


Earth and Human are still standing above the sky.


When they heard Tianzun’s words, they looked at each other and saw shock and hope in each other’s eyes!


Originally, they didn’t have the confidence to fight against the cultivators from outside the realm attacking the real realm, but seeing Tianzun’s powerful strength finally gave them confidence.


Naturally, the two of them didn’t dare to be neglected, they swayed together and appeared directly behind Tianzun.


The two didn’t pay attention to Jiang Yun at all, they just followed in the footsteps of Tianzun and walked towards the monks outside the realm.


Many foreign monks also came to their senses.


Although the power of Tianzun did give them a great shock, none of them retreated, and no one escaped.


As members of Ten Tiangan, if they escape from battle, even if they can leave the realm alive, when they go back, the end will be more terrifying than dying here.


Therefore, they are still standing in place, waiting for Ding Yi or the order of the soul clone.


The soul clone already has the intention of retreating.


Even, there was a little more fear in his eyes when he looked at Tianzun.


After the soul avatar worshiped Dao Zun as a teacher, he was truly invincible, thinking that he was the entire Dao Xinxing world, under one person, and above ten million people.


He doesn’t take the three statues seriously at all, and he completely regards the three statues as his subordinates.


Now, he also knows the true strength of Tianzun, and he is a little afraid to continue to stay in the real domain.


After all, if Tianzun knew his true identity, he would definitely hand him over to Jiang Yun, then he really only had to wait to die.


Therefore, the soul avatar has already sent a voice transmission to Ding Yi: “Ding Yi, let’s retreat first this time.”


“The strength of this Tianzun is really too strong, exceeding my expectations.”


“It’s better, let’s wait for Yi and C Yi to arrive, and then we will come again.”


Ding Yi’s eyes were also fixed on Tianzun.


Hearing the voice transmission of the soul avatar, he said lightly: “If the boss knows that so many of us have finally entered the real domain, not only have we gained nothing, but also lost a few supreme, then the boss will definitely be very Angry.”


“If he gets angry, I’m afraid even Dao Zun can’t keep you!”


“If you want to retire, even if you retire, it is impossible for me to retire!”


Speaking of this, Ding Yi has already stepped forward and appeared in front of Tianzun.


Ding Yi knew very well that now only by taking action himself can he stop Tianzun.


At the same time, Ding Yi’s voice transmission also sounded in the ears of all other monks outside the realm: “Four Supremes, you go to deal with Earth and Human.”


“Other people, try to escape, go deep into the real world and hide, waiting for our orders!”


“Gui Yi, if you don’t retreat, now may be the best time to seize Jiang Yun!”


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