The Delicate Lady Coroner Chapter 214: Ten kinds of flowers (end of text)

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Chapter 214 Ten Flowers (End of Text)

On the first day of the Lunar New Year in Huo Weilou, he visited Cheng’s house again. The etiquette was thorough and Cheng Yunzhi was naturally very happy. On the second day of the Lunar New Year, Bo Jingli brought Wei and Bo Yixuan to visit. During the dinner, Bo Ruoyou learned that there was a big fuss in Bo’s house the year before. Had a game.

Ms. Wei sighed and said, “Sister-in-law wanted to marry Xian’er to the nephew from her mother’s clan. She even accepted the betrothal gift. I thought the marriage was going to happen, but who knew that Xian’er turned out to be a powerful person? , you will never imagine what she did——”

“She shaved off her hair and wanted to become a monk and become a sister-in-law.”

When Ms. Wei thought of that scene, she said with lingering fear, “I personally saw her holding the scissors, and with one cut her hair was gone. She cut the hair by wiping the roots, and she really didn’t leave any way out. My sister-in-law was furious at that time. I fainted, woke up and cried for two days. I knew I couldn’t force it anymore, so I withdrew the wedding ceremony. I went to persuade Xian’er, but Qian’er said that she really would never marry in this life.”

Bo Jingli also said: “Even if you don’t like the marriage, it’s better than being an aunt. She made a fuss, and the outside world knows her temper even more. I think she can be willful for a few days, but I’m afraid that after she changes her mind, it will be like this She can’t find a marriage partner that she despises. Hey, after all, she’s just watching her niece grow up. I really don’t know how she’s going to live her life.”

Bo Ruoyou and Cheng Yunzhi looked at each other, neither of them expected that Bo Yixian could do this. Bo Yixian was born in a good family and had a good life since childhood. When he grew up, he was talented and famous. Naturally, he was a very proud person, not to mention her. Most likely he really likes Lin Zhao.

Bo Ruoyou somewhat understands Bo Yixian’s thoughts. In this world, women who do not marry are like aliens. She also cut off her hair and entered Buddhism without caring about right or wrong. This kind of courage is rare among women. .

When they heard about the affairs of the Bo family’s main house, they just listened and did not make any judgments. Seeing that the Wei family was a little embarrassed, she quickly turned the conversation to Bo Ruoyou’s marriage. Bo Yixuan was silent on the side. , very reserved, probably thinking that he had ridiculed and despised Bo Ruoyou, so he didn’t dare to cast his eyes on her, but seeing Bo Ruoyou being so generous and unfazed, he felt even worse in his heart.

On the second day of the second day of the lunar month, I spent half a day with Bo’s second wife. On the early morning of the third day of the lunar month, Lin Huai and his wife arrived at the house. When they came, Cheng Yunzhi had no choice but to ask why Lin Zhao hadn’t arrived.

Lin Huai said without changing his expression: “Zhao’er has been invited to be released to the outside world and will leave Beijing on the ninth day of the lunar month. I have been visiting my former teachers every day these days. Today, I went to the Chen Jijiu House in the Imperial College.”

“Are you asking for a release?” Cheng Yunzhi was a little surprised.

Lin Huai sighed, “He asked for it himself, so that’s fine. After next month, I will be promoted to the official of the Ministry of Justice. If he is an official in the capital, it will be inconvenient for us, father and son, and attract attention. A few more years of experience would be good for both him and the Lin family.”

Cheng Yunzhi praised Lin Zhao for not being afraid of hard work and would achieve great results, and then discussed old matters with Lin Huai. The two had a pleasant conversation. Mrs. Chu took Bo Ruoyou’s hand and asked her about her marriage. The reason why Zhao left the capital was naturally not just mentioned by Lin Huai. The Chu family felt sorry for Lin Zhao in her heart, but she was helpless. When she looked at Bo Ruoyou, she felt a lot of regret, but she concealed it very well on her face.

Although Bo Ruoyou doesn’t have much affection for the Lin family, he still respects the two elders very much. Looking at Cheng Yunzhi and Lin Huai talking and laughing about old times, he also thinks that Cheng Yun will live well in his life and have an old friend in Beijing, so He also became more and more hospitable.

The Lins and his wife stayed until sunset before leaving.

As soon as the fifth day of the Lunar New Year was over, Huo Weilou asked Fu An to go to Cheng’s house every day, and also called the maids from the eldest princess’s house to come to Cheng’s house to help, so that the Cheng family would not be too busy because of insufficient manpower. In a few days, The entire Cheng residence was newly decorated.

