The God of Sky & Earth Chapter 1917: : Magical world! 【Three updates】


Lan S Lian, who was healing Dugu Yumo, also frowned. The battle between Su Yi and Dugu Yumo was already so terrifying!

It’s hard to imagine that facing Long Cang, who is much stronger than Dugu Yumo, can Su Yi still win?

Xu Chen and Lan S Lian looked solemnly at the same time, their entire faces tightened quickly, Xu Chen whispered.

“No matter what, I will walk with you on the road below Su Yi!”

The two brothers looked at each other speechlessly, and the pride in their hearts surged instantly, breaking the hidden reef like the tide crashing on the shore.

Su Yi took a deep breath and patted Xu Chen’s shoulder heavily, many words stuck in his throat.

The memories of the Holy Martial Arts Conference flashed back in my mind, and the oath “I do not wish to be born in the same year, the same month and the same day, but I wish to die in the same year, the same month and the same day. If this oath is violated, there will be thunder and five thunders on the same day!” The oath still shook the sky! .

After being silent for a long time, Su Yi slowly spoke and said with emotion: “Xu Chen, I am the only one who can end the matter between me and the Long family! In the Tianfeng ranking match, you two families will help me deal with Long Cang at the same time. It’s also against the rules!”

“But!” Xu Chen still wanted to argue, his anxious eyes drifted across Lan?S Lian.

Lan S Lian kept his palm close to Dugu Yumo’s back, and said at the same time: “Family disputes are no longer what they are today! After Long Kuang, the Long family and I, Tianlan Haicheng, have never been afraid of Su! Don’t worry about this!”

“Yes! Hand in hand! Destroy Long Cang!” Xu Chen’s eyes flashed, his fists were clenched, and he couldn’t stop being so high-spirited!

It is not clear to what extent Long Cang’s strength has reached. If he just defeated Long Cang, Su Yi would not be so heavy.

“You should stay here!”

The sound mixed with vitality echoed in the void. Su Yi instantly turned into a ball of fire and rushed into the Tianfeng Jade. Xu Chen’s scalp instantly became numb.

“Su Yi!”

Stomping the ground hard, Xu Chen’s eyes were full of anxiety and unwillingness. He turned back and glanced at Lan? S Lian, then at the Tianfeng Jade, leaning heavily on a stone hill.


A powerful wave shot out, smashing a deep pit into the golden ground. Lan? S Lian’s eyes trembled and he sighed.

“Su Yi’s character cannot be pulled back by eight horses! He is also worried about you!”

Xu Chen’s teeth bulged, he glanced at Dugu Yumo and said, “If you go in now, Su Yi will definitely fall out with me. Miss Yumo, what level of strength has Long Cang reached!”

Dugu Yumo, who was at the eighth level of the Yuanhuang Realm, had a slightly rosy complexion, recalling the three rounds of fighting with Long Cang, his eyes were still shocked.

“I am above the third level of Yuan Zong Realm, but my specific strength cannot be detected based on my cultivation level!”

Xu Chen’s breathing was stagnant, his eyes were filled with whirlpool-like light, and the hot blood in his body instantly cooled a little, and he said harshly.

“If I risk my life, I will save Su Yi!”

He stood up angrily, wearing Xuchen’s robes, his hair dancing, his eyes full of determination and perseverance, and his face turned ashen to the extreme.

Xu Chen’s pride also instantly infected Lan? S Lian and Dugu Yumo. The cold light in their eyes trembled and fluctuated repeatedly. Lan? S Lian said lightly.

“Su Yi will live up to his life with a brother like you!”

Dugu Yumo also started self-healing after the last bit of water energy entered his body. His eyes were filled with blue light. He was already shocked by the brotherhood between Xu Chen and Su Yi, and his jade throat rolled.

“Is this what you said, the wonder of the world!” A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and a chill instantly enveloped his eyes.

The three of them looked at the Tianfeng Jade with light and sparkling breath in the distance. They began to practice and recover, and the majestic energy of heaven and earth quickly filled their bodies.

In the vast yellow world, three young people from aristocratic families are all involved because of Su Yi.



Walking on the harder golden soil, compared to the second layer which is full of gold, the first layer has many more fresh elements.

As far as the eye can see, there are lakes with rising mist and glistening light, lush forests with lush vegetation, and endless grasslands with strong winds.

There is also a volcanic sea of ​​​​fire that is about to erupt, with bulging and smoking volcanoes. The hot and red magma covers the mountain wall, lingering like dragon scales, majestic and destructive, and the breath of death threatens all creatures in the world at any time.

This is simply a world of elements. If you close your eyes and don’t need to use your energy much, you can feel the ultimate power of space rushing toward you. Su Yi was suddenly shocked.

“If I could have come here that day, the Yuan Zong realm would have reached the Yuan realm realm!” Chi Feihong opened his eyes wide and looked at the magical world in front of him, exclaiming in wonder.

The strange scene in front of me seems to include the entire Tianman Continent, including the void land, six continents, three lands and one sea.

“In such a huge world, where could Long Cang be?” Su Yi searched for a while, then stood on a mountain peak, breathing in the endless aura of heaven and earth.

The whole person instantly entered the state of condensing energy and becoming a god. Then he slowly sat down, his eyes were full of solemnity, his hand seals were formed, and he quickly began to refine the spiritual liquid he had just swallowed.

At the same time, he took out three bottles of spiritual liquid from the space to protect himself, and Tie Hunqi whispered.

“This time, without the help of Xiaoman Girl, you have to prepare yourself for such an opponent!”

Closing his eyes, his heart and soul moved slightly, his eyelashes seemed to move, Su Yi’s voice was calm.

“You have to fight even if you can’t win! This battle has too many things on your shoulders!”

Turn around, Su Yi chuckled again, a cold wave flashed in the corner of his eyes, and said with murderous intent evident.

“Besides, if it’s about the Golden Dragon inheritance, he has to call me grandpa!”

Recalling the promise he made to Lao Jinlong that day to find him again when he reaches the Yuanzong realm within three years, Su Yi’s heart sank.

After the sky wind passes, Su Yi is ready to return to the Chaos Realm. Gather your strength, set foot on the Holy Mountain, and then reveal all the true secrets of the ancient catastrophe.


Tie Hunqi didn’t say much anymore. He admired Su Yi’s confidence and belief endlessly. The only thing he could do was to help Su Yi find Long Cang’s location early during his recovery.

Time passed slowly, and after half a day, Su Yi finally opened his eyes, and a light shot through his clear eyes.

Looking at the huge space, volcanoes, deserts, grasslands, and lakes, where is the location of the golden dragon!

“Should we continue to look for Tianfeng Jade?” Chi Feihong said. In such a world, with the dual blessings of the mysterious space and Shiyu Tower, Chi Feihong felt that he had an unprecedented recovery speed!

Su Yi shook his head resolutely. The area of ​​the first floor could no longer be described as large, and it was significantly larger than the second floor.

If you just look for it by yourself, you may not be able to get there even if you look for it for ten days and a half.


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