The Hope You Gave Me: 01-Bus


The bus smelled of chicken manure.

Can’t open the window, it’s pouring rain outside.

Min Hui was a little breathless, so she pressed her face to the window, trying to breathe in some fresh air through the crack of the window.

At this moment, the car stopped, the door opened, and the driver in front shouted: “Luotang is here, stop for ten minutes, there is a toilet next to the canteen at the station, if you arrive at the station, if you want to use the toilet, get out of the car quickly. !”

There is a commotion in the car.

The bus has been driving on the muddy mountain road for more than four hours, chasing once, having a tire blowout twice, and almost hitting a mudslide. It’s a miracle that it didn’t fall apart. The passengers were very tired, more than half of them got up, some got off at the station, some wanted to go out and “stretch their legs”, and all of them crowded into the aisle.

The so-called “toilet” was so dirty that there was nowhere to go, Min Hui decided not to join in the fun. Fresh air poured in from the open car door, followed by the dampness of the rain and the cold air in the mountains. Min Hui sneezed abruptly, and was about to close her eyes, when the girl in the seat suddenly stood up. , gently pushed her: “Hey, I want to go to the toilet, can you take a look at the bag for me?” As he said that, he pointed to a checked canvas duffel bag under his feet.

Min Hui nodded.

“And this.” The girl took off a small nylon bag that she was carrying and stuffed it into her hand. “The important things are in it.”


“Thank you.” The girl smiled charmingly. Before she could nod, she put on a yellow jacket and got out of the car with the crowd.

Min Hui stared at the yellow back in stunned eyes: She didn’t know this person at all, even though she was sitting in the same seat, she didn’t speak seriously on the road, so she just casually handed things over to herself, her heart was so big and she was drunk .

The small bag is bulging, and I don’t know what it contains. The zipper is barely pulled, and it looks like it will burst at any time. The girl was in her twenties, and she looked like a working girl in her attire. Maybe she contained all her savings. Min Hui didn’t dare to neglect, and hugged her tightly.

It was gloomy outside the window, and the rain roared against the roof of the car. It was raining so hard that it was useless to use an umbrella. Passengers who got off the bus dragged their luggage and ran away, scurrying away like mice.

Every time she returns to Anping, Min Hui passes by Luotang. It has been more than ten years. The appearance of the canteen has not changed at all. There were still two yellow dogs lying under the eaves, and the cauldron selling the braised eggs was blackened by smoke. It is always the proprietress who watches TV on the rattan chair, and the boss who greets guests attentively. Don’t look at the wilderness, business is not bad at all. There were colorful instant noodles on the shelves, and all of them were snapped up by the influx of customers.

A short man walked past the car window, with a huge blue dragon pierced on his arm, showing his teeth and claws in a terrifying manner. Min Hui’s gaze stopped on Qinglong for a second, and the man immediately noticed it, raised his head and glared at her, and raised his **** to her.


Sometimes people are so helpless, you can’t stop yourself from entering other people’s lives, even if it is a casual glance; you can’t stop others from looking at you in a habitual way, even if the truth is not so.

Min Hui couldn’t help but think, after today, how many people in this world will think of her? How many stories will mention her? How much regret is because of the lack of her?

The girl returns soon, handing her a bottle of iced tea.

“No,” Min Hui didn’t answer, “I’m not thirsty.”

The girl was unwilling and handed another bag of brown stuff: “Betel nut, do you want to eat it?”

“No thanks.”

“Take it.” The girl shoved the drink into her hand. “It’s so hot, I’ll always need it. If you just came out of the freezer, you can apply it to your eyes.”

The second half of the sentence is in a low voice, and the head is tilted at the same time.

Min Hui quickly glanced at herself in the reflective glass, her eyes were really red and swollen.

“I really don’t need to.” She shoved the drink back politely and firmly, took out a pair of sunglasses from her bag and put it on.

The girl was stunned for a moment, but stopped speaking, and for the next half an hour, she didn’t say a word.

This is the best way.

The seat next to me was empty when I first got on the bus. Min Hui couldn’t remember when the girl got up, maybe an hour later, and she didn’t know which station she got up from. During this period, she kept leaning her head against the car window and staring at the distant landscape in a daze, and when she turned back, there was already another person beside her.

The long mountain road was drowsy and the time in the car was a little boring. The girl beside her was full of energy, and she talked to her no less than five times, but Min Hui didn’t want to talk, so she either used the shortest sentence or gave her a cold face, and finally plugged in her earphones and pretended to listen to the song, completely blocking her.

Nothing to be courteous, mostly pyramid schemes. This person is probably trying to sell something, perhaps betel nut.


