The God of Sky & Earth Chapter 1918: : Conquer the volcano!


“Let him come to us!” Su Yi raised the corner of his mouth, and a smile appeared.

Tie Hunqi nodded solemnly. Dugu Yumo could fight against Long Cang in such a short time, so he must not have found Long Cang by himself.

After thinking about this, Su Yi determined a direction and headed straight for the volcano that was hit by the heat wave in the distance. He had the fifth and a half fire element soul talent, so he couldn’t waste it!

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Yi’s eyes were filled with coldness, and the vortex of fire-attributed vitality rotated rapidly. His whole person was instantly wrapped in the firelight, and he rushed towards the distance at an extremely high speed.

Stepping into the sky, with the fire wings spinning behind him, Su Yi approached the volcano that was constantly spraying smoke, and his heart tightened for no reason.

The vast momentum is like an ancient behemoth about to erupt. The two adjacent volcanic craters are more like two ferocious monster eyes. The hot magma continuously overflows down, burning the mountains with pits and ravines along the way. , like a ghostly hand reaching out to the endless mountains and rivers below!

“What a magnificent volcano!” Su Yimu sighed, and couldn’t help but soar to the extreme, with wings a hundred miles away, unpredictable.

When he stepped on the volcanic rocks on the first day of the new year, a hot feeling surged directly from the soles of his feet to Su Yi’s thousands of meridians, and the violent force tore apart all the already wide meridians.


The sound of muscle explosions visible to the naked eye resounded endlessly, and before he could speak, Su Yi’s eyes were already filled with red light.

The sound of heavy breathing gradually rose and fell, Su Yi turned his palm into a fist, and the two punches that broke through the air seemed to be strengthened, instantly smashing two red rocks into powder.

Thick smoke is everywhere and sparks are flying!

Looking at the shiny hands, Su Yi was very satisfied. In this place with the richest fire element, it was as if it was tailor-made for him.

“It has the same effect as Zhan Tianhandi!” Su Yi nodded slowly.

Clenching his hands tightly, he carefully felt the fire attribute coming like water from a river. Su Yi quickly practiced along the route of the Hunyuan Supreme Kung Fu at an extremely terrifying speed.

Su Yi knew that without relying on the Heavenly Wind Jade, the benefits gained from just practicing on this crater would be unimaginable.


The hot flame breath rushed into the meridians, and Su Yi felt like a giant furnace. The continuous energy was refined by the Hunyuan Supreme Skill, and quickly turned into vitality attributes and rushed into the Dantian Qi sea.

Looking inside the body, the stars are surging, the Xuanling divine veins are bright and dazzling, and the Dantian Qi sea filled with milky white gas is also mysterious.

Immediately, Su Yi began to practice the ultimate fire attribute, and made up his mind to compete with Long Cang here.

“Even the crater here has so many wonderful uses, and the sea of ​​​​fire in the Pagoda is really worth a walk!”

Calm down and concentrate, after thinking about the last thought, he made a seal with his hands. Mysterious lines of light shone in the sky, close to Su Yi’s body. Su Yi soon entered the state of the old monk’s trance.

I don’t know how long it took, but Su Yi was in such an environment and had a deeper understanding of the power of elements and the concept of the vitality of heaven and earth.

Time passed slowly like an hourglass, and Su Yi’s Dantian Qi sea once again expanded to the extreme. As the fifth entrance burst, Su Yi felt that the energy of heaven and earth suddenly accelerated, and there were more and more urgent fires. The attribute aura is infused surgingly.

Correspondingly, Su Yi felt unprecedentedly comfortable and relaxed, as if he was traveling in the vast ocean.

Opening his twinkling eyes, with flames burning in them, and the whole skin glowing slightly red, Su Yi gave a low drink.


The already hot and crisp space ripples around him quickly receded, and a circular shock wave was blasted out with Su Yi as the center, causing the entire volcanic ground to shake slightly.

Su Yi has been able to fully adapt to the temperature of the ground. Su Yi, who was sitting on the ground, did not expect that the eighth level of the Yuanhuang Realm would come so quickly.

Serial battles are not only the cultivation of vitality, but also the tempering of flesh and blood essence, so that one can make rapid progress!


In the far distance, faintly in the desert, a subtle roar of a dragon made the entire desert tremble, and then it disappeared again, and the floating clouds scattered in the sky.

Su Yi, whose soul power had improved again, naturally felt the change. His eyes moved slightly, he touched the dragon token on his chest, then closed his eyes and started practicing.

“Give it your best and take the opportunity to practice again!” Su Yi said in a deep voice.

This time, Su Yi was closer to the crater than before. The oncoming wind was hot and pungent. The fire wave burned all the clothes on Su Yi’s upper body. The exposed muscles showed a metallic luster under the red light. !

“Su Yi, if you can, swallow the demon pill and the spirit liquid together! This way you can practice faster! You don’t need to worry about unstable foundation here!” Chi Feihong was also practicing at the same time, with aura flying around his body. , the virtual figure gradually showed signs of becoming substantial in the mysterious space.

Su Yi nodded slightly, swallowed all the Yuan Zong Realm Demon Pill and the spiritual liquid, and kept walking towards the crater.

The bright magma on the side is shining with the brilliance of fire, and a figure who is not considered strong is very determined, moving towards the crater step by step.

Only Su Yi knows what kind of pain he is experiencing, and the pain that practicing the Vajra Body brought to him has come over again.

However, it was far more uncomfortable than the last time. Every step he took was extremely difficult. Su Yi’s resolute face showed no signs of sweat or tears, despite the tearing and collision of various forces within his body.

If anyone sees Su Yi’s cultivation method at this time, they will be extremely surprised.

With the Hunyuan Demonic Body and Xuanling Divine Veins, his flesh and soul are far superior to others. Coupled with the fire soul, it is difficult to find a place in Shiyu Tower where Su Yi can improve faster than the volcano. .

“Long Cang, when you come, I will beat you down in one fell swoop!”

A dry voice came out from his throat. Su Yi’s big drops of sweat were crystal clear and fell to the ground. In an instant, thick smoke billowed.

The closer to the volcano, the vitality attribute in Su Yi’s body surged more rapidly. Although Tie Hunqi didn’t speak, the shock in his eyes could not be hidden.

“This human being is racing against time! He uses his heaven-defying flesh and blood to resist the surge of vitality. In a place with such a strong vitality attribute, as long as he persists in a short period of time, the progress he will make will be incredible!”

Chi Feihong also shook his head and sighed: “I’m afraid there is only one such young man in the world! The family may really fall this time.”


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