The God of Sky & Earth Chapter 1920: : Battle of the volcano!


The power of the stars in the body rushed into the pillar of fire, and like the finishing touch, the fire dragon opened its huge mouth, let out a shocking roar, and then wrapped Su Yi!


The next second, a series of thunder exploded around him, deafening, and Su Yi waved his arms randomly in the fire.

A monstrous suction force filled the palms of one left and one right, and surged out, and all the last energy of the flame was sucked into the body!


There was another crisp sound, and Su Yi’s whole personality rose again. The crater seemed to have accepted Su Yi’s conquest. The magma in the ground began to boil, and large streams erupted outwards!

Standing on the top of the volcano, Su Yi felt an inexplicable chill all over his body. His terrifying strength firmly suppressed the boiling fire element. His figure was like the supreme being of heaven and earth, domineeringly destroying!

“Finally, we have reached the ninth level of the Yuanhuang Realm!” Su Yi’s eyes flashed with cold lightning, and the light passed by, causing ripples in the void!

At this moment, the eyes of a man behind him carrying a stone tablet were fixed, and his undisguised murderous intent was already swirling around the horizon.

“I kept you alive for three days, but you gave me such a big surprise!”

Su Yi frowned slightly, and the vitality of the Dantian Qi sea in his body surged rapidly as if it was challenged, and the vitality spurted out from the wide meridians.

The six profound entrances all opened. Su Yi’s aura at this time had reached the extreme level of madness. He raised his sword eyebrows and looked back at the horizon behind him.

A young man with a shadow of a golden dragon behind him, his eyes as cold as water, and a stone tablet with a mysterious light on his back came through the air.

The golden dragon behind him looked like a real dragon. The huge dragon head was ferocious, and the lifelike scales continuously released supreme power. It impacted the heaven and earth with destructive force, and then exploded towards Su Yi.

The young man was Long Cang. He was not very fast, but he had already closed the distance with Su Yi in the blink of an eye.

“Eighteen-year-old Yuanzong Realm fourth level! Such a talent is unheard of!” Tie Hunqi exclaimed, having stayed in the Tianman Continent for nearly ten thousand years, he couldn’t help but feel like this!

Chi Feihong’s eyes narrowed, shock and panic flashed through his eyes. Even in the deep mysterious space, he could feel the overwhelming pressure coming out of thin air, his throat rolled and his face trembled.

“Su Yi, the other party has reached the fourth level of Yuan Zong Realm! This young man from the Long family is so amazing!”

Su Yi nodded at the same time, and his eyes immediately focused on what was on Long Cang’s back. It turned out that Long Cang was carrying the Tianfeng Jade on his back. No wonder he couldn’t find any trace of Long Cang after searching for a long time!

“Are you finally willing to come out?” The corner of Su Yi’s mouth raised slightly, and the vitality under Su Yi’s feet rose sharply. After the ninth level of Yuanhuang Realm, the fire attribute vitality flew out like a meteorite, and went straight through the air, shaking the supreme pressure. Broken into pieces.


At the same time, Su Yi retreated backwards. As Long Cang landed, there was a loud noise, and the entire shock wave immediately knocked away all the magma that was spitting out.

Long Cang looked at Su Yi’s figure in the distance, his eyes filled with chills, and whispered: “Father told me that you would be my lifelong enemy!”


Slowly putting down the Tianfeng Jade behind him, Long Cang raised his chin slightly, golden light overflowed in his narrow eyes, and the dragon’s power emanating from his body filled the surrounding sky, and he shook his head.

“But in my opinion, you are just like this, enemy, ridiculous!” Long Cang’s eyes were full of contempt, and he felt ridicule and disdain for his father’s words from the bottom of his heart.

Su Yi flexed his wrist, looked gloomily, and said arrogantly: “Are you done! Compared with your father, you are definitely a fool!”


Long Cang didn’t expect that under his dragon’s power, Su Yi could still keep his eyes straight. His expression suddenly became more gloomy and he whispered.

“You ants still want to talk nonsense? You are looking for death!” Long Cang sneered.

The stars in the hand flickered with astonishing starlight, passing by the corner of Su Yi’s eyes. A cold light shot out instantly, and the invisible pressure pushed Long Cang back in the void.

Long Cang, who could clearly feel the pressure, suddenly changed his expression and listened to Su Yi’s words.

“Give you one last chance to tell me everything you know, otherwise, it won’t be that simple!” Su Yi said coldly.

Long Cang seemed to have heard the funniest words in the world. Although Su Yi made him feel a little pressure, it is simply a fantasy to say that the ninth level of the Yuanhuang Realm can defeat the fifth level of the Yuanzong Realm. Besides, he also has a golden dragon. Bloodline inheritance.

“The ignorant are fearless! I appreciate your courage!” As if looking at the most stupid person, Long Cang finally gave a cold shout and a burst of earth attribute energy surged out.

Suddenly, the entire air trembled, and a large force of pressure rushed toward Su Yi as fast as lightning. The powerful force suddenly swept away with a terrifying strong wind!

“Earth attribute, and the inheritance of the golden dragon!” Chi Feihong exclaimed!

Earth attribute vitality has always been built for defense among the vitality attributes, and the flesh and blood strength of the dragon bloodline is even more domineering in the world of monsters!

Regardless of his attack skills, Long Cang of the Yuan Zong realm can be invincible with just this defensive power!

The volcanic rock and soil in Su Yi’s eyes continued to expand, and the fiery magma was crimson and hot, like a scarlet poisonous snake rushing in front of Su Yi with blood stains!

Across the mud wall, Su Yi could see Long Cang standing proudly with cunning eyes, as if he had been pronounced dead!

“So what! Everyone in the Long family must be punished!” Su Yi shouted.

When the voice fell, Su Yi stepped lightly. Above his head, in the firelight, Su Yi’s majestic flames lingered around him, and the desolate ancient Hunyuan Supreme Skill burst out!

“Fire Sky Palm!”

Thousands of flaming palm prints hit the heaven and earth like poisonous snakes. Su Yi’s palms flew, and the corners of his mouth curled up coldly. At this moment, Su Yi did not hold back at all!

“Bang bang bang!”

Continuous sonic booms resounded continuously, and the ultimate killing intent impacted on the magma soil wallpaper, quickly creating countless cracks. After the lava rolled, it became intact again!

After half a breath, the mud wall breathing hot breath is about to surround itself, and in such a confined space, low-level warriors will not be able to escape!

His eyes trembled, Long Cang Yuan Zong Realm’s strength had exceeded his expectation. Su Yi immediately raised his eyes, his eyes were red, and he slashed forward with both hands.

“The shadow of the cloud steps on the frost!”


The next second, blue ice crystals swirled all over the sky. When the mud wall passed through Su Yi’s body, the milky white gas produced by the collision of the ice crystals and magma made a loud sizzling sound!

Long Cang’s aura quickly captured Su Yi’s position, and saw Su Yi’s eyes solemn, his green robe slightly moving, his face calm, but his eyes filled with murderous intent.

“You actually have such ability!” Long Cang was very excited. Su Yi had just escaped his fatal blow with the help of Yun Ying Tashiang, which gave him a huge surprise.


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