It didn’t take long for a lively conversation to ring in my ears. The girl finally shifted her interest to the aunt next to her. The two chatted in their native dialect. The tone of voice became higher and faster, and the speed of speech became faster and faster. When it came to speculation, they laughed together, and finally they nibbled melon seeds together. …

The bus was always noisy, and there were more than a dozen junior high school students in sportswear in the back row, probably going to the provincial capital to participate in an event, and the noise never stopped. In contrast, the girl’s laughter was not too loud, it could even be said to be pleasant to the ear, but when she met the distracted Min Hui, the laughter turned into a squeaky electric drill, and it felt like she was doing a craniotomy. During the operation, even the blood vessels on the forehead twitched for no reason.

According to scientific research, babies laugh more than 400 times a day. By adulthood, those who can laugh 20 times a day are quite happy. Min Hui hasn’t laughed for a long time, it’s been a few months. More than not laughing, I am seriously allergic to laughter. People who want to cry are not in the mood to pretend to laugh, and they are tired when they raise the corners of their mouths.

Min Hui rubbed her temples with her fingers and cursed in her heart, “Woman in a yellow jacket, can you shut up?” Annoying or not.

The rain outside the car was getting heavier and the visibility was less than ten meters. The bus turned out of the station and continued on the winding mountain road. Only one after another tree shadows and a cloud of mist came blowing. The driver drove with confidence, not only did not slow down, but also suddenly whistled or changed lanes suddenly when encountering vehicles on the opposite side. The ground was uneven, and the people in the car also swayed. After a violent bump, someone in the front row finally couldn’t stand it and began to vomit wildly. rebuke loudly. The person who had vomited felt wronged even after recovering, and angered for a while. The two quarreled, and if it wasn’t for someone pulling, they would have almost moved their hands.

Min Hui was only one row away from the person who vomited, and a stench mixed with stomach acid, alcohol, and the overnight meal hit her nostrils, causing her own nausea. So regardless of the rain, she opened the car window a little, and the rain that floated in wet her face, bringing a rare sense of refreshment.


Two hours later, the destination Mushuihe City finally arrived. Min Hui got off the bus with her luggage and came to the “Penglai Hotel” near the station. Every time she returns to Ben Thanh from her hometown, she will stay in this hotel overnight so that she can catch the morning train the next day. Unexpectedly, as soon as I entered the lobby, I met the girl in the yellow jacket.

The girl took the initiative to say hello, still smiling: “Hey, do you live here too?”

Min Hui nodded, a little ashamed of her indifference on the bus, although she couldn’t smile, she still made a friendly expression.

“I just asked, the room is full.” The girl looked at her watch and looked at the heavy rain outside the door. “The front desk said there is another one nearby, and it takes about 30 minutes to walk. Are you going?”

“I made a reservation and should have my room.”


“There is a cafe on the second floor, you can wait there for a while until the rain stops.”

“Coffee…isn’t it expensive? How bad is it to sit for nothing.”

Min Hui moved her finger in her pocket, and had the urge to give her twenty dollars so that she would disappear immediately. Immediately restrained, unknown good intentions and unknown malicious intentions are sometimes no different, it is better to provoke her less.

After thinking about it, she nodded regretfully and was about to walk to the front desk when the girl suddenly said timidly, “That…can I have a discussion with you?”

Min Hui looked at her warily.

“Can I spend the night at your place? I’ve booked a train for tomorrow morning. You don’t need a bed, you can sleep on a sofa or make a floor. We will split the room fee equally?”

Min Hui was silent. She doesn’t want to live with strangers, especially at times like this.

Seeing her hesitation, the girl pursed her lips and smiled, and lowered her head slightly: “It’s okay, I’ll just ask, it’s okay if it’s inconvenient.” After speaking, she took out a folding umbrella from her duffel bag and waved to her. , “Goodbye and good luck!”

Just as she was about to turn around, Min Hui suddenly said, “Okay.”

The girl was taken aback, thinking she heard it wrong: “Huh?”

“I don’t need a floor, I booked a double room.”

“Really?” The girl happily held her hand and kept shaking it, “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! By the way, my name is Li Chunmiao, what’s your name?”

Min Hui hesitated for a moment: “The last name is Min.”

“Tomorrow’s Ming? Then I’ll call you Xiao Ming?” Li Chunmiao misheard, and Min Hui didn’t bother to correct her. She nodded casually and went to the front desk to check in.


Penglai Hotel is an ordinary express hotel, not even a two-star hotel. The reason why Min Hui is familiar with this place is that it is not far from the east gate of the long-distance bus station. It is within walking distance and convenient for transit. There is a shuttle bus to the train station. Second, because the room is clean, the price is good, the facilities are complete, and the Internet is free. After receiving the room card, Li Chunmiao gave her half of the room fee. Min Hui said it was okay. Anyway, she only stayed for one night. Chunmiao had to pay.

