The God of Sky & Earth Chapter 1919: :Ninth Level Yuan Emperor!


Still approaching, the crater reflected in his eyes became brighter and brighter, when Su Yi finally arrived at the crater.

The soaring fire wave was like a giant dragon ascending into the sky, then falling into the abyss of the volcano with its claws and teeth. The huge horse brought an endless storm and splashed flames all over the sky.

Looking at the world, Su Yi’s figure gradually grew taller. After a long journey, Su Yi’s body had completely integrated into the ultimate experience of fire attributes.

Looking at the huge wave of fire dragons that swallowed up the world, Su Yi’s eyes were gleaming, and the green robe at the hem was full of pride and unyielding. This time, Su Yi will conquer the entire volcano!

“Ninth level of Yuanhuang realm! Come on!”

Su Yi let out a low cry, his whole body like a sponge, crazily devouring the fire element in the void, his hands dancing in the air, the light from the Hunyuan Supreme Skill was extremely dazzling!

Three days passed slowly. One day’s cultivation speed in the Shiyu Tower was equivalent to fifty days in the outside world.

Calculated, plus the time spent on the road, this is the seventh day since the Shiyu Tower was opened.

On the second floor, all positions have been determined. Lan S Lian, Xu Chen, and Dugu Yumo actually reached an agreement at the same time and practiced together on the second floor.

After one hundred and fifty days of crazy training, the three of them have made rapid progress. The Yuanhuang Realm is difficult and obscure. With the help of Shiyulou, Xu Chen and Lan S Lian have gained what they have achieved at the seventh level of the Yuanhuang Realm. The benefits are far from comparable to those of the third layer.

After Dugu Yumo finished practicing, he no longer closed his eyes. After a long period of practice and recovery, the aura around his body was extremely powerful, and the sharp sword energy and strong wind could tear the void away at any time.

Standing up, Dugu Yumo’s every move touched the hearts of Xu Chen and Lan S Lian, and they stood up one after another.

Thunder light flashed in Xu Chen’s eyes, arcs of electricity circled around his body, and he roared with strong murderous intent.

“I can’t wait any longer! I’ll go in and have a look!”


Dugu Yumo’s sword energy spread out unintentionally, exploding a sword seal in front of Xu Chen, his crystal blue eyes filled with fear.

“Look at Tianfeng Jade!”

Following Dugu Yumo’s words, Xu Chen and Lan S Lian discovered that the names of Su Yi and Long Cang were still engraved on the Tianfeng Jade Bi.

“What’s the matter? There’s been no change! It’s been three days and there’s been no movement at all!” Xu Chen complained slightly, his tone was a little anxious, and he went back and forth.

Dugu Yumo shook his head and whispered: “Long Cang’s soul energy is extremely powerful. Once he enters, no one will be able to escape!”

“And now, three days have passed, and the names of Su Yi and Long Cang have not changed at all!”

“This?” Xu Chen also gradually calmed down and nodded his chin with confusion in his eyes.

Lan S Lian suddenly woke up, took a step forward and said, “It only means that Long Cang and Su Yi haven’t met yet!”

Dugu Yu Mo glanced at Lan S Lian quietly, and said lightly: “That’s what I think. I don’t think Long Cang will tolerate a thorn in his side entering his territory. There is only one possibility, and that is Long Cang also It’s a critical moment!”

“Can’t Su Yi find him?” Xu Chen was a little confused.

Dugu Yumo shook his head. He had just entered the first floor. At that time, Long Cang hadn’t found the Tianfeng Jade yet, but he knocked him out three times.

The three of them were speechless at the same time. Xu Chen took a deep breath, raised his eyelids, and said: “Keep practicing! No result is the best result! I believe in Su Yi! Only by improving our strength quickly can we help Su Yi! ”

As soon as the words fell, the three of them sat under the jade jade of the sky again. The storm of vitality blew up again. Thunder, lightning, waves and sword intent echoed through the void at the same time, and the surrounding light penetrated the heaven and earth!

Three days passed in a flash on the first level. While Tie Hunqi and Chi Feihong were practicing, they were also helping Su Yi keep an eye on the changes in the entire world.

What frightened Tie Hunbao was that the movement in the desert in the distance was getting louder and louder. Chi Feihong had obviously noticed the change, and his expression looked extremely uneasy and worried, but he was also full of fear, saying to himself Said to himself.

“Although the cultivation here is progressing rapidly, if this boy from the Long family doesn’t come for a day, he will always be on tenterhooks!”

Tie Hunqi has always been too lazy to talk to Chi Feihong. Such a human being is mediocre and not worthy of talking to him at all.

Immediately lazily returned to his own entrance, the energy in Su Yi’s body increased sharply, which was also of great benefit to himself.

“The girl hidden in the boy’s heart should wake up! If you can in time, maybe you can help the boy!”

In the distance, the dragon roared mightily, and a more ferocious vibration came from the past few days. Tie Hunqiu could feel the astonishing throbbing even with his eyes closed.

In Su Yi at the crater, endless fire energy continued to rush into Su Yi’s body.

The phantom of the emperor bird behind him is filled with wind, and the vast energy collapses so that the entire volcanic space is crumbling, and the fierce and murderous aura spreads between the heaven and the earth!

After reaching the eighth level of the Yuanhuang Realm, Su Yi felt that he was extremely close to the fire attribute energy. There was no restriction in his body, and the pervasive energy put him in a big dye vat.


A streak of flames cut through the long void, overwhelmingly surrounding Su Yi, and his whole body was filled with crystal clear flames!

“Nine-level Yuan Emperor, break it for me!” Su Yi kept shouting in his heart, running the Hunyuan Supreme Technique rapidly, and the mysterious light group seemed to be pulled, and the dense light filled every room with a fierce destructive attack. In a meridian.

“This power is starting to help Su Yi!” His eyes were narrowed. Being in the entrance hall, Tie Hunba naturally knew how serious the backlash caused by the mysterious power was.

Since Su Yi’s Yuanhuang realm cultivation has become more and more solid, the restless energy at the beginning has also begun to tend to surrender, and even means to show goodwill and get close!

With the blessing of mysterious power, no matter how terrifying the flames erupted from the volcano were, and no matter how fierce the surrounding energy storm was, Su Yi only felt a sense of relief!

After the whole body was tempered by fire, bursts of white eyes began to appear in Su Yi’s seven orifices, and the handprints changed. Su Yi suddenly opened his eyes, and the flames in his eyes were burning. If anyone saw it, they would be shocked. My jaw dropped to the floor.

Above the sky, a huge pillar of fire rushed up into the sky. Under the mighty sweetness, the space trembled, strong winds blew, and lightning and thunder thundered.

The extremely hot energy destroys the depths of the void, and the power of destruction spreads around the sky, like the end of the world!


Su Yi gradually soared into the air surrounded by flames, like a god, and blasted towards the pillar of fire with both hands. Two bright star fist winds, one on the left and one on the right, blasted into the fire dragon like a devastating blow!


Suddenly, the space began to distort rapidly, the blazing high temperature began to shrink at an extremely strange speed, and Su Yi’s eyes began to converge.


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