The Grandmaster Strategist:


“It’s a really good painting, the smoke is vast, the lonely boat is lonely, and the brushwork is extraordinary.” I nodded my head indifferently. You have to do things for others, right? With my status, I can help with some things, and some things, it is better to stand by and watch, although His Majesty is still very wise, but always remember that he is seventy years old. I am many years old. I heard that the throne will be passed to the emperor next year. What if he is old and confused and becomes suspicious of an old minister like me? I just want to get a good ending from the beginning. Liu Zhen, the middle-aged man who gave the gift, saw me look like this, and a trace of worry flashed in his eyes, and he said cautiously: “Grandpa, the father of the little nephew is old and confused, so he shouldn’t write a book indiscriminately, please read that the year belongs to the same year. , and for the sake of being a minister in the same hall, I would like to say a few good words to my father, so that the old man can enjoy his old age in peace.”

“Really, what book did Brother Wenju write? Let me see it. I really like Brother Wenju’s writing style.” Among the jinshi, I am the first scholar, he is the second place, but to be honest, I admire his articles very much, the writing is rigorous, and the historical data is accurate. If he is too stubborn, he will not serve the second master. The post of historian is definitely something in his pocket. I heard a while ago that he was writing “The History of Chu in the Southern Dynasties”. I was looking forward to it, but there was no news recently. With an embarrassed look on Liu Zhen’s face, he took out a cloth bag from his arms and handed it over. I opened it and saw the four characters “Southern Dynasty Chu History” written on the light blue cover. I opened it excitedly and read it, completely forgetting that there are outsiders in the room. After I read it in one eye and ten lines, I couldn’t help laughing bitterly. Brother Wen Ju really didn’t show me any mercy. Lazily putting down the book, he said, “Nephew, go back first. I have to take a closer look at this matter. You know, this old man has not been involved in political affairs for many years.”

After sending Liu Zhen away, I shouted loudly, “Xiao Shunzi, Xiao Shunzi.” Following my call, an old man in green shirt walked in from outside the door, who looked to be in his forties. He is handsome, with a white face and no beard. This person is Li Shun, my trusted entourage who has been with me for more than fifty years. He used to be an **** in the Nanchu Palace. I don’t know much about martial arts, but seeing that he is in his early sixties, he looks like a middle-aged man, so it should be true. In the past, some people didn’t believe that a master like Li Shun would be loyal to such a helpless scholar like me. I asked with a wry smile, “Liu Kui is a relic of Southern Chu, and it’s okay for him to say excessive things. Why are the ministers in the court so important?” Li Shun smiled and said, “I think I forgot, next year, the grandson of the emperor will be The crown princess is your eldest daughter. Who doesn’t want to please you? Liu Kui is so stubborn. Either you will always be put in the Erchen Records, or you don’t care, the crown princess and the grandson Respect has to be maintained.”

“Yes!” I suddenly realized, don’t look at Liu Kui’s “Southern Dynasty Chu History” in which he said that I was “feminine, treacherous and deep-minded”, but who would know that I am a person who is not very sensitive to politics, if it is not small Sunja’s suggestion and my prudence to protect myself, I’m afraid they’ve been overwhelmed long ago. Thinking of this, I said lightly: “Go and tell Rou Lan, Liu Kui is the only remaining member of the remnant of Southern Chu, why bother him, there are some things that others will say even if he doesn’t say it, he wrote to me ” “Jiang Suiyun Biography” is a bit sharp, but it is still in line with the facts. He wrote it to prevent others from writing it indiscriminately. Besides, my affairs can’t be affected by the grandson, so she doesn’t need to worry about it.” Xiaoshun Zigong Respectfully withdrew.

I opened “Jiang Suiyun’s Biography” with great interest and read it again. Although I haven’t made a conclusion yet, it doesn’t matter if I read it in advance.

In the 16th year of Xiande, Ding Mao, the lord of the country was victorious, and in the autumn, he recovered from his illness, and the scholars in the south of the Yangtze River were delighted. Zhe is also, at that time Suiyun’s name had not yet been revealed, and when people questioned each other, they knew who he was.

Jiang Zhe, courtesy name Suiyun, was born in Wushen in the fourth year of the same Yuan Dynasty. His father Jiang Mu, courtesy name Hanqiu, was a poor boy in Hanqiu, but he was elegant and elegant, so his wife loved his daughter, and in Hanqiu, he could not make progress because of the troubled times. Therefore, he refused to go out to work, and only taught his son to study all day long. After eight years of showing virtue, Jiaxing plagued. His wife died of illness. For this reason, he extended his medical treatment, and met the medical saint Sangchen. Sangchen loved to follow the cloud and learned it and remembered it, so he gave him all the money. Soon, the cold autumn gradually recovered. One year, Renxu died of illness in the cold autumn. There are twelve volumes of “Qingyuan Ji” handed down. It is elegant and fresh, and people today love it.

He died in cold autumn, and he was poor and could not be buried. At that time, the Marquis of Zhenyuan, Lu Shou Jiangxia, asked for a teacher for his son, and he went to see him with the clouds. The Marquis Lu saw that he was young, so it was difficult for him, so he ordered him to write a text, and wrote thousands of words with the clouds. , which became “Autumn Water Fu” in a moment, in which there are “Shaoyan, the moon rises above the east mountain, and hovers between the bullfights. The white dew crosses the river, and the water and light meet the sky. The way a reed is, the lingering daze is dazed. It is like Feng Xu controlling the wind, but not knowing where it will stop; Piao Piao is like being independent from the world, emerging and ascending to immortality.” In this sentence, Marquis Lu was shocked, got up and thanked him, and ordered his son to come out and ask his teacher for advice.

–“The History of Chu in the Southern Dynasties: The Biography of Jiang Suiyun”


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