On the ninth day of the lunar month, Huo Weilou arrived early. Today was Bo Ruoyou’s eighteenth birthday.

As Bo Ruoyou said, Cheng Yunzhi continued to prepare longevity noodles for her this year. Huo Weilou also had dinner at Cheng’s house at noon. At the dinner table, Cheng Yunzhi asked about the progress of the case, and Huo Weilou said: “It’s quite crucial. Mrs. Wen already has clues, she may be in Luozhou. In the past few days, the Yamen has met with the parents and relatives of the victim child one after another, and detailed the details of the previous case. Because it also involved the Buddha Treasure case, Feng Qin helped The story of Wang Qingfu and whether Yue Mingquan’s promotion in the military was involved in corruption are all clear. The case should be finalized before the end of the month. This case has aroused His Majesty’s anger, and the case will definitely be executed.”

Feng Qinwan cannot atone for his sins by dying, but being punished can finally bring some relief to the living. Cheng Yunzhi sighed “Okay” twice, and drank two more glasses with Huo Weilou. After the meal, Huo Weilou took a thin Ruoyou walked out the door.

After the New Year, the weather was fine and getting warmer. The snow in the city slowly melted, but the wind was still bitingly cold. The carriage went along the imperial street of Changshoufang to the Hou Mansion. Bo Ruoyou didn’t know that Huo Weilou was waiting for her. What are you doing in the Marquis Mansion?

She was suspicious in her heart, and her face showed it. Huo Weilou saw a smile in his eyes, but said nothing.

After the year, Bao Ruoyou had not yet visited the Hou Mansion. When she entered the Hou Mansion, she felt that the atmosphere in the Hou Mansion was also different. She followed the main road towards the main courtyard, and before taking two steps, her hand was pulled. , “Wrong go-“

Bo Ruoyou was slightly surprised, but Huo Weilou took her in a different direction, heading towards the new garden that had been built before. In the dead of winter, the snow had not yet melted, but there were more green plants and trees in the garden, passing through the gray tiles and white walls. After passing through the carved hollow flower wall corridor, you arrive at a brand new courtyard. This courtyard is exquisite, beautiful, wide and transparent. Bo Ruoyou saw the couplets on the forehead at a glance.

“Go in and take a look——”

Bo Ruoyou was brought in in a daze. As soon as he entered the door, he saw that the garden was newly decorated and spotless. The winter plum blossoms were cold in the corners, the bamboos were as dark as black, and an albizia tree as thick as a hug stood outside the window on the left side. There was actually a swing set up under the tree. She followed Huo Weilou’s footsteps and entered the main room.

The water-colored curtains in the room are hanging from all sides, and the velvety patterns are decorated with flowers, which extend all the way to the inner room. The bright red wedding candle is placed on the table in the north, and the word “happy” on the wall is red. Bo Ruoyou immediately understands this. Where is it.

She was startled, her face slightly red, “Master Hou, this is-“

“This is where you and I will live in the future. To the north is the plum garden, to the west is the water pavilion, and to the east is the study. The water pavilion has been filled with running water. If you don’t like the heat in summer, we can rest. In the Water Pavilion, it is very beautiful in winter. There is a hot spring behind the Dongnuan Pavilion——”

What rest in the water pavilion, what hot spring…

Although the wedding date is approaching, the two are not married yet. Huo Weilou said this seriously, and Bo Ruoyou’s heart beat faster and she felt quite embarrassed, “Master Marquis brought me here just to see the new yard?”

Huo Weilou joined the army when he was young, and later took charge of the direct envoys department. When he traveled here and there, he often slept in the open air. Even in the Marquis Mansion, he lived according to the original organization for many years, and never found anything that was not satisfactory, but now he is about to She was getting married, but she was afraid that it would make her uncomfortable, so she started building a large garden, fearing that it would not be appropriate or complete.

But that was not why he brought her here today. He took her to Nuange Pavilion, “You come with me, you are here.”

Bao Ruoyou followed him and arrived at the Nuan Pavilion not long after. As soon as he entered the door, he was stunned by the dazzling array of things in front of him. In this room, on the bookcases, the Duobao Pavilion, and the tables, there were extraordinary items everywhere. treasures.

Eastern pearls from the South China Sea, corals from the North Sea, snow-white fox furs, jewel-encrusted ornaments, and even exquisite daggers and jade-carved bows. Bo Ruoyou was stunned for a moment, and suddenly remembered what he said in the carriage that day. , he really found a bunch of treasures for her.

