The God of Sky & Earth Chapter 1921: : Teenage showdown!


Yunying’s step on frost was born out of Shuijiang Tianjing. Su Yi stood in the sky, and the surrounding icy blue ice crystals twisted like elves.

Being able to easily escape Long Cang’s fatal blow is naturally an extraordinary level of martial arts!

Su Yi was able to continuously break through the seventh level from the second level of Yuanhuang Realm in less than a short time, which is unbelievable to outsiders.

The divine patterns filled the air, and the radiant light fluttered Su Yi’s green robe, revealing a domineering and decisiveness that was unparalleled for no reason, and his wild face evoked an indifferent arc.

“Some people are really tough-mouthed! Do you really think Tianman Continent is run by your Long family?”

A cold light shot out of his eyes, his hands shook forward, and a huge surging power lingered around him, like a god.

The terrifying aura in the distance was surging on the horizon like waves. Looking at Su Yi, Long Cang’s eyes, which were not evil, instantly glowed with golden dragon light patterns and a cold light.

“Keep your body and martial arts skills, and I can spare your life!”

“It seems that the Long family not only wants the Sky Suppressing Stone, but also dares to take my things!” Su Yi snorted, flicked his sleeves, his eyes were red, and he smiled coldly.

In mid-air, when Long Cang heard the words “Suppressing Sky Stone”, his aura suddenly became serious and his expression became serious.

“What else do you know?”

The veins on his face were exposed. Long Cang gritted his teeth and burst out three words from between his teeth, saying loudly: “Tell me!”

The next second, the side of Long Cang’s face twitched, and the sound of dragon roars emanated from the whole body, roaring like thunder, rolling and reverberating throughout the space, mixed with a bone-chilling chill.

Between the lightning and flint, within the space, a shadow of a soaring golden dragon quickly rose up, making people unable to help but tremble!

Su Yi had also learned Jinlong’s methods from Han Wulong, but the strength and martial arts used by Long Cang at this time were definitely beyond the comprehension of Han Wulong.

“This is a bloodline talent! You can’t achieve it in a lifetime just by relying on your understanding!” Chi Feihong’s eyes trembled as he admired the golden dragon’s light and shadow in the sky!

If it were anyone else, the unparalleled pressure would be like the world collapsing. His heart and soul would have been destroyed, and he would be lying on the ground, trembling.

On the contrary, Su Yi felt an extremely refreshing feeling, and the extremely violent fiery energy around him continued to sweep across the sky, shaking the space and causing violent ripples.

“What a pity! The talent of the golden dragon is in your hands, but you use it to do such things as chickens and dogs!”

Suddenly, Su Yi’s Hunyuan Supreme Gong was running rapidly, and a huge energy dissipated the pressure of the golden dragon. His eyes were like lightning, and his whole body rushed into the golden dragon’s space in an extremely terrifying ghostly figure. !

“Su Yi, what qualifications do you have to comment on the Long family! You ant!”

The eyes were gloomy and calm, but from the gleaming eyes, Su Yi could feel the trembling in Long Cang’s heart at this time.

No one has ever been able to make Long Cang so flustered. This comprehensive suppression of his bloodline made Long Can smell a sense of danger, and it was an insult to his self-esteem!

After the voice fell, Long Cang’s face became ferocious, like a dragon’s head, with golden dragon patterns all over his body. The anger in his heart had reached the point where he could no longer suppress it!

He does not allow anyone to ignore his pressure, nor does he allow anyone to override him!


“Go to hell!”

Suddenly, a series of golden figures flashed across the sky, and the majestic dragon roar could be heard endlessly.

The traces of dragon claws visible to the naked eye tore through the surrounding sky, and a terrifying momentum took shape. The energy of heaven and earth on the top floor of Shiyu Tower was instantly stirred into a huge whirlpool!

Suddenly, the seemingly airtight golden dragon’s paw prints shredded countless energies in the surrounding sky, and the entire mountains, rivers, and lakes collapsed into nothingness in an instant.

Su Yi just glanced at the countless palm prints around him, and his own golden dragon pattern began to appear, but it was not so obvious when surrounded by the divine brilliance of the Hunyuan Supreme Kung Fu.

Su Yi did not want to expose the identity of the Dragon Messenger now, so he murmured: “Just talent, no brain! It’s useless to keep you! Die!”

Long Cang’s talent is certainly terrifying, but after all, he is only eighteen years old, and with the state of mind of a child, Su Yi doesn’t think he can get any useful information from Long Cang’s mouth!

Since it’s useless, let’s have a good fight!

A shocking battle between the 19-year-old Nine-Level Yuanhuang and the 18-year-old Fourth-Level Yuanzong is about to break out on the top of the volcano!


The golden dragon’s essence and blood are constantly churning in the blood. Su Yi’s eyes are golden red, and the golden dragon’s shadow exudes the same majesty. The dazzling golden light fills the heart, like a golden sun that can burn everything!

“Come on!”

Since the beginning of the Jade Cauldron Sect, Su Yi has challenged many top experts in the Yuan Zong Realm in the Yuanxu Realm. At this moment, the true showdown between the proud men of heaven gave Su Yi a fighting pleasure that he had never experienced before. , all the violent attributes are activated!

Suddenly, he broke through the golden dragon’s coercive siege. The star in his hand was frightening, and the starlight was flowing. It was like the world was turned upside down, and the long sword light was lifted up, and it slashed towards Long Cang head-on!


“You want to fight me even with this holy weapon! You are talking nonsense!”

Another soaring dragon roar sounded, like the sound of heaven circling. The golden dragon shadow behind Long Cang instantly rose up. Two extremely sharp claws merged into one in the air, and he caught Su Yi’s knife forcefully. mango!

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised. Even if Su Yi was not afraid of his golden dragon’s power and could avoid the golden dragon’s paw prints, with the dragon’s physical strength, Su Yi would never be able to hurt himself!

Standing proudly in the void, the terrifying power in Su Yi’s eyes burst out. The energy of the mysterious light group in his mind quickly filled the four meridians like running water, and he shouted loudly.

“Then give it a try!”

With a slight twitch of the corner of his mouth, Long Cang immediately felt the weight of the mountains and seas collapsing on his shoulders.

The phantom surged, and the golden dragon phantom released its claws in an instant, and the heavy sword light looked directly above its shoulders!

The next second, Long Cang was carried high into the sky by the terrifying force, and finally turned into a cannonball and hit the volcanic rocks heavily!


The sound was majestic, and the terrifying shock wave shook the entire volcano even more violently. The blazing sky was filled with flames, and the rushing volcanic magma continued to flow into the large pit where Long Cang was!


The sound of a dragon’s roar came again in his ears. Su Yi’s eyes were deep, and the light and shadow in front of his eyes were hazy. A young man’s clothes were torn, his hair was disheveled, his eyes were filled with bloodshot eyes, and he looked extremely ferocious!

“The strength of this dragon clan is indeed terrifying!”

Tie Hunbao knew how terrifying Su Yi’s move just now was. The extreme operation of the Hunyuan Supreme Kung Fu combined with the terrifying Tianxing, even the ordinary Yuanzong realm could not directly compete with it, not to mention the help of the mysterious light group. !

In front of me, Long Can’s body was golden and shiny. Except for his aura, which was a bit messy, there was no sign of any injuries at all!


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