The room is on the first floor, near the lobby.

The two swiped their cards into the door and immediately smelled a distinct musty odor.

Should be the smell of carpet. Min Hui clearly remembered that when she came last time, the floor was covered with original wood, and the furniture was also made of original wood. It was painted with thick varnish, and the whole room was very bright. Now the furnishings have changed, dark green furniture, dark gray carpets, and crimson curtains, there is a feeling of walking into a medieval castle – high-end is high-end, but it looks dark. Min Hui didn’t like carpets, she always felt that it was dirty, not to mention it was the rainy season. She unpacked and pulled out a travel sheet and spread it on the bed. Immediately afterwards, the two girls gave each other humility for who went to the bath first—

“You wash first,” Chunmiao said, “you love cleanliness so much.”

“You wash first,” Min Hui said, “I take a longer bath.”

“If the time is right, it’s better for you to-“

“You’re welcome.”

“You’re welcome.”


That’s why Min Hui didn’t want to have another person in the room. She had to be polite for a long time to take a shower. In the end, she went first to wash for 20 minutes. When Chunmiao finished washing, she had put on her pajamas and was sitting beside the bed with a hairdryer.

“Wow, you have a great figure!” Li Chunmiao sat across from her with a bath towel, “This is… 34C?”

Min Hui took a deep breath and sneered: “How do you know?”

“I used to work in a clothing factory, specializing in bras. I heard from models that breast augmentation is easy to do, but breast reduction is very painful…”

True Low. Shouldn’t be soft-hearted and let this person live in, the bowels are all regretful.

Min Hui didn’t answer, she opened the water glass and took a gulp of water, picked up an air-cushion comb and brushed her hair absentmindedly.

“Hey, don’t comb your hair so hard,” Li Chunmiao looked at the large clumps of hair left on the comb, as if the end was coming, “The hair will fall out… look at you. There’s only a handful left now.”

Min Hui pulled the clump of hair from the comb, and it turned out to be a large clump. She held it in her hand, silky and warm, like the water plants in a summer lake. In a trance, she was a little reluctant to throw it away: “It wasn’t like this before.”

“Recently dropped? What happened?”

Min Hui smiled wryly and shook her head, continuing to blow her head.

“Xiao Ming, if you encounter unhappy things, don’t hold them back… Trust me, no matter how bad the situation is, it will pass.”

It’s easier said than done-

Min Hui raised her head and glanced at Chun Miao, and found that she was staring at her with bright eyes, her face flushed, whether it was because she was anxious or because she had just taken a shower. She could feel Chunmiao’s kindness, and when they met by chance, there was no need for anyone to care so much about a stranger. Thinking of this, I can’t help but look at her seriously:

It’s neither ugly nor pretty. It is a simple, docile, well-behaved, and featureless face. His skin is very white, like he hasn’t seen the sun for a long time, his face is clean, he has thin willow-leaf eyebrows, tattooed eyeliner, and his curly hair is piled elastically on his shoulders. There are thick calluses on the fingers, painted with lavender nail polish, layer after layer, very vivid when gesturing, and also enhances the complexion. She said that she had worked in a garment factory. She seemed to be a working girl who had been in the bottom of the society, but she was not a social sister.

Almost everyone in this world has learned to wear various masks when they are twenty-five years old. It is rare that Li Chunmiao does not have one.

“I’m fine.” Min Hui’s tone softened.

“Actually…there is a hair mask that is especially suitable for you. Use it every day to keep your hair dark and thick. My friend has used it and said it is very good, but a little expensive. If you want to buy it, I have it…”

This is the beginning of a pyramid scheme?

“I never use a hair mask.” Min Hui regretted letting go of her defense too early and interrupted her firmly.

Li Chunmiao let out an embarrassed “oh” and wanted to defend herself, but she opened her mouth but was finally silent, and looked down awkwardly. After a while, he suddenly made a “huh” and picked up an object from the ground, “Here is a hand spear, yours?”

Min Hui nodded.

“It’s so pretty,” Chunmiao handed it to her, “where did you buy it?”

“My dad made it.”

“He also made the two silver fish?” Li Chunmiao pointed to a pair of lively silver fish on the red rope.

“Well, he’s a silversmith.”

“Wow, look at this craft, it’s really good.”

“Like it?”


“For you.” Min Hui said suddenly.

“Ah?” Li Chunmiao was taken aback, “Really?”

Obviously, she was also a little confused about Min Hui’s fluctuating heat and uncertainty.

“It’s not worth a few dollars, I hope it will give you good luck.”

“How about that, your dad did it himself.”

“Take it,” Min Hui simply put the hand lace on her, “I have several.”

“You’re welcome, I need luck recently.” Li Chunmiao touched the silver fish hand-leaf and took out his mobile phone with a smile, “It’s fate, let’s add a WeChat.”

