The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 436: Know the truth and tears almost fell



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It is said to be a place for drinking parties, but it is actually an exchange in the twilight wonders. People come and go, and there are countless extraordinary people of all races.


One more person comes in or one person leaves, no one cares at all. No matter how extraordinary you are, there is a high probability that someone stronger than you will be found here. This is the consensus.


Because, in this place where the dead and the living trade, you can see the strongest of all dynasties, and only the super amazing are qualified to appear here.


So, whether it was Wang Xuan and Zhang Jiao, or Fang Yuzhu, when they came here, they did not attract attention


Fang Yuzhu, dressed in white, can be called a peerless beauty. She doesn’t have the iceberg aura that is unapproachable. She is dignified and elegant, and she is beautiful.


Only when she is wearing armor to kill enemies, her aura will be extremely powerful and compelling.


269 years have passed, her face has not changed, she is graceful and beautiful, and it is because of this that people nearby still look here and there.


In the exchanges, there are standouts of all eras, such as Taoism, breaking the limit, etc. Anyway, they are very powerful, and the recognition is not high. Instead, they are extremely ugly extraordinary people, or extremely beautiful people, who bring people The impression will be deeper.


Here, don’t suppress an era, not the top ten people in a certain period, they are very low-key, and they are embarrassed to say how they benefited back then.


Fang Yuzhu’s face is quite ‘playable’, no matter whether there are empty fairies, charming witches, and clear spring-like elves, she is outstanding every day. In addition, she has one of the best strengths in the mother universe, and she has cultivated a confident aura. , her demeanor and charm are indeed highly recognizable.


Therefore, when Wang Xuan passed by, other people took the initiative to greet him, greeted him warmly, and even went to pick up Wang Xuan and Master Zhang.


“Moo, didn’t you see it? Jing/hua/shu/ge… is a gathering of acquaintances, your eyes are long and your heads are up, but you don’t see me Is Wang here? What are you pulling?” Fu Dao Niu said.


It’s really not embarrassing here. In a battle at the same level, there is Wang Xuan who has three sacred objects in one. If he competes in Taoism and realm, he has a mobile phone.


“What are you talking about, calf?” Naturally, a strong and furry man does not like him. He is very tall, his arms are thicker than other people’s heads, and his thick hair can be ten centimeters long.


He felt that his good mood was ruined. He stretched out a finger as thick as a carrot, poked the bull’s head through the void, and said, “Stay on the side.”


“Shut up, do you know who you are talking to? Fu Sheng, the future great sage of the demon clan.” During the speech, the Fu Dao ring on its nose floated up, the purple air flowed, and at the same time its fur was chaotic Substance spilled.


Suddenly, the eyes of the people around them changed, and they clearly recognized that this was a mutated Fudao bull, one of the strongest mounts on the horn that was difficult to appear in many eras.


It doesn’t mean that the people nearby are afraid of it. After all, they are all top figures in different eras, but they know very well that the person who can own this kind of mount should be the ruthless person who can suppress several eras!


What they are afraid of is Wang Xuan next to Fu Dao Niu, realizing that this is an extremely outgoing man in the entire exchange!


Wang Xuan was guarding the exit of the secret realm and looked at them one by one. He was catching the spirits, and he would be killed when he saw them. He was absolutely merciless.


Unfortunately, later, he only found the kitten, No. 63 and Luo Meng disappeared, and the last two leaders of the experiencer disappeared completely.


Furthermore, he was sure that among the 100,000 immortals and demons who followed the ancient and modern expeditions, there were no great ghosts, and he kept staring at them during the process. If there were such people, he would definitely stay.


Finally, Wang Xuan returned to the canyon of the plane to see Yudao Banner. It did not leave, and he made up his mind to integrate with the killing array map to improve the essence of life.


The Royal Road Spear and the flag are considered one, and from now on, there is only the complete Royal Road Flag, and there are no two separate treasures.


“Actually, it’s not that the more treasures are piled up, the better. I try to absorb only the supreme texture of the first killing formation for my own use, and transform it at the level of the Dao, instead of smelting foreign objects and adding them to my body.” Yu Dao Qi said.


This time, the underground palace was opened, and the no-kill formation was closed, and now they all entered the mix together


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In Chaos Cave.


The hole is very particular, and Wang Xuan has been thinking about it before, because, according to the records, according to Yu Dao Spear, after the flag is conceived, that place may become a place for raising spirits.


“Don’t think about it, there are supernatural factors in it, but there are more regular fires, I guess it infiltrated from the opposite universe. Located at the intersection of the two universes, the Chaos Hole is indeed unique, but the current flesh and blood The body is unbearable. It will take millions of years, or even hundreds of millions of years, before the ‘fire energy’ bred in it will probably subside completely. “


Of course, Yudaoqi added that it is not impossible for Wang Xuan to go in. He can wrap it in the flag and sleep with it until the next mythical age.


“At that time, you may become a strange person without flaws.” It urged Wang Xuan to go in with it, because it couldn’t say how long it would take to smelt and kill, and it would also be a good idea to have a passerby in life to accompany it. it is good.


Wang Xuan ignored it, it really took so long, what meaning does his life have, he just went to practice himself, and he must have reached the extreme early!


“Who is that big hand…?” he asked after a moment.


Yudaoqi sent out a wave of consciousness and said: “It should be a strange person, don’t ask me, I don’t know his identity until now. It’s not the manifestation of the real body, it’s just a hand condensed with a breath of the avenue. , and then disappeared into the dark with the aura of the Dao, and went away.”


“You’re not sure?” Wang Xuan stared suspiciously ahead, where the chaotic mist was flowing and the ancient cave was deep.


