The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 285: Xiao Yun’s Extra – Lost Love III


“Brother Yun, can I sit here?” Lu Xiaojiao stood timidly in front of Xiao Yun, with a faint blush on her face, and even her freckles seemed to be glowing.

The person she has liked for many years has changed dramatically overnight since the party at Mansion Zero last year.

The flamboyance and laxity have faded away, and it has become mature and steady. Especially the momentum and nobility exuded at that moment make people want to worship and surrender. In the past, everyone thought that the most outstanding one among the four major clans was Xiao Zong. But after Xiao Yun made a high-profile entry into the business world and recruited a group of talented people to establish T Alliance Trading Company, his momentum was much greater than that of his cousin.

What is even more talked about is Xiao Yun’s fierce pursuit of Miss Yang.

Two cousins ​​vying for a girl can really arouse the public’s desire for gossip.

Xiao Yun glanced at Lu Xiao and Lu Jing behind her. The latter smiled sweetly. Although it was not as obvious as Lu Xiao’s performance, her big eyes also shone with admiration. Xiao Yun knew that his power to kill women now was much more powerful than in his previous life, but this was not what he wanted. Over the past year, except for Lu Jing, I have become a lot alienated from my original playmates. On the one hand, it is because there is no time to waste in the preparation and operation of T Alliance Trading Company, and on the other hand, the psychological age gap prevents him from playing with these people. But because of the business relationship, he got a lot closer to Zhu Jianhang and others.

No matter how he felt in his heart, Xiao Yun kept a warm smile on his face: “It’s Sister Yue and Sister Xiao, please sit down.”

The two boys sitting on the chairs next to Xiao Yun quickly stood up and gave way to each other, and went to another table very understandingly.

“Brother.” Lu Yue nodded to Lu Jing as she sat down.

Lu Jing smiled and pushed the plate of dried fruits in front of her, and then looked at Lu Xiao, whose eyes were completely glued to Xiao Yun and couldn’t pull it off, with dark and annoyed eyes.

Xiao Yun is indeed outstanding and lovable, but this girl’s performance is too explicit.

Moreover, he is the direct grandson of the Xiao family, and he is already worth a lot of money thanks to the T-League he founded at the age of 18. Even if his pursuit of Yang Qiqi fails. It was not her turn to be matched by a concubine with mediocre looks and talents. Lu Yue, who should be the legitimate daughter no matter what, was ranked first.

It’s not that Lu Xiao couldn’t feel the displeasure of her brother and sister, but she knew her own conditions, if she didn’t take the initiative so shamelessly. How could Xiao Yun notice her?

Lu Xiao grabbed the seat closest to Xiao Yun and sat down happily. Just when he was about to say something, he saw his body straighten up and his eyes suddenly brightened in one direction.

“I’m leaving.” He said hastily, then stood up and walked towards the person who had just entered the venue.

Looking along his line of sight, I saw a girl wearing a rose-colored shirt with a stand-up collar, white tights, and mid-calf boots. He was greeting several people who came up to him. The bottom edge of this shirt is tucked into the waistband of the trousers, showing off the alluring curves of the slender waist, perky hips, and long legs. Sexy and heroic appearance has always been Yang Qiqi’s trademark. This outfit is casual and not grand enough, however. Attending the school’s autumn festival dinner is enough.

Seeing the boys’ stunning and fiery gazes, Lu Xiao lowered his head and looked at the pink tube top dress that he bought from “Yunshang” at a huge price for this purpose. It looked awkward.

There were many girls who felt the same way as Lu Xiao, and they all lowered their heads to check their too grand attire.

Lu Yue lowered her eyes, hiding the disdain in her eyes, and stretched out her jade-like fingers to pluck at the dried fruit plate.

She also loves Xiao Yun, but she will never be as “ugly” as Lu Xiao. Do something worthless.

From her perspective as a bystander, there was no way anyone could get between Xiao Zong and Yang Qiqi, even if that person was Xiao Yun, the proud son of heaven. Therefore, the only one who can marry him in the end is herself. Don’t be arrogant or impatient, just wait quietly. This butterfly will always fall into its own net. Then, all she had to do was wrap her love around him tightly at the right time.

“Qiqi, no matter what you wear, you will always be so eye-catching.” Xiao Yun looked at Qiqi’s eyes with intoxicating ripples, and then glanced politely at the few people who wanted to talk to her .

Those people are all well-off. But they were only second- or third-rate wealthy families. If they dared to interfere with Young Master Xiao’s eyes, they retreated wisely.

Yang Qiqi smiled politely at Xiao Yun, just like Xiao Yun did to Lu Yue and Lu Xiao before: “Good evening, Xiao Yun.”

“Qiqi, is it so difficult for you to call me Ayun? Well, I won’t force you.” He took another step closer to her, and when she was about to move to close the distance between them, he said in time: “I just got a fragment of the ancient martial arts book “Southern Shaolin Boxing” two days ago. I would like to ask you to take a look at it and see if it is valuable.”