Bo Ruoyou was moved, but also couldn’t laugh or cry, “Did the Marquis bring all the future birthday gifts together?”

Huo Weilou shook his head, “I just don’t know what you like.”

Bo Ruoyou, like him, only uses his hobbies and efforts where they should be used. He is focused and stubborn, but he can be said to be pure-hearted and stoic when it comes to complicated things.

She lived a clear and refreshing life and asked for very little. The more she asked for nothing, the more Huo Weilou wanted to give it to her. In the past twenty years, he thought about the soldiers at the border and Emperor Jianhe. Jiangshan thought of the people of Zhou Dynasty, but never thought of himself. He had countless meritorious deeds and had nobility and splendor above ten thousand people. But when he looked around, he was alone, and all his merits and splendors were lonely.

Now it’s different. He has someone who wants to give all the best treasures in the world to him.

Even though Bao Ruoyou is not a person who likes gold and jade treasures, these treasures are exquisite, exquisite and gorgeous, which is pleasing to the eye even if they are looked at, not to mention, this is Huo Weilou’s intention.

She walked forward, stroking it with her fingertips, and finally picked up the jade-carved bow.

Although jade is hard, it is fragile. This jade bow cannot fight and kill people, but it can please women. Bao Ruoyou glanced at Huo Weilou sideways, and Wu Zhaohou, who had a heart as iron as wood, did not understand.

The bow string was tighter than she imagined. She was struggling to pull it, and she was at a loss when she felt a warm feeling behind her. Huo Weilou hugged her and taught her step by step, watching the bow string move effortlessly in his palm. Zhang Man, Bo Ruoyou’s heart was beating fast, and her cheeks felt inexplicably warm.

She blushed and said, “I like this bow. Master Marquis, please teach me archery.”

When she said this, Bo Ruoyou never thought that her eighteenth birthday would end with the annoyance of several arrows missing the target and the laughter of Huo Weilou.

When she was hugged by Huo Weilou in shame, she thought——

This is just her eighteenth birthday, and there will be countless more birthdays accompanied by Huo Weilou in the future, and the curse that she will not live to be eighteen has been thrown away by her at an unknown time.

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, during the Lantern Festival, Huo Weilou accompanied Bo Ruoyou to visit the lantern market. The tragedy happened on the Lantern Festival twelve years ago. This time, Bo Ruoyou still had lingering fears, but she didn’t She is willing to let herself be cowardly because of fear, and the bright lantern cannot illuminate the long night twelve years ago, but as long as she tries again and again, one day she will be able to illuminate the long night in her heart.

After the Lantern Festival, Wu Xiang went to Luozhou and personally brought back Po Po Wen, who had told Feng Qin the birth date of the victim. The Yamen and the Ministry of Punishment began to hold court to finalize the case. The trial lasted for five days. On the 26th of the first lunar month, God has sentenced Feng Qin to death.

Feng Qin was imprisoned in Tianlao for more than a month and was already crazy. When he came out of the Yamen in chains and paraded through the streets, he regarded every face he saw as a Daluo Jinxian. He kept He knelt down and prayed constantly, and the piety on his face was not that of a vicious person, but the people no longer believed him, saying that he was pretending to be crazy and trying to escape punishment.

Feng Qin killed his wife and son, murdered a young child, deceived superiors and deceived subordinates, colluded with courtiers to steal Buddhist treasures, and was punished for several crimes. There was no possibility of escape. On the 29th of the twelfth lunar month, Feng Qin showed his head in front of Xuanwu Gate. .

It is February, the plum blossoms are sparse, the east wind is warm and the sun is warm, and spring comes early again.

After several months of preparation, Cheng Zhai was still busy with people on their backs. There was noisy and frolic outside, but Bo Ruoyou’s boudoir was the most peaceful. However, looking at this extraordinarily solemn and festive scene, even though she was calm and composed, she also felt a little nervous. The panic.

From the beginning of the first day of the new year, both the Hou Mansion and the Cheng residence were crowded with guests. It was not easy for Huo Weilou to have a private meeting with her, which made her even more nervous. Therefore, almost in Bo Ruoyou’s expectation, on the third day of February arrive.

The sky is as green as blue, and the sky is red.

As soon as it got dark, the long and mighty wedding team arrived. Bo Ruoyou was waiting in the boudoir in a red wedding dress, her heart beating like a drum.