“At the time, I was staring at the ancient and the present, and wanted to fight it to the end. I didn’t get distracted. Besides, when the aura of the Great Dao manifested, I really had no personal attributes to explore.” Yu Daoqi responded.


“Are you sure?” Wang Xuan asked again.


“It’s a bit familiar. The last mythical age seemed to pass by in a hurry. I didn’t care, and this kind of ‘Dao Qi’ drifted by. I was resting in the whirlpool of time and space after fighting with a treasure. “


“Farewell!” Wang Xuan turned and left.


With the Life Pool on him, he began life without the Imperial Spear by his side.


At this time, a lot of supernatural factors had accumulated in the pool. Although he was too embarrassed to enter the canyon of the plane to collect it, after all, he rejected the ancient and modern, but the supermatter in the pool was also considerable.


In the era of exhaustion, even the extraordinary factor of a wine cup can be regarded as a panacea!


He is estimating, will these things in the pool allow Zhao Qinghan, Chen Yongjie and others to embark on the extraordinary road? For about ten years.


But ten years later, when this substance is exhausted and the supply is cut off, it is difficult for their flesh and blood to keep the mythical factor absorbed in it for a long time, and it will pass away.


Rather than that, he might as well keep it as an elixir, at a critical moment, to extend his lifespan for the people around him.


This gives Wang Xuan a headache. Is there any way to make them go on the road and keep going?


Time is like flowing water, always passing by inadvertently. Two years have passed since the instant prosperity caused by ancient and modern times.


Wang Ye and Wang Xin are already four years old. The little brother and sister are running around and being mischievous. Even the daughter Wang Xin can climb a tree to dig out a bird’s nest.


It is mainly because of the baptism of super material, practice of old arts since childhood, two children who should be good babies, have ambitions, of course, it is also related to Wang Xuan taking them for a walk in the clouds and watching the moon from time to time, childhood experience Too rich, and when they can run a little on the ground, the two brothers and sisters are very active.


This year, Wang Xuan and Zhao Qinghan’s third child was born.


The two felt that three children would be enough.


In this year, no one knew that in the depths of the universe, a black light erupted on an uninhabited planet, like a downpour of rain, and more chaotic matter flowed.


This is a prohibited item. A shard once appeared. It has been almost four years since it was last seen. It is the Heart of Darkness.


In those days, when Wang Xuan killed Yan Dao, Mu Han and other great evil spirits, he got important news from them. The experiencer once wanted to sacrifice a piece of black metal to ancient and modern.


As a result, the experiencer suffered a terrible backlash, all those involved died, and the fragments disappeared.


Today, it reappears, summoning another piece of the ground.


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Of course, this is a dead star, no vegetation, no life, not the planet it used to be.


On the unmanned star, the silence was broken, and the movement was huge. A piece of debris rushed out of the ground, collided with the piece in the sky, and docked with each other.


In the light rain, in the terrifying black energy, faintly visible, these two fragments have phantoms, and they look like heads.


When the two are fused and spliced ​​together, a phantom of a complete head appears behind them.


If anyone sees it, they will be shocked. The prohibited items have the shadow of human form? !


The planet was almost torn apart. After the two fragments were reassembled, a terrible rule broke out, and the black light swept across, shaking the world.


Then, they flew away, submerged into the depths of the universe, and found a meteorite field, where a third fragment was found.


Bang, when the light rain erupted again, and after they fully merged, the meteorite swarm area was annihilated, leaving no cosmic dust.


You can see that behind the Dark Sky Heart, in addition to the head, there is a phantom with shoulders and arms.


Back then, in the Transcendent Central World, there were two theories as to why the third highest prohibited item was broken.


One is that it was shattered and replaced by a mystical relic. Another way of saying it is that it failed the Great Nirvana and disintegrated itself.


Right now, if someone sees its special state, it will be extremely shocking. The reorganized prohibited items actually have the shadow of a human figure and were born behind it!


This time, it is more powerful, tearing apart the void of the universe, following the induction in the imprint of life, and flying to the depths of this star field.


In fact, it is also one of the strongest mounts, the True Phoenix with nine heads.


A green-haired young man said, “Let’s talk and make a deal? You stay in the twilight wonderland, and I’ll go out and take a look at the great mountains and rivers of the new universe. “


“I’ll come, let me talk.” The woman with red hair, bare white skin, and only a green-gold inner armor to protect her vitals, walked over Nana, with long snow-white legs, Red lips and star eyes, a smile, a variety of styles. “Everyone, you can talk about anything else, but I’m sorry, I won’t stay here, this matter is not negotiable!”


“Finally, a person of equal weight has arrived, who can almost swap one of us out. Do you still want to leave?”


A silver-haired man showed a faint smile, calm and steady, and he looked like he was in control.


“Little brother, if you have something to say, don’t rush to refuse.” The red-haired woman also smiled brightly, very seductive.


These people obviously know that when the ‘right’ person arrives, if the deal goes through, some of them can get out of trouble!


“You want an equal trade partner. Actually, it’s not impossible. I should be able to hunt it down.” Wang Xuan said.


However, how could this group of people believe? They are all eyeing him!


Fang Yuzhu frowned at the and said: “The situation is not right, Wang Xuan was targeted by them, and something happened.”


She got a little worried and stood up.


“Relax, my master is undefeated at the same level!” Fu Dao Niu is very confident.


Master Zhang saw Fang Yuzhu’s gaze. Although he was very reluctant to praise that kid, he had to tell her helplessly now: “He is very good at fighting, let’s take a look first.”


Sure enough, the atmosphere in the exchange became extremely tense.


“Are you strong, do you want to come on stage to talk more deeply?” someone asked.


“In the words of my mount, in the same realm, my cattle are invincible, and as for me, I am above.” Wang Xuan replied calmly.


In an instant, the entire Dusk Exchange fell silent!


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