Yang Qiqi’s eyes lit up immediately as he wanted to retreat. He forgot to distance himself from the big-tailed wolf with ulterior motives, and said: “Really? You actually have a broken copy of “Southern Shaolin Fist”?! Great, when can I have a look?”

For other women, it is nothing more than jewelry, beautiful clothes and a gorgeous house. And Yang Qiqi’s Achilles’ heel is undoubtedly “Gu Wu”.

Looking at the expectant look on the girl’s face, Xiao Yun thought to himself that the huge amount of money spent on this remnant book was worth it.

“I am free at any time, it depends on whether you have time.”

“Can you do it after school tomorrow?”

“Southern Shaolin Boxing” is really powerful! The girl who had always kept a distance from him now actually took the initiative to invite him.

Xiao Yun was secretly happy in her heart, with a gentle look on her face: “Then it’s settled, I’ll pick you up from your class after school tomorrow.” Without waiting for her answer, he added: “There were some twists and turns in getting this scrap. That day…”

Lu Xiao looked at Xiao Yun with a distorted face and very gentlemanly led Yang Qiqi to sit on a table in the corner and started chatting. During this period, he kept pouring fruit drinks and passing fruit plates to each other.

“Bitch, you know she was just pretending to ignore Brother Yun before, but now, she has finally shown her fox tail. While dominating Young Master Xiao, she is also seducing Brother Yun. Fortunately, Young Master Xiao is so devoted to her. , I rejected so many ladies, it’s so shameless.”

The next day after school, when Xiao Yun took Yang Qiqi to the parking lot, he saw Xiao Zong sitting on the front hood of the black Tuana sports car.

Unlike the cool and flamboyant Thunderbird M5, Tuyana’s cars have always been low-key and luxurious.

Fancy cars, handsome men.

It attracted the envy of many boys and girls after school.

There were even several good-looking girls who wanted to strike up a conversation, but were intimidated by Xiao Zong’s cold aura and did not dare to approach.

Xiao Zong is different from Xiao Yun who always maintains a gentle smile on his face. He is definitely a person who does not care about public opinion. Whenever a female approaches, he will release cold air or even murderous intent. He knows about pity for fragrance and pity for jade. However, in his eyes, “fragrance” and “jade” will always be Yang Qiqi. As for other women, that’s none of his business.

His cold eyes glanced at Yang Qiqi, and his face, as if covered with a layer of frost, immediately returned to the earth with a smile.

Seeing Xiao Zong naturally take Qiqi’s schoolbag and hold her hand towards Tu Yan, Xiao Yun quickly said: “Xiao Zong, Qiqi and I have made an appointment to go to a place.”

Xiao Zong glanced at him: “Oh, I know, Qiqi told me. You lead the way, and I’ll wait in the car when we get there.”

Is it necessary to be so defensive? It’s been a whole year, and I haven’t succeeded in asking someone out alone.

Xiao Yun looked at the face that was somewhat similar to his own, and his teeth itched with hatred. He looked at Yang Qiqi aggrievedly: Are you really not giving me a chance?

Yang Qiqi is also very innocent. She was just afraid that Xiao Zong would misunderstand after hearing about this from other people, so she reported it to him. Who would have thought that he would rush back from W City. Just now, when she saw someone, she was also startled, but of course, she felt happy afterwards. By the way, she hasn’t seen anyone in ten days, which is quite surprising.

At this time, when she saw Xiao Yun’s unhappy face, she misunderstood and hurriedly said: “If it’s not convenient for Ah Zong to go with us, then let’s do it next time.”

“Oh, just next time. Xiao Yun, let’s go first.” Without waiting for Xiao Yun to reply, Xiao Zong closed the window and drove away with a “boom”, leaving Xiao Yun where he was. , his face turned blue and black.

Sitting in the car before driving, Lu Jing witnessed everything, and then shook her head with hatred.

Even the remnants of ancient martial arts are not as attractive as Xiao Zong in Yang Qiqi’s eyes. When will this buddy of his understand that the two people can’t even pour water into this room. Although Yang Qiqi is, she is clearly wasting her youth.

There is no grass anywhere in the world, why should we have unrequited love for a flower? !

However, Xiao Yun seemed to be possessed by a demon and spent one, two, and three years on it.

Xiao Yun’s T Alliance trading company is getting bigger and bigger. In addition to business, the military, government and civilians also have their own connections and influence. His achievements have surpassed Xiao Zong, and everyone is guessing when Yang Qiqi will change his feelings and fall in love with the more outstanding Xiao Yun. However, she consistently did not give him any response. When she was 20 years old, she held a wedding with 26-year-old Xiao Zong.

Xiao Yun’s efforts and persistence were like a one-man show, and he was the only one who was troubled.

At the wedding, Xiao Yun was extremely drunk: he still lost this magnificent person.

In his last life, he had the opportunity to hold hands with her, but he made a mistake. In this life, she wanted to make up for it, but there was another person beside her.


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