The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9183: Starry Sky


“Although I have fallen, my Chamber of Commerce is still there. They have collected a lot of treasures, and they also want to enshrine me and provide resources for my recovery, but the time has not yet come.”

“In my Qingyun Chamber of Commerce, there is a mystical object called the God of the Starry Sky. Legend has it that it flows from the world beyond the starry sky.”

“The divine spring of the starry sky is extremely rich in spiritual energy. If the energy of the divine spring of the starry sky is used, it should be able to heal Wen Tian’s injuries and help him dispel the fire poison.”

Marven Ye said: “The divine spring of the starry sky, is it a fetish object flowing from the other side of the starry sky? I’m afraid it’s worth a lot of money?”

Yin Suzhen said: “It’s really worth a lot of money, but in order to save people and tame a tail, it’s too much to worry about.”

After a pause, she said to the real person of Chongyang: “The real person of Chongyang, you go to Wuwu Time and Space, take my talisman, go to the Qingyun Chamber of Commerce, take out the starry sky, and you can save Wentian.”

While speaking, Yin Suzhen’s slender hands gathered aura and turned into a talisman surrounded by lightning, which was to be handed over to Chongyang Zhenren.

The real person from Chongyang gave a wry smile and did not answer, saying: “No way, my vitality is depleted so badly, I can’t go to Wuwu Time and Space for the time being.”

He just had a battle with Daode Tianzun, and his spiritual energy consumption was huge. Now his face is quite dim, and he needs to retreat to recover.

Yin Suzhen frowned and said, “It’s not convenient for me to be infected with karma, and it’s not convenient for me to go to Wuwu Time and Space. Who can go?”

She looked at Su Nishang and Ye Chen.

Su Nishang shook her head gently, her strength still needs to be restored, so naturally she can’t rashly set foot on the void.

Ye Chen thought of his grandfather, Feng Yuying and Shentu Wan’er, and said, “In my reincarnation camp, someone can go to Wu Wu Time and Space.”

Shenzhen Chongyang waved his hand and said, “No need, Lord of Samsara, I don’t want to trouble you any more.”

“If I want to go to No Time and Space, I think of one person.”

After a pause, he turned towards the Holy Fire Hall and called out, “Miss Charm, come out.”

When his voice fell, he saw a woman walking out of the Holy Fire Palace. She had a beautiful face, but her face was slightly pale, which was Charming.

Mei Xin is the apprentice of the ancient **** Tuo Di, and she can naturally go to Wu Wu Time and Space.

For the past few days, she has been trapped in the Holy Fire Hall.

She has a special status, Chongyang Zhenren wants to put her under house arrest and keep her as a bargaining chip in the future.

However, it is obviously more important to go to Wuwu Time and Space, to take the divine spring of the starry sky, and to treat Master Wen Tian.

The real person of Chongyang didn’t want to fake Ye Chen, so as not to be indebted, so he said to Meixin:

“Miss Meixin, please take a trip to Wuwu Time and Space for me, to the Qingyun Chamber of Commerce, and bring down the Starry Sky God Spring. After the matter is completed, I can let you leave.”

In the past few days, Chongyang Zhenren, intentionally or unintentionally, has placed a causal prohibition on Meixin.

Without his release, Meixin cannot leave the Tianyang Domain, otherwise he may die suddenly at any time.

Mei Xin is under house arrest, but she doesn’t say how bad she is.

Because, even if she is free, going back to Tuodi Tianzong may be a dead end.

The temper of the ancient **** Tuodi is even more vicious and vicious than the ancient emperor Yuhuang.

The so-called master-disciple friendship, in his eyes, is also a shit-like existence, not worth mentioning.

Mei Xin and Ye Han and other disciples have been punished by the ancient **** Tuo Di since childhood.

As long as the ancient **** Tuo Di is slightly unsatisfactory, he will take their anger out.

In fact, they have died many times, and most of the timelines have been erased, all because of the ancient **** Tuo Di.

Mei Xin was ordered to approach Ye Chen this time, but it was completely revealed that the mission failed. If she returned to Tuo Di Tianzong, she would definitely suffer inhuman torture and punishment.

She was fearful in her heart and was placed under house arrest in the Tianyang Domain. She was protected by the real person of Chongyang, but she would not be injured.

“Do you want me to go to Qingyun Chamber of Commerce?”

Mei Xin looked at the injured Master Wen Tian and said in a rather cramped voice.

“Yes, as long as you bring back the divine spring of the starry sky, I will set you free.”

Chongyang Daoist.

Mei Xin’s heart tightened, thinking that if he went back to the Tuo Di Tianzong, he would suffer painful punishment, but if he stayed in the Tianyang Realm, it was not the way.

“You are free, you can go wherever you want.” Chongyang Zhenren said again.

Mei Xin gritted her teeth, thinking that this is true, no matter what, the most important thing is to regain her freedom now.

“Okay, then I’ll go to Qingyun Chamber of Commerce and help you bring things down.”

Mei Xin nodded immediately.

The real person from Chongyang was overjoyed and said, “Miss Charm, thank you very much.”

After a pause, he said to Fan Xingyan: “Xingyan, Master is going to retreat, manage the Holy Fire Hall, treat Master Wen Tian, ​​and tame Yiwei, I will leave it to you.”

Fan Xingyan was terrified and said, “Master, I… I can’t do it.”

Managing the Sacred Fire Hall, healing Master Wen Tian, ​​and taming Yi Tai, these are all important things to the sky.

Zhongyang Zhenren said: “It’s okay, believe in yourself, Master’s vitality is depleted too much, and he has to retreat for a period of time, and everything will be handled by you.”

“Thunder God, Lord of Reincarnation, Master Wen Tian’s life and death, please also help take care of one or two.”

After saying hello to Ye Chen and Yin Suzhen, he flew away and went to retreat to recuperate.

Marven Ye’s face sank, and his eyes looked at Charming Xin.

If you want to heal Master Wen Tian now, you can only wait for Mei Xin to go to Wu Wu Time and Space and bring down the divine spring of the starry sky.

“Give me a day.”

Mei Xin didn’t dare to look directly into Ye Chen’s eyes, silently tore the void, took Yin Suzhen’s talisman, and headed to Wu Wu Time and Space.

Yin Suzhen held Ye Chen’s arm lightly and said, “Ye Chen, I should almost leave. I’m going out this time because of too much karma, so I must go back to retreat as soon as possible.” The voice was rather reluctant. .

After two short days of getting along, the relationship between her and Ye Chen quickly warmed up. She already had an idea in her heart, but now she still needs to exercise restraint.

“Well, Miss Yin, thank you for these two days.”

Ye Chen smiled. In the past two days, Yin Suzhen taught him the Divine Sword and Thunder Technique, and helped him find Master Wen Tian. The alliance was officially confirmed, and he was grateful in his heart.

“I’m gone. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can call me by my name again.”

Yin Suzhen’s eyes had a hint of tenderness, restraining the sprouting in her heart, but before leaving, she still kissed Ye Chen’s cheek lightly, clicked until it was done, and then stepped on Lei Tianque, Yufeng left.

Master Wen Tian wanted to say goodbye, but his injury was too serious. The fire poison attacked the heart, and the intense energy of the fire was flowing wildly in his meridians. He was burned all over his body, and many parts of his flesh were turned into coke.

Under such serious injury, he groaned in a low voice and was unable to get up to say goodbye to Thor. Under the torment of such serious injuries, he may not live for a few days.


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