“I don’t need WeChat,” Min Hui smiled lightly, “You don’t need to know me.”


“I’m going to bed first, I’ve been in the car all day, I’m very tired.” Min Hui took out a medicine bottle from her small bag, stuffed a piece of Valium into her mouth, and got into the quilt.

“Good night. I have to pack my luggage. Tomorrow’s eight o’clock train, I will get up at about six o’clock. You may not wake up, so I won’t say goodbye to you.” Chunmiao paused and looked at her solemnly. , “Thank you for taking me in and giving me a beautiful hand lian.”

The tone is sincere, but long-winded.

“You’re welcome,” Min Hui stretched her hand out of the quilt and shook it in the air, “Goodbye.”



Min Hui was awakened by a loud thunder, and the clock on her mobile phone pointed to 3:12 in the morning.

She glanced at Chunmiao who was sleeping on the next bed, sat up lightly, changed her clothes, put on her shoes, and walked out the door.

The night lights are dim, and the lobby is silent. There was a waiter on duty at the front desk who fell asleep in front of the computer.

Min Hui pushed open the glass door and strode out.

The oncoming heavy rain soaked her, and she felt refreshed instead of cold. She identified the direction in the rain, turned to the east, crossed two small streets, and came to the Mushui River Bridge on the east.

It’s said to be a bridge, but it’s actually not big and it’s not open to traffic. There was no one on the bridge, except for the sound of thunder, rain, and flickering street lamps, only the sound of rushing water.

Every time Min Hui passes by here, she will stop for a while and stand on the bridge to look at the scenery. Sunny days are the most beautiful: straight green hills, misty clouds and high-flying birds. The Mushui River under the sun is golden, meandering and flowing endlessly…

She walked to the bridge and looked down. It was dark under the bridge, and the sound of water was very urgent. It was only then that she remembered that it was the rainy season, and the river had entered the flood season. Although she would pass by every time she went home, she knew very little about the Mushui River, only that it ran north-south, and she didn’t know where it flowed.

Min Hui stood blankly on the bridge for a few minutes. The railing was wooden and not high, so she could easily turn over, the wind whistled in her ears, she clasped the railing with her hands behind her back, and leaned forward.

It wasn’t until then that she could clearly see that the river water under her feet was less than five meters away from her, rolling with white waves, and the front was wide and wide.

Some things in life are like the flood in this flood season, no one knows when it will come, and when it comes, it will take everything away.

Min Hui adjusted her posture and was about to let go when she heard someone shout from behind: “Xiao Ming! Don’t-“

She couldn’t hear the next words. The rain was so loud that it drowned everything. Min Hui turned her head and saw a figure running towards her quickly, the yellow jacket was very conspicuous under the street lamp.

It’s you again, Chunmiao?

Min Hui sighed forcefully and jumped into the river without hesitation.


The current is fast and the water is strong.

Min Hui couldn’t swim, so she sank into the water and was swept up sideways like a cut log, involuntarily turning around with the current. She didn’t expect it to be so uncomfortable, water poured in from all directions and poured into her nose, ears and mouth. After choking a few sips of water in a row, she was immediately stunned, her mind went blank, her desire to survive triumphed over everything, her legs stomped in an attempt to surface, but the jeans on her body were wet and heavy, and she couldn’t do it at all. She felt that her consciousness had begun to leave her, and she gradually gave up her struggle, clutching her hands in the water…

At this moment, a hand reached out from out of nowhere and lifted her head out of the water. Min Hui immediately opened her mouth to breathe, and turned around in the water, instinctively hugging the owner of the hand.

The man broke free, but Min Hui used all her strength to clamp her tightly with her legs. Seeing that the two of them were about to sink at the same time, Min Hui suddenly felt a pain in the top of her head. The man punched her hard and pushed something in front of her, and Min Hui hugged her desperately.

is a lifebuoy. The man swam to her side, grabbed the rope on the lifebuoy, and pulled her to the shore.

A big wave came, and the water began to spin. Min Hui kicked the water hard and managed to create a whirlpool, but was carried forward by a rapid current. By the time she calmed down from the panic, Chunmiao was gone. With the help of the electric light in the air, there was a vague figure in the distance swimming desperately towards her.

“Chunmiao! Chunmiao! I’m here!” Min Hui turned around and tried her best to swim towards the figure.

People who can’t swim can’t control their direction in the water, and the more anxious they are, the more mistakes they make. She watched as Chunmiao became farther and farther away from her, and the time to surface was less and less. After a few thunders, she disappeared completely.

She stared wide-eyed in the dark, shouted hard, pricked up her ears but couldn’t hear any response, and filled her heart with fear.

Not because of fear of death, but because of my own stupidity, implicated a person who didn’t deserve to die.


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