The Mightiest Leveling System Chapter 5709:



The void suddenly fell silent.


Because of this moment, the little Taoist immediately erupted with monstrous fighting and killing intent.


Chen Zhong and Huo are both pretending, but he is serious.


At this moment, the will to fight to the death erupted from his body like a volcanic eruption, penetrating the heavens and the earth.


Under this wave of operations, the three people in the void were instantly stunned.


At first they were full of confidence, but at this moment, they hesitated in their hearts.


Where does this confidence come from?


Do they really have something to rely on?


Looking at each other, all three of them could see worry in each other’s eyes.


“Are they real or fake?” “I don’t know, but if they are fake, they pretend too much. Especially this little Taoist, he really wants to fight. The gap between. But in this case, I want to take the initiative, I am pregnant with him


It really has the cards. “


“That’s right, I also have this kind of guess. Their hole card is Long Fei, so could it be that Long Fei is really nearby?” For a while, the three of them began to speculate continuously.


At this moment, they lost all confidence in their hearts. It is not an exaggeration to say that in this situation, they no longer have the decisiveness they had at the beginning. They didn’t put Longting in their eyes at all before, and even thought that Longting didn’t have the slightest reaction in front of them.


Strike force. of


When they arrive, it will be the end of Longting.


But now, they dare not think so.


The reaction of this group of people is too abnormal, and there is no fear at all. Is this reasonable?


It doesn’t make sense at all.


It is clear that you are the weak side, but now you are acting so domineering, which should be our attitude, but now you are showing it vividly, what do you want us to say?


The three fell silent.


After this conversation, they were even more suspicious of Longting. “It doesn’t matter, even if Long Fei is here, we have to make a move today. Otherwise, won’t we become a joke of the Supreme World? Don’t forget, we are the real masters of the Supreme World. If we don’t do anything now, we will leave.


, I am afraid that if I face Longting in the future, there will only be endless fear left! “


The president of the system center said.


Although he is also beating drums in his heart, he is not sure what the situation is now. But he knew better that if they gave up once, they would give up the second time, and when they faced Longting, they would even feel fear.


More importantly, they came here to destroy Longting and kill Long Fei. If they just gave up because of a few words from the other party, it would be a humiliation to them.


“That’s right, we came here for Long Fei. Even if Long Fei really came back, what effect would it have on us?”


The leader of the Dark Parliament spoke.


“If that’s the case, let’s do it. The two of you can deal with the little Taoist priest, and leave the rest to me.” Tian Neng also said.


As soon as the voice fell, the three of them had already made their own decisions.


At the next moment, Tian Neng took the lead directly: “Little Taoist priest, why kill you three against three, apart from you, as many as there are in the Dragon Court will be destroyed!”


Tian Neng said that his posture was extremely domineering. In the presence, the only person who made him a little afraid was the little Taoist priest. Except for the little Taoist priest, the rest of the people did not pose any threat at all. Even with the addition of Zhongshan and the other three, for him, it is just a backhanded existence



“Okay, let’s fight.” The little Taoist’s eyes flickered.


Originally, he was full of melancholy, and he didn’t know how to face this crisis.


But at this moment, he was infected by the impassionedness of Chen Zhong and Huo Dou.


Just do it!


The big deal is death, what can I do.


The next moment, he was surrounded by the scriptures of eternal life, and an indescribable force exploded from him.


The power of immortality!


“Just fight, just like we would admit defeat.”


“Yes, I would rather die than counsel.”


Chen Zhong and Huo both looked at each other, and neither of them admitted their love.


“I’ll kill you.” The president of the Dark Council took a step forward, his eyes crossed, and he landed firmly on the two of them.


It’s all these two ants. If it weren’t for them, Longting would have ceased to exist at this moment.


But it was because of the words between the two that they hesitated. But now that he has decided to make a move, the first thing to do is to kill the two of them.


“I’m afraid of you, old man.”


“That’s right, I’m afraid of you.”


Both respond.


They were still immersed in their own guesses, and after speaking, they looked at each other, as if they were comparing.


But soon, some worries appeared in the eyes of both of them.


“Why hasn’t he called yet?”


“Why hasn’t he contacted yet?”


Almost at the same time, doubts arose in the two of them.


Pretending to be aggressive is pretending to be aggressive, but shouldn’t you show your cards after the act is over? Is it appropriate to be so calm?


Gradually, anxiety appeared in the eyes of the two of them.


“Why don’t you call someone?”


“Stop pretending, hurry up and contact the boss?”


Almost at the same time, the two came over via voice transmission.


But for an instant, the two were on the spot in astonishment.


At this moment, they seemed to hear the sound of heartbreak.


This is outrageous!


At this moment, they already understood that both of them were immersed in misunderstanding because they knew each other too well.


“You… can’t get in touch?” Chen Zhong’s voice trembled.


“Damn it, what do you mean? Don’t scare me. I saw you pretending so hard. I thought you could get in touch with the boss.” Huo Dou cursed, his heart was in a mess.


The next moment, the two turned around at the same time, made a bold move, and headed directly towards the depths of the Dragon Court.


“Old man, I won’t fight with you. My boss said that he wants to kill the three of you alone.”


“Yes, you don’t want to give you a chance just now, wait for death now, I will call someone now.”


The two backed away frantically, but still did not forget to shout.


But the voice is getting weaker and weaker, and in the end it is basically undetectable.


The three of them were stunned for a moment, but immediately burst into laughter.


“Hahaha, it turns out that they are two criminals pretending to be aggressive, and they have been pretending to be aggressive here, playing tricks.”


“Let me just say, where did the courage of the two wastes come from to shout at us, so they are pretending to be aggressive.”


“Two little punks.”


The three of them spoke one after another, but they all laughed and were in high spirits.


If they were a little worried before.


But now, that feeling has completely disappeared.


On the other side, the little Taoist also looked stunned.


What’s going on?


Didn’t one run faster than the other just come one runs faster than the other now?


He is left alone, how can he fight?


“Little Taoist priest, come back quickly. Those two guys can’t contact your senior brother at all, they are pretending to be aggressive.” The mad king also woke up from his previous confusion.


Two cheats.


The little Taoist priest looked right at the top.


But I can’t blame him, the little Taoist is innocent, even if these two people are not here, the little Taoist will not give up, but now that these two are acting crazy here, it is normal for the little Taoist to get lost.


The little Taoist frowned slightly, but did not move.


Then said softly: “I know.”


The Mad King was taken aback for a moment, knowing that you will not back down?


“I knew from the beginning to the end that they couldn’t contact the senior brother at all. I am a junior brother, and I haven’t even contacted my senior brother. How could they?”


“However, I will not return.”


“I promised my brother to protect Longting well, how can I retreat?” The little Taoist muttered to himself, at the last moment, he suddenly raised his head and looked at the three of them: “Then one hit three. “


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