The one who dressed her up was the nun of the Princess Mansion, and the two people from Beijing and Mo who had served her in the past were also in front of her. In the mirror, she was so flattered that her color was like a spring peach, and her eyes were like the crescent moon. The more she applied the powder, the more she looked more and more beautiful. Qingyan was charming and charming, and everyone in the room praised her. They were talking and laughing when they heard the sound of firecrackers and gongs and drums outside.

“County Master, I am urging you to go out and get into the sedan chair.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there were several noisy footsteps outside the courtyard door. Along with the laughter in the crowd, Bo Ruoyou keenly caught a few familiar voices. Soon, the etiquette officer shouted loudly outside the door. Sing harmony.

Mammy hurriedly covered Bao Ruoyou’s head. She was as beautiful as spring flowers reflected in her face, and she also hid the slight panic in her eyes. She sang “The auspicious time has arrived” outside the door. He helped her out the door.

The laughter outside the door became even louder for a while, but she didn’t know what happened, and it suddenly became quiet again. At this time, she heard steady footsteps walking towards her, and not long after, a piece of red silk fell into her palm. Holding it, with a little force on the red silk end, her heart skipped a beat.

She knew it was Huo Weilou holding her hand.

Holding the silk and being supported by her mother, she followed Huo Weilou’s footsteps to say goodbye to Cheng Yunzhi. When she walked to Cheng Yunzhi and heard his auspicious words, Bo Ruoyou couldn’t help but feel the tip of her nose.

After paying homage to his elders, Bo Ruoyou followed Silk out and got into the sedan again. Huo Weilou was not walking fast, and she followed suit. There were many people watching around, but no one dared to tease the newlyweds. Ruoyou just wiped the corners of his eyes.

The whole journey was filled with the deafening sound of gongs, drums and firecrackers, and countless wedding coins were scattered. The entire capital knew that today was the auspicious wedding day for Marquis Wu Zhao and the head of Anning County.

Bao Ruoyou walked the road from Cheng Zhai to Wuzhaohou Mansion countless times, but she has never been in such a complicated mood as today. She recalled many old things. When the sedan stopped, she came back to her senses and held the hand Wearing red silk, she and Huo Weilou walked together on the big red road from the gate to the main courtyard. On the way, they crossed saddles, dry grass, and a steelyard, and then entered the main courtyard where they had been before.

Because the eldest princess was ill, she did not appear at the wedding ceremony today, and Huo Weilou was tired of the tedium, so the two of them were directly invited into the new house to perform the ceremony of spreading the tent, and then lifting the hijab.

When the Li Guan sang, the surroundings became lively again. Bo Ruoyou felt Huo Weilou raise his hand. The next moment, the shadow in front of her eyes dispersed, and she looked into Huo Weilou’s obsidian eyes.

Today, he was wearing a wedding robe, a dragon and a phoenix, and a majestic appearance. When he saw her, his eyes flashed with obvious surprise.

“Sister-in-law is really beautiful and beautiful! I want to lose my brother’s soul!”

Among the crowd, only Huo Qinghong dared to tease the groom. Everyone started laughing, and the ceremony officer hurriedly started the next ceremony.

Then they performed the ceremony of tying their buns together, drank together the wedding ceremony, and finally announced the wedding decree given by Emperor Jianhe.

The escorts and guests who followed came with continuous congratulations. Huo Guogong and his wife tried to smooth things over and invited everyone to go out for a banquet. After a while, everyone filed out again, and the room suddenly became quiet.

“You also stand down——”

Huo Weilou’s eyes fell on her without moving away. The maids and maids also retreated outside the door. Huo Weilou then leaned forward and held Bao Ruoyou’s hand, “Youyou, the ceremony is done, go to From now on, you will be my wife, Huo Weilou.”

Bao Ruoyou’s face was as red as a cloud and her heartbeat was beating faster. She called out “husband” softly.

Huo Weilou suddenly moved and leaned forward to take her into his arms. He did nothing but hugged her tightly.

Bao Ruoyou also felt a lot of affection in her heart. For a moment, she looked out the window and said, “It’s still early, and the Marquis still has to entertain guests.”

Huo Weilou was such a distinguished person that even the two princes came to congratulate him on his wedding, not to mention the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty and other royal relatives. There were so many people waiting for him to show up, but he was reluctant to leave.

Huo Weilou let go of her, took her hand and kissed her lips carefully a few times, and then said warmly: “Have some food and wait until I come back.”

Bao Ruoyou nodded in agreement, and Huo Weilou turned around and walked away.

The bustle outside lasted until late at night, and Huo Weilou was not sent back until the second watch. He smelled heavily of alcohol, walked sloppily, and his eyes were blurry. Bo Ruoyou met him at the door. He was not light-hearted. He leaned lightly on Bo Ruoyou.

She noticed that he was controlling his strength and couldn’t help but curl her lips. After the nanny left, she asked: “Is the Marquis really drunk?”

Huo Weilou stood up straight in an instant, his drunkenness was half gone, but his eyes were still sparkling, “They can’t get me drunk once in a hundred years, but they are bolder this time. If I don’t pretend to be drunk, I’m afraid I will take it seriously.” I don’t know the personnel, so you have been waiting for a long time.”

As he spoke, he looked at her intently.

She had already bathed, her bun was untied and tied loosely behind her neck. She changed out of her complicated wedding clothes and wore a crimson embroidered orchid-patterned dress. She usually had a simple and elegant look, but today she was dressed for the occasion because of her great joy. She had prepared a red dress, but it was so beautiful and beautiful. Huo Weilou felt that he had drunk too much. Otherwise, how could he be drunk again?

“Master Hou, do you want to sober up?”

“No, no need, I’m going to take a shower——”

After Huo Weilou finished speaking, Bo Ruoyou blinked. She didn’t know what she thought of, but her cheeks turned red again. This time, even the tips of her ears were red. She uncomfortably stroked the broken hair beside her ears, but she didn’t know what this action was. The more provocative Huo Weilou couldn’t help himself.

“You rest first, I’ll be back soon.”

Huo Weilou left after speaking, and Bo Ruoyou followed subconsciously, “I——”

Before he finished speaking, Huo Weilou quickly entered the bathroom. Bo Ruoyou hesitated for a moment but did not follow. He looked around, blushed and walked to the bed. She stood in front of the bed and hesitated for a moment, then faded away. He took off his outer shirt and lay down with only his middle shirt on.

When Huo Weilou came back, there was moisture on his body. He wiped it outside for a while, then opened the curtain and lay down next to Bo Ruoyou. Without hesitation, he raised his arms and took Bo Ruoyou into his arms. .

The red gauze tent was warm, and when the clouds cleared and the rain subsided, Huo Weilou wiped the body of the drowsy Bao Ruoyou before taking her to sleep.

Huo Weilou woke up twice that night, and was relieved when he saw Bo Ruoyou sleeping peacefully in his arms.

Early the next morning, Bo Ruoyou woke up in Huo Weilou’s arms. She calmed down and realized that she was married to Huo Weilou. Thinking of everything last night, her embarrassment faded away, and her eyes were filled with affection. When she turned around, , facing Huo Weilou’s smiling eyes.

Bao Ruoyou was a little surprised, “Master Hou has woken up early?”

Huo Weilou should be, Bo Ruoyou saw the bright light outside and realized that the martial arts practitioners in Huo Weilou were more self-disciplined than she was. She was about to get up, “Then I will wait for the Marquis to get up.”

Huo Weilou held her down and said, “You and I don’t have to get up early today.” After a slight pause, he said, “Besides, why do you need to wait on me?”

Bo Ruoyou didn’t know, “Isn’t that how a wife should serve her husband?”

Hearing her words, Huo Weilou couldn’t help but kissed her heavily on the lips, but then he said: “I married you just to have you take care of me. From now on, if I want to get up in the morning to go to bed, Come on, just rest, it won’t be a problem if you rest until the sun rises three poles high.”


Huo Weilou buried his head in her neck and gently covered the red mark left last night. “There are no rules in my house. You can just feel free. Or you can make rules as you like.”

Bo Ruoyou was a new bride and didn’t know how to be a wife yet. Huo Weilou’s words reassured her. She glanced outside the door and said, “At this time, there must be someone waiting outside. We-“

Huo Weilou snorted, “No matter who is waiting, don’t worry about it today.”

Bao Ruoyou was tired and lazy, and she wanted to be a new wife who obeyed the rules. Who knew that Marquis Wu Zhao was so considerate, so she indulged in her laziness. Huo Weilou noticed something was wrong, “What? It still hurts?”

Bao Ruoyou shook her head and her cheeks turned red again. Huo Weilou was so sympathetic that he made her sleep for a while longer.

On this day, the two of them woke up half an hour late.

Because he was going to visit the eldest princess in the afternoon, Huo Weilou ordered his servants to pass the meal into the main courtyard. But as soon as he finished speaking, he saw Eunuch Fu walking quickly to the hall door and said with a solemn expression: “Master Hou, the people from the Yamen are here. Now, I want to see Youyou——”

Bo Ruoyou and Huo Weilou looked at each other instantly – there is another case!

—